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Article by misscrazel posted hace más de un año
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I tried to brush Dominic's hair away from his eyes. This time he let me. He had one green eye that was a completely different pattern then the black one. His eye had been replaced.
"Your lucky," I said. "I heard in 3017 they couldn't do that." I continued. "you started being able to in 3018."
"I'm not lucky." He said,"it could have just not happened."
"What did happen?"
 "It's a long story. tu wouldn't like it anyway."
"No I really would."
"No. I don't want to talk about it."
"Ok. tu can tell me if tu ever want to."
"Ok. Well I won't."
Opinion by Holyshitwtf posted hace más de un año
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It all started when a young man without much money he was dado a nintendo 64. The young man, who wanted to play but did not have the fat wallet, decided that a good option was to buy cartridges. And I was lucky because just the día after tu give away the console, an old man opened a garaje sale in which, between furniture, lamps, utensils, carpentry and other unnecessary objects, calling his presence a small cartucho of Majora's Mask ( a game of the series The Legend of Zelda). As the old man who sold the game ... well, let's say that her appearance did not inspire much confidence to the boy was something a little strange and sinister in his face, in some of his gestures and especially in gazing into the infinite his small black eyes ... Despite that, after asking if it worked the boy ventured to buy the cartridge-old and a bit worn, black and named "Majora" written with permanent marker red-blood-the old man. Do not worry the rare appearance of the game: thought this was due to eccentricities of its former owner ... who knows? ... Maybe it was one of those extravagant gótico ... So, the guy takes the cartucho without suspecting that this would the beginning of a long...
List by hetalianstella posted hace más de un año
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This is just a collection of frases which I amor to live by. Hope tu enjoy them! =)

"In my mind, I am free." - Stephen Hawking

"This is one small step for man. One giant leap for mankind." - Neil Armstrong (on the Moon)

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." - Dr. Seuss

“Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.” - Eleanor Roosevelt

"Why is it that, as a culture, we are más comfortable seeing two men holding pistolas than holding hands?" - Ernest Gaines

"Two roads diverge in a yellow wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference." - Robert Frost

"For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream." - Vincent camioneta, van Gogh

"Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases por being shared." - Buddha
Opinion by TheRealSexyKate posted hace más de un año
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IN spend the majority of your time in an 8X10 cell. 
AT WORK ... tu spend the majority of your time in a 6X8 cubicle. 

IN get three meals a day. 
AT only get a break for one meal and tu pay for it. 

IN get time off for good behavior 
AT get más work for good behavior 

IN PRISON...the guard locks and unlocks all the doors for you. 
AT must carry around a security card and open all the doors for yourself. 

IN can watch TV and play games. 
AT get fired for watching TV and playing games. 

IN get your own toilet. 
AT have to share with some idiot who pees on the seat. 

IN PRISON...they allow your family and friends to visit. 
AT can't even speak to your family. 

IN PRISON...the taxpayers pay all expenses with no work required. 
Article by kowalskipperico posted hace más de un año
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Éõrìã Màlîñìà (E-you-or-ee-a Mill-in-a) 
Mæræ Šîlętryę (Meer-ee Silly-tree-a)
Gõela Šçêlvælįçæ (Goo-Ella Skel-cleav-ee)
Ęrôlâ Ÿêmêrâńÿæń  (E-roll-a Yem- erany-ann)
Kätlÿã Klįñçé (Kate-leea Klince
Ærśhlèÿ Wèlśœń(Arsh-lee Well-so-en)
Æñæ Dœmêñ (An-ae Doe-men)
Cârâbęl (Cara-bell)
Ëlâšmâlgân Tœwn Pærk (Elis-mally-gan toe-ean pay-erk)
 Šêlvêš (Sell-ves)
Kàrlèèã (Care-lee-a)
Èòrìã Màlîñàì skipped down the cobblestone calle humming her favourite song. Mæræ Šîlętryę and Ęrôlâ Ÿêmêrâńÿæn were meeting her at èlaśmàlìgàñ tœwñ pærk. Èòrìã turned at Śèłvèś Street. And ran into èlaśmàlìgàñ tœwñ pærk. Ęrôlâ was the only one there. 
“Hi Èòry,” he said. 
“Hey.” dicho Èòrìã
“Hæy” He mimicked. 
“Shut up!” She pronoced it ‘Shæt æp.'
“Hey,” dicho a voice. 
Èòrìã and Ęrôlâ looked up. Kâtlyâ Klįnçę,...
Opinion by MutantGenius posted hace más de un año
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I've recently heard that some people are offended por the T- camisa, camiseta slogan "Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them," and think it's sexist and that people wouldn't react the same if it was women they were targeting.

