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Opinion by nivi20997 posted hace más de un año
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Hello everybody!

I'm just here to tell tu about a stalker for me on Fanpop.

I know that guy and we were friends last November. I loved chatting with him.

He had told me about his ex-girlfriend. And she also was my friend on fanpop.

He slowly started talking bad about his ex. I didn't like it at all!

One day, he told me that he has feelings for me. I explained him in the very best way that I don't want to get in a relationship.

I thought he was a good guy till then. And later his ex-girlfriend told to me that he is a BIG FLIRT!

And later I came to know that he deactivated his account.

And now he keeps stalking me with all his new accounts.

I seriously don't know how to get rid of him....

Just help me, por telling how to solve this...
Fan fiction by nivi20997 posted hace más de un año
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Rachel's POV:

She was astonished por Andrew's reaction for slapping me. She tried to hold back the tears. But poor girl. The tears rolled down her cheek. She motioned towards the door and went out slamming the door shut.

"Sh*t! What am I doing?" He muttered.

He too went out. Maybe in buscar of Ruby.

Andrew's POV:

"Ruby, I'm sorry!" I dicho going at the back of her.

I regret slapping her. I really shouldn't have done it.

But poor Rachel was being abused! What did she do to Ruby?


Absolutely nothing.

It was all my fault. I wrapped my arm around Rachel because I wanted to see how jealous Ruby felt.

But a bad idea, though.

But still I don't remember why I slapped Ruby. Only because she slapped Rachel? No?

I was one of her bully. Everytime we played pranks on Rachel. This wasn't the first time I'm seeing her get slapped. Peter and Brittany have slapped her before, right in front of me. But I didn't feel protective over her before.
Opinion by LocalArtistist posted hace más de un año
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So many people wonder how I do it. How I continue to live even after the worst has happened to me. But that is exactly what I do. I live.

My family has moved over and over in my life, they say it's due to my father's job, but he won't tell me what it is.and I know better. I can only gather certain a few clues they give away to try and piece together my past. You'd think I más than anyone should know it, yet I haven't even started learning about it, at the moment all I know is. When I was a baby I got shot in a hostage situation. We moved. I met my best friend and her big brother. A few years later at age 7 I was kidnapped for about a mes and unfortunately had my captor force himself upon me. We moved again. My family noticed that I had begun to act oddly, like there was two different me's in one body. I started getting serious about art but the things I drew scared my teachers and classmates. We moved again. My actions got worse and my little sister was born. We stayed there for a while. At age 13 I acquired my first stalker they would and still do follow me around tracking me on the internet. I got teased a lot for my artwork and never had any friends. We moved....
Article by MineTurtle5 posted hace más de un año
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Pre-article note: This isn't mine. I found it in a copy of The Word For Today, and I thought that it would be good to re-post.

There's a story about a teacher who, to honour her students, gave each a ribbon that stated, 'Who I am makes a difference,' and asked them to pass it along to someone who'd made a difference in their lives. One kid gave his to a young executive who helped him plan his career. He in turn gave it to his boss, who was hard to get along with. He told him how much he'd been influenced por his creativity, and asked him to give the ribbon to somebody he admired. That night the boss told his fourteen-year-old son, 'I've thought about who I want to honour-and it's you. My days are hectic, and I'm always complaining about your grades and your messy bedroom. Tonight I want to let tu know the difference you've made in my life. Besides your mother, you're the most important person I know, and I amor you.' Fighting back tears, the boy replied, 'Earlier today I wrote a letter explaining why I'd taken my life, and asking tu to forgive me. I was going to do it when everybody was asleep. I didn't think you'd care. I guess I won't need the...
Review by deathding posted hace más de un año
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An amazing Card-Based game with so many features! Over 100 cards, tu can meet real people online playing it, registrarse the, "Cult" faction, a faction obsessed with alien advanced modern technology. o the brotherhood. a faction who doesn't stop until your enemy is dead. Destroy your opponents rocket o heal completely to win! upgrade your cards, skills, armor, and weapons in this Extraordinary game. And if tu Don't have an e-mail, just make one up. This game features "Generators" where every turn tu get 2 kinds of points. Attack points, Which let tu attack and do other cool stuff to destroy your opponent, and Material points, which let tu heal o use cool things to protect your rocket. So please everyone, registrarse the club, make a profile,(its free) and start battling! tu WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED!
Article by misscrazel posted hace más de un año
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Chapter One: Salvador

Silver Monroe skipped up the stone steps to Westover High School. Silver could have easily gotten almost any boy she wanted; only she had yet to find the one meant for her. She walked swiftly down the long hallways to her first class; math.