But the thing is, I feel that the camisa, camiseta isn't targeting men, but that it's for little girls who don't get along with boys. If I saw a five año old boy wearing a camisa, camiseta that dicho "Girls Have Cooties" o "Pull your sister's pigtails, she deserves it" I'd think it's cute.

I don't think it's sexist. If it was targeting the female o male gender I'd think it was, but I think it's just little girls not getting along with little boys, and thinking they're gross, not anything that might be serious.

But the people who criticize the slogan do make a good point, have tu ever seen a T.V. mostrar where they always make the man look like an idiot and he follows his wife's every order? If the genders were reversed, it would be considered sexist.
Opinion by TheRealSexyKate posted hace más de un año
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1. When tu get pulled over, say "What's wrong, ossifer, there's no blood in my alcohol?"

2. When he asks why tu were speeding, tell him tu wanted to race. 

3. When he talks to you, pretend tu are deaf. 

4. If he asks if tu knew how fast tu were going, say no, my speedometer only goes to...... 

5. Ask if tu can see his gun. 

6. When he says tu aren't allowed, tell him I just wanted to see if mine was bigger. 

7. Touch him. 

8. When he asks why tu were speeding, tell him tu had to buy a hat. 

9. Ask him where he bought his cool hat. 

10. Refer to him por his first name. 

11. Pretend tu are gay and ask him out. 

12. When he says no, cry. 

13. If he says yes, accuse him of sexual harassment. 

14. If the cop is a woman, tell her how ugly she is, but in a nice way. 

15. If he asks tu to step out of the car, automatically throw yourself on the hood. 
Opinion by TheRealSexyKate posted hace más de un año
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When tu get jealous of luke because his light saber is double the size of yours

tu found this page with intentions of locating the estrella Wars "greek" club.

tu would amor to have Frank Oz stick his hand up your culo so tu can be as wise as Yoda

When tu get into a fight, tu automaticly find yourself reaching for a lightsaber...

If tu get your head stuck in a bucket pretending your Darth Vader.

When tu spend time watching the estrella Wars trilogy because tu think there will be a test on it later.

tu puñetazo, ponche out trekkies who say "Death estrella my ass, I'd like to see those losers take out DS9".

With a blue-tinted plastic tube, a flashlight, two hours of a saturday night, and 4 rolls of blue electrical tape, tu finally complete your own working "Light-saber"

Your room is filthy except for your "Star Wars Area."

tu put on a luminous coloured condom and walk around humming, pretending you're a light-saber
List by Lucien_Lachance posted hace más de un año
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It's best if tu say your opinion

Xbox 360 o ps3? (Xbox)

Twilight o Harry Potter? (duh Harry Potter)

Is metal good music? (Of course it is!)

What do tu think of Justin Beiber? o One Direction? or... um... The Jonas Brothers? (They all suck)

nintendo o Sega? (Niiiinnteendooo)

Should gays have rights? (NEVER!)

Should cannabis be legalized? (No Doubt)

Should America have better gun control? (yes)

Should animales have rights? (yep)

Halo o COD? (Halo)

Is pokemon childish? (no)

facebook o twitter? (Facebook)


estrella wars o trek which is better? (STAR WARS!)
List by randomgirl3000 posted hace más de un año
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January 13, 2013: Golden Globe Awards

February 10, 2013: Grammy Awards

February 12, 2013: The Indigo Spell por Richelle Mead

February 24, 2013: Academy Awards

March 19, 2013: Clockwork Princess por Cassandra Clare

March 29, 2013: The Host

March 30, 2013: Kids Choice Awards

May 3, 2013: Iron Man 3

May 17, 2013: estrella Trek 2

June 14, 2013: Man of Steel

August 16, 2013: Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

August 23, 2013: The Mortal Instruments: City of bones

November 8, 2013: Thor: The Dark World

November 22, 2013: The Hunger Games: Catching fuego

December 13 2013: The Hobbit: Film 2

March, 19, 2014: City of Heavenly fuego por Cassandra Clare

March 21, 2014: Divergent

April 4, 2014: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

May 2, 2014: The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Fan fiction by numnumyellow67 posted hace más de un año
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Note: I can not freaking write ;3;
Jaime couldn't believe how much the newest team member, the hyperactive teen speedster from the future, had seemed to enjoy being around him. It seemed whenever they were even in the same room together Bart would rush over to start talking to him. He didn't know why his new friend had liked him so much, he liked everybody on the team, but not near as much as him.

It wasn't anything extremely close, but it was close as two guys could get without being gay. That may sound strange, but it's pretty much the only way one could describe it.

Bart was always smiling when Jaime was around, he always talked to him when he could, he even sped over to his house a few times just to talk with him o mostrar off their powers.

It had even gotten to the point where Bart seemed más comfortable near him than with anyone else. It was pretty strange when he thought about it. Blue Beetle was the one who had tortured him throughout his life, so why did he like him so much? He should be terrified, shouldnt he?
Opinion by KataraLover posted hace más de un año
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Hello I'm NOT the nostalgia critic, I remembered it so tu don't have to. I've been watching NC's biggest dumba** in distress video and I thought I'd do one. Except for me it's only going to be characters that are animated and it's not only going to be female characters, there are some male characters here too. With other characters I can find at least some aspect of heroics in them except for these characters. Please keep in mind that this is just my opinion and I don't hate all of these characters. Please comments, enjoy.

10.Esmeralda(The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

I promise I'm not being biased about this, I honestly think she's a huge damsel in distress and at least hear me out. She's a gypsy who believes in equality and is supposedly a strong fight. But apparently for someone whose suppose to be all those things she really gets captured a lot. I mean first of all she gets captured por the guards and saved por a goat. Seriously? A goat is más useful than she is! She can't even save herself in a church when all she has to do is claim sanctuary but apparently Pheobus has to do it for her. Quasimodo helps her escape twice....
Opinion by MutantGenius posted hace más de un año
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I was sitting in class and this girl kept flipping her hair in my face. por this time it was November, and she'd been doing it since August.

I finally decided to tell her, "Please stop flipping your hair in my face," as politely as I could.

"Excuse me, well, I'm sorry, but I'm stretching, I can't just stop!"

"Um, tu can stretch without flipping your hair," I said.

"No I can't," she said.

"Uh, yes tu can."

"Well tu didn't have to be so rude!"

"I wasn't rude,"

"Yes tu were, wasn't she?"

"I dicho please."

"No, tu were totally rude."

I grew a tiny bit of back bone just then, I dicho "Okay, sure, whatever tu have to tell yourself." Then rolled my eyes and went back to work.

Was I rude? o was she just overreacting?

And this other time, in sixth grade, a bunch of other kids and I walked in late to class, so our Math teacher told us to stand in the back of the room so she could write all of our names down.
Opinion by MutantGenius posted hace más de un año
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I once had a fanpop friend. They found out I was thirteen and started trofeos lock yelling at me and immediately unfriended me. Am I the only one that sees something wrong with this?
And tumblr is a million times worse. They actually think that thirteen año olds drink and party and talk about sex. Oh sure, sometimes on the bus kids randomly yell out a certain part of the male anatomy, but that's because we're immature middle schoolers. And I'll have tu know NONE of my friends are overflowing with make up. And the only locker room video taken was somebody fully dressed and doing a cartwheel in an otherwise empty locker room.
And on Fridays some kids go play paintball. Not watch porn. Honestly. Maybe tu just live in a shitty neighborhood.
Guide by Jekyde posted hace más de un año
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1. Leaving holes in the backstory.

As learned from Marty Chan, the human imagination is not only the most beautiful place in the world, it can also be the most horrific. If a person leaves some el espacio empty (ex: "Tara disappeared after the encounter and was never heard from again....") , your mind will immediately fill it in, your imagination coming up with the most grisly scenario possible....

2. Waiting a REALLY long time for the killer/ monster to mostrar up.

The person becomes bored and even slightly drowsy, which makes them más vulnerable to fear. If the antagonist pops up about halfway through (especially out of nowhere, and at night) they'll jump up as though just awaken from a nightmare. A little humor will definitely help if you're planning on doing this.