After about ten minutos the boy sitting behind her raised his hand, asking for water. Silver had been in mostly the same classes as him almost the entire año and she had never heard him talk before. She had never really even noticed him before. He had long, blonde hair that was almost white and black eyes. The teacher, Mrs. Taylor dismissed him and they continued with their lesson. Silver didn't see him again until English. Silver usually tried not to sit in the back of the class, yet today she sat siguiente to the boy. She wanted to know his name.
Once the teacher began to teach, Silver began escritura something down on a scrap of paper.
'Silver, what are tu writing?' she asked. 'Would tu like to share it with the class?'
Article by misscrazel posted hace más de un año
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Senfinelin Forest
Aznr ran down the colina to the edge of the cliff. fallen trees scattered the ground and there was no sign of life. Aznr's hair blew back in the wind and memories of the past filled his head...


Aznr heard a scream that rang through the forest.
Airellion! he thought, immediately recognizing his voice.
'Aznr! LightWater!' he heard the scream again.
This time he ran through the forest towards him. Aznr burst into the clearing and saw Airellion. He had an arrow in his throat and one in his arm. He was surrounded por an army of goblins, all heavily armed.
'Airellion!' called Aznr.
Aznr raised his sword and stabbed a goblin in the back. he ran to Airellion and stood protectively in front of his friend.
'I didn't think tu would come,' dicho Airellion.
'Of course I came,' replied Aznr. 'When tu and LightWater were born I swore to protect you, even if it cost me my life.'
Opinion by gabriellel93 posted hace más de un año
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I'm bored so this articulo is misceláneo anyways...

1. Like- it makes tu seem younger

2. Like hell- fun to say and it's useful

3. Unfuckingbelieveable- tu have to have más words like: in-sonofabitch-inginsane o out-goddamn-rageous

4. Bro- No. Just don't use this one.

5. Balls- Don't use it as an exclamation and be like "balls"

6. Sweet- Only when talking about food

7. Shit- never "shoot"

8. -eroo- add this to the end of every possible word. Switcheroo, sexeroo, arresteroo

9. Buddy- buddy is what tu call college students and men named Buddy. Okay, tu have friends.

10. Calm Your Tits- encouraged

11. Piss- say things like "make the bladder gladder" o "shake hands with an old friend"

12. Ma'am- only if you're talking to a sales representative should this word be used

13. Asshole- see son of a bitch

14. Son of a bitch- see asshole
Opinion by cinnominbubble posted hace más de un año
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Logical reasons...
why Harry Potter v.s Twilight


Hi! I'm Cinnominbubble and I have noticed the war between fandoms have been going on for a while with no clear outcome. There is a reason to this-We are stubborn. Twihards want to stick up for Stephanie Meyer, whilst Potterheads want to do the same for J. K. Rowling. But, I have noticed something. Many of our reasonings aren't exactly logical. I mean, not to be offensive, some of our strongest points are downright idiotic!(from both sides) I'd like to come up with some smarter points to help people see our side of the story, whatever that side may be! It would do well to expect más of these in the future because of all the idiocy going around.(Again, not to be offensive)

I am a fan of Harry Potter but I'd like to acknowledge both sides to the story. People will be yelling at me at the end of this, so in advance, I say sorry for anything offensive.

Article by LocalArtistist posted hace más de un año
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There is a guy in my class who always holds open the door for me and reminds me of everything for classes that I need (which still being new I found helpful) but I can't seem to be able to do anything in private. He will always ask me where I'm going, what I'm doing, what I want/need, and a bunch of other things. Everyone I ask tells me it's sweet, but I find it a wee bit creepy. And he is becoming más persistent, if I'm texting someone he will demand to see who its to and what was said, if I'm drawing something he will want to know what it is, then he'll tell me to draw him in it. If I going somewhere even to the bathroom he will try and follow me. I've only known him for about a week and I don't even know what his name is yet he seems to know everything about me. I have no interest in him what so ever, and my mother says to let him down easy. But I tried that and he didn't stop. And on parte superior, arriba of all this, I have a bronze watch collar that is my absolute favorito! possession so I'm almost always wearing it. But the problem is it hangs right at my chest and whenever he sees me in it he will stare at it forever, and even when I take it off and hand it to him he will stare at me....
Article by MineTurtle5 posted hace más de un año
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Pre-poem note: I wrote this in honor of my big sister's maths test on circles.

I must warn tu that it is complete nonsense.

Read on, if tu dare...

There was a blue circulo, círculo from Crete

Whose colores were overly neat

It morphed twice, scared away all the mice

Then dicho to all, 'wipe your feet

On me because I'm a doormat'

Post-poem note: Well, I warned you.

And it's not my fault if tu end up in the hospital for laughing tu head off, o having a bee in your bonnet about circles.

Anyway...hope tu enjoyed! :D

Article by misscrazel posted hace más de un año
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Brillindier, The Shadow Forest, año 7853009

A tower of stone rises out from the hills, so tall it comes above the trees. Silver water falls over the towers from the mountainside. Elves dwell in this castle, merrily canto and dancing in the halls, yet their king, Airune approaches, thus they fall silent. His dark ebony robes fall back behind him and his hair is in a thick braid, of which falls below his knees.
'My young servants,' Airune addresses his servants, 'what silences thee? Are ye afraid of thy king?'
'No, my lord,' a young woman under the name of Hsiviam spoke up.
Airune turned to thy fair lady and she lowered her head, ashamed.
'My lady,' Airune spoke to her, lifting her head, 'ye shan't be ashamed to speak.'
Airune tilted his head slightly to the right and smiled. Hsiviam felt a tingle run down her spine and her face felt hot. Airune turned and strode out of the room.
The women sighed and began murmuring about the young king, yet one servant only fell to the back; vivid memories filling his mind...
Article by LocalArtistist posted hace más de un año
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Do tu work at Subway? Because tu just gave me a footlong.
Hi, do tu want to have my children? [No] OK, can we just practice then?
There will only be 7 planets left after I destroy Uranus.
You're like my little toe, because I'm going to bang tu on every piece of furniture in my home.
I'm no weather man, but tu can expect más than a few inches tonight.
Forget that! Playing doctor is for kids! Let's play gynecologist.
hola babe, how about a pizza and a f**k? [No] What's wrong, don't tu like pizza?
Do tu work for UPS? I could have sworn I saw tu checking out my package.
Your breasts remind me of Mount Rushmore - my face should be among them.
hola baby, I think tu just made my two por four into a four por eight.
I'll give tu a nickel if tu tickle my pickle.
tu are so selfish! You're going to have that body the rest of your life and I just want it for one night.
What's the speed of sex? [what?] 68. Because at 69 tu have to turn around!
Opinion by gabriellel93 posted hace más de un año
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1. Call themselves ugly.
-You're beautiful. So what if tu don't look like a movie estrella because there's always someone prettier than that movie star.
-Be yourself.

2. Call themselves fat.
-Just because tu amor to eat doesn't necessarily mean your fat. I eat so much comida in one día you'd think I'm gonna go feed an army.
-If tu want to eat, eat. If people don't like it then tu throw whatever you're eating at them.

3. Twerk.
-Stop twerking! Especially if tu don't have no ass.

4. Care what people think of them.
-Fuck those people because you're worrying about someone tu may never see again o someone you'll probably never even talk to.
-If tu do talk to them then tu look them in the eye and be like, "Hey, haters gonna hate."

5. Judge people.
-People like to judge a book por its cover and pisses me off. tu look at person with glasses and think 'nerd' o someone wears black and think 'emo'
Opinion by gabriellel93 posted hace más de un año
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So there has been a lot of new horror cine coming out and a lot of people doing dumb stuff in that movie.

So I'm gonna help tu survive. you're welcome.

1. Don't take a trip to a secluded area.
-You could go to Vegas, New York, Paris so why the hell go into a damn desert.

2.Don't invite your boyfriend and the local village slut on the same trip. And don't get mad when they have sex.
-You knew she was a slut so don't get mad when it goes down

3.Don't run out of your hiding spot if the killer can't see you.
-He can't see you! He doesn't know where tu are! Stay there and shut the hell up.

4.Don't start screaming to let the killer know where tu are.
-If your goal is to not be found then don't scream. That's like playing hide and seek and yelling out "I'm over here!"