Article by animelol posted hace más de un año
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OH my gosh, we survived the 2012 apocalypse!
Friend: Wait, werent we supposed to die?
Friend: Hmm... oh well
Me: So Im just going to say happy new año and PLEASE watch the ball drop at...
Friend: WHAT?
Me: Duhh! Anyway watch the ball drop at NYC
o something like that.
Friend: And check out what happen so far in 2012!
Me: Uhh yeah like Hurricane Sandy and the massacre at Sandy Hook...
Friend: *silence*
Me: *silence*
Me: So sorry for u guys at Sandy Hook and those who got knocked over por Hurricane Sandy!
Friend: Im never going to the playa again!
Me: WHY?
Friend: CUZ THE playa IS SANDY!
Me: Oh, right. Watever.
Friend: Dont forget to look at the records for 2012 and possibly 2013!
Me: Sure! And WATCH SMOSH!
Friend: Go to enlaces and click on the link that says!

Opinion by justinfangrrl posted hace más de un año
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So, mister Okimaw.... Thanks for coming to your performance review!
No problem.
So you're in charge here, is that fair to say?
Absolutely. I'm the Chief.
Okay. So take through a día in the life of "The chief."
Well the first thing I do is...

Talk to Harper-

Sign a treaty-

Lead a protest-

Remember Ceremonies-

Direct councils-

My own Tipi-

Council manage-

Promote members-

Insult Harper-

Get snubbed-

Put on Pokerface-

Send some letters-

Call out a warrior cry-
Article by misscrazel posted hace más de un año
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I ran into the bathroom. Dominic and Spencer were in the bright rosado, rosa doorway. 
Belinda was on the floor. Scarlet was watching Spencer. Spencer was crying. Wait. Spencer was crying. Wow. I think he's sick. Spencer's always smiling stupidly and talking about stupid things in a stupid voice. Not crying. Spencer has never cried. I'm his sister so I would know. I walked over. Spencer was hugging Dominic. My face flushed with anger. Spencer was my brother, not Dominic's. 
"Spencer," I said. "She's gonna like you." 
Spencer wiped away a tear. I got him a tissue and splashed water on his face. He was going to get detention. Oh well. He doesn't care anyway. 
Article by animelol posted hace más de un año
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-Every year, nearly 4 million gatos are eaten in Asia
-On average, gatos spend 2/3 of a día sleeping,that means a 9 año old cat has been awake for 3 years of its life!
-When a cat chases its prey,it keeps its head level. perros and humans bob their heads up and down.
-A group of gatos is called a "clowder"
-Female gatos tend to be right pawed, while male gatos are often left pawed
-Cats make about 100 different sounds, perros make 10.
-Some siamese gatos appear to be cross-eyed because the nerves from its left eye go mostly to the right and the opposite with the other eye
-A gatos eyesight is both better and worse than a humans eyesight. gatos see better in dim light and humans see better color. césped, hierba can appear red to a cat.
-Cats hate water because their pelaje, piel doesnt insulate well when its wet, the Turkish camioneta, van breed, however likes to swim because its pelaje, piel has a unique texture that makes it water resistant.
-2 Siamese gatos were clawing and meowing at walls of a building, their owners investigated, thinking they would find mice, but instead they found hidden spy microphones
List by animelol posted hace más de un año
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HI! Here are some misceláneo facts that u might agree with :P