5.(This is gonna be hard) Don't invite the hot guys from the football team
-They'll want to take tu out into the woods and you'll both die. Just say no.
List by XxLalasaysxX posted hace más de un año
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*Zendaya- Scared
*Eminem- Berzerk
*Eminem- Like toy soldiers
*Zendaya- My baby
*Ellie Goulding- Burn
*Ellie Goulding- Starry eyed
*Ellie Goulding- Lights
*Miley Cyrus- Wrecking ball
*Katy Perry- Roar
*Katy Perry- Part of me
*Katy Perry- Wide awake
*Imagine Dragons- Radioactive
*Imagine Dragons- It's time
*Imagine Dragons- Demons
*Zendaya- Beat of my drum
*Zendaya- Replay
*Beyonce- Who run the world (girls)
*Ariana Grande- Baby I
*Victoria Justice- Best friend's brother
*Victoria Justice- Gold
*Chris Brown- Fine China
*Miley Cyrus- We can't stop
*Macklemore and Ryan Lewis- Can't hold us
*Psy- Gentleman
*Lmfao ft. Lil John- Shots
*Adele- Skyfall
*Mike Posner- enfriador, refrigerador than me
*Ludacris- mover b**** (Get out the way)
*Kendric Lamar- B**** don't kill my vibe
*Kanye West- amor lockdown
*Roshon Fegan and Caroline Sunshine- Afterparty
List by mizorewannabe posted hace más de un año
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I'm not sure if anybody is reading, but if tu are: HI!!! And I've read several other artículos much like this one.

On with the show!!! ...if anybody is reading...


1) I'm a pegasister/I like MLP.

2) I'm barely starting the new school año and I feel like I'm failing my geometry/math class.

3) I am obsessed with an anime character, along with the anime itself, Mizore Shirayuki from Rosario Vampire. And I wannabe just like her ( hence the nombre de usuario ).

3) I want my punctuation and grammar just right. So if tu see an error: tell me!!

4) I'm always the bullied kid.

5) I can't stand jazz and elevator music. 'Cuz I'm a rocker!!

6) I'm a big fan of Grojband. So when it was cancelled, I was like ' What the hell !! '

7) I'm an agnostic : someone who is on the fence when it comes to religion.

8) I'm not really a fan of Justin Beiber (is that how tu spell it?) and One Direction.
Opinion by croge92 posted hace más de un año
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Battle Scars ~ Guy Sebastian
Red ~ Taylor rápido, swift
Avril Lavigne ~ I amor tu
Avril Lavigne ~ Sk8ter Boi
Avril Lavigne ~ Black estrella
Avril Lavigne ~ Rock'n'Roll
coldplay ~ Fix tu
David Guetta ~ She-Wolf
Christina Perri ~ A Thousand Years
Ellie Goulding ~ Burn
Ellie Goulding ~ I need Ur amor
Iyaz ~ Replay
Jai Ho ~ tu Are My Destiny ~ UNKNOWN ARTIST
JB ~ As Long As U amor Me
Karmin ~ Acapella
Little Mix ~ If I were a boy
Little Mix ~ How Ya Doin'
Little MIx ~ Wings
Little Mix ~ DNA
Little Mix ~ Change Your Life
Mackletore and Ryan Lewis ~ Thrift comprar
Mackletore and Ryan Lewis ~ Can't Hold Us
MKTO ~ Thank tu
MKTO ~ Classic
Oath ~ C**** UNKNOWN
Nicki Minaj ~ Super bajo
Don't tu Worry Child
Back In Time
Bom Bom
Hall Of Fame
Scream and Shout
Opinion by neonstars posted hace más de un año
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Are tu a scientist Cause I'd Like to do tu on a mesa, tabla , Periodically(:

If tu where a triángulo, triángulo de You'd be acute one.

Is your name WiFi, because I feel a connection.

There something wrong with my phone, it doesn't have your number in it x3

hola baby, better call life alert cause I've fallen for tu and I can't get up (:

rosas are red. Foxes are clever. I like your but, shall I touch it forever?

tu remind me of my siguiente boyfriend.

Do your legs hurt? From running through my dreams all night!

If tu were a snack pack id eat tu without a spoon.

tu smell like a flower. Can I plant tu in my garden?

Do tu believe in amor at first sight, o should I walk por again?

Fan fiction by nivi20997 posted hace más de un año
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Rachel's POV:

I slowly walked towards the door. And opened the door.

That person whom I saw could have been amazed to see me there.

I stood there frozen with my jaw dropping down.

Andrew came near me to see who was at the door.