-I like seafood
-I just started fanpop :P
-I believe in ghosts
-I am Jewish :D
-I am awesome (dont worry u are too :D)
-My favorito! animal is an owl
-Pie like I too! :D
-Im kinda shy :/
-I like YouTube
-Smosh is AWESOME
-Books are AWESOME
-Food is AWESOME
-I have a pet goldfish that has been alive for 5 years
-Goldfish are super funny
-Cats are cute
-Pies are cute
-CUPCAKES are cute
-Puppies are cute
-Im addicted to fanpopping
-Never spell pop with 2 o's unless u have to (lol)
-Im on the water side! Not fuego (sorry fire)
-Internet rules!
-I like memes
-I want a rage comic...
- 3.14 flipped over is PIE
Article by misscrazel posted hace más de un año
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"Belinda!" I yelled my face was hot from running and I could hardly breath. Her name echoed through the hall. "Belinda!"
Crap. My teacher. There wasn't anything else I could do. So I kept running. I slammed into her as hard as I could. She stumbled off balance. Perfect. I slipped past. I grabbed Belinda's arm. She took a step back. I lost my grip and fell. Belinda fell backwards onto me. I wrapped my arms around her. I flipped her towards me. She banged her head against mine. I kissed her. She squirmed away and ran into the girls bathroom. I went in. I pushed her on the floor. She kicked me. I lay down on her. Scarlet came in. She just looked at us for a segundo then she rolled me off. 
"What are tu doing?" she asked
I kicked her as hard as I could. 
"Dominic!" I yelled.
"What the heck." 
"Dominic!" I dicho running to him. He hugged me. He pulled me off. 
"What?" he asked.  
I was looking up at him since I only came up to his shoulder. I started crying.
Article by misscrazel posted hace más de un año
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Dominic  came running towards me. He crashed into me, blood ran from my nose and down the front of my shirt. Dominic buried his face in my camisa, camiseta and sobbed. Finally he quit and I saw a bright red hand mark on his face. 
" What happened?" I asked.
"He hit me!" he yelled. He started crying again. I knew that. His dad hit him. Duh. This reminded me of two years ago. Actually it also reminded me of about every día I remember. Seems like he would have learned to get used to it. So two years ago. Right. He had a girlfriend. She had bright red hair and bright blue eyes. That's why he likes me. Him and his girlfriend were walking down the road. Dominic heard a gunshot. After that he only remembered short parts. Shooting the man. Kneeling por her. Taking Rose. I don't know who Rose is. Some baby I think. Rose died too. Poor Dominic. 
" I'm leaving" dicho Dominic. 
"why?" I asked
"I heard that underground there's jewels."
Opinion by EastendersRox posted hace más de un año
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These are not super scientific facts, these are just some misceláneo things that occurred to me tu my disagree.

1. Ugly Betty isn't ugly.

2. Severs Snapes voice is super amazing.

3. I'm always hungry.

4. Nobody knows exactly what Nicki Manaj's real name is.

5. Irish people don't know what conservar en vinagre, salmuera is...

6. Everyone has a tv

7. cachorritos in converse are cute.

8.NOBODY can do a French Platt.

9. I like taco's.

10. In amor with belle's Aussie acsent, in once upon a time.

11. I want a cupcake....

12. Everyone knows Harry Potter.

13. Everyone either drinks té o coffee

14. It's my dream to drink coffee in central perk.

15. Speaking of coffee makes me want coffee

16. I want coffee.

17. Everyone knows a mike.

18. Everyone has been on an aeroplane.

19. Everyone can sing but some people don't sing well
News by animelol posted hace más de un año
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Mary asks everyone to guess her age. Thanks to the amazing effects of two safe, at-home anti-aging creams, her skin defies time, looking 20 years younger than it once did.

As a mom to two children in Hightstown, New Jersey, Mary leads the typical average American lifestyle. After working hard to provide for her family in this struggling economy, Mary can't afford to throw money at the newest beauty products, hoping they will work when all others have not lived up to their hype. Unhappy with the wrinkles and age spots on her face, not to mention the sagging skin on her neck, Mary strived to find an effective anti-aging product that provides results.

Expensive surgical procedures to lift and tighten her sagging skin were out of the question. Mary considered Botox a few times to diminish her wrinkles, even though the cost of regular injections was más than she could afford to fit into her budget. Always the cautious consumer, Mary did her research. The numerous horror stories and startling pictures of Botox-gone-wrong convinced Mary to stay away from these risky needle injections.
List by Bluekait posted hace más de un año
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French Fries are deep fried in horse oil in France.

gatitos are born with blue eyes, but change when they get older.

People born in November are más likely to become serial killers.

Everything tu see is actually upside down and your brain just flips it around.

tu can't actually multi-task.

Easily distracted people are the ones who are the most creative.

When a person appears in your dreams, that person misses you.

música can lead teens to depression.

tu are más likely to dream when tu are depressed.

Your odor is as unique as your fingerprint.

If tu tear off paper from bottles, tu are sexually frustrated.

Talking to yourself improves task preformance.

People who feel lonely are known to take longer baths and longer showers.

If tu wake up around 2 - 3 A.M. without any reason, there is a 80% chance someone is staring at you.