That person's face was flushed with anger when that person saw Andrew holding me por my waist.


Did I just say, that he had his hand wrapped on my waist.

That person raised the eyebrows.

What did Andrew plan?

"What is she doing here?!" She asked.

He didn't reply.

"Answer me Fedrer!" She demanded.

Not a good situation.

Come on answer her.

I slowly took his fine grip from my waist.

I must be dreaming.

In no way this can happen in reality.

" tu people need to más and you" he dicho pointing towards the girl "will come to know things soon..."
Fan fiction by nivi20997 posted hace más de un año
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Rachel's POV:

He was ready to tell me something.

Asking me how come I know that? He patted the place siguiente to me.

That means that he wants to say me something.

Ha. I know him better than hos friends. I think.

He inhaled and exhaled air and opened his eyes to look through my eyes and speak.

"I have a girlfriend named, Ruby. I guess tu might have met her at the cafeteria at school." He said.

Yeah, I think that's the girl who slapped me and asked me nit to talk with Andrew.

I slowly nodded.

"Did she hurt tu very badly? Sorry. I came to know that just now."

"No, that's okay..." I dicho trailing off.

"Erm... Andrew can tu tell me why tu are angry?".

"She is not trusting me. I amor her más than anyone else... But she doesn't believe that I'm just helping you. But instead she thinks I'm cheating on her with you..."

Did he just mention that he loves her?
Fan fiction by nivi20997 posted hace más de un año
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Rachel's POV:

I was on parte superior, arriba of him and we were very close.

I wanted to kiss him. I guess he also wanted to. I could tell that because he was staring at my rosado, rosa lips.

I wanted to get out of his grip on my waist.

Hey, he is my TUTOR. I should not do that.





That was constantly running in my mind.

But he was coming closer. I mean, yeah, I want to kiss him but something is stopping me.

We were interrupted por his phone blasting some music. I mean his ringtone.

Why does that stupid 'thing' have to ruin the moment?

C'mon, that hottest guy wanted to kiss the nerdy one.

That happens only once in a million years, right?

At this moment I want to crush that phone with the world's biggest hammer.

He stood up and took out his phone from his pocket and dicho "Hello".
Opinion by neonstars posted hace más de un año
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I Was lectura artículos in The Middle If The Night, & Someone publicado Lists Of Things They Hate. So, I decided to do the same ((:
Thanks For Whoever Gave me the idea por the way, I'm Not sure who It was But Theirs was Great :D

- When your Ex's Tell tu They Miss tu But They Did Nothing To Be With You.

-Homophobic people. Sorry Boos, I am who I am (:

-When tu Text Someone a Whole Paragraph and they Reply with two words. What The Hell?

- Flip-Flops. Uh, I Have really ugly feet...So Yeah.

- Dr.Pepper, Sorry I'm Sticking to coca cola Products xD

- dulces Crush & Temple Run. Mainly because I Suck at Paying them.

- War movies. Sorry, I just really don't see the point!

-Abortions. I'm sorry In My opinion It's Just like Murder -.-

- Math. Algebra, Geometry, trigonometry, equations. Anyways Kill me, tu Get The Point.

-Players&cheaters. (If tu Treat Me Like A Game, Hunn I'll mostrar tu how it's played)
Article by Bluekait posted hace más de un año
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This is the real deal. Try ignoring it, and the first thing you'll notice is having a horrible día starting tomorrow morning, and it only gets worse from there.

ARIES - The Aggressive (March 21 to April 19)
Outgoing. Lovable. Spontaneous. Not one to mess with. Funny... Excellent kisser. EXTREMELY adorable. Loves relationships, and family is very important to an Aries. Aries are known for being generous and giving. Addictive. Loud. Always has the need to be 'Right'. Aries will argue to prove their point for hours and hours. Aries are some of the most wonderful people in the world.

TAURUS - The Tramp (April 20 to May 20)
Aggressive. Loves being in long relationships. Likes to give a good fight. Fight for what they want. Can be annoying at times, but for the amor of attention. Extremely outgoing. Loves to help people in times of need. Good kisser. Good personality. Stubborn. A caring person. They can be self-centered and if they want something they will do anything to get it. They amor to sleep and can be lazy. One of a kind. Not one to mess with. Are the most attractive people on earth!
Opinion by karolinak1999 posted hace más de un año
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I'm saying this speech on he 4th of September 2013(unless the teacher forgets o something like that) I am aginst 2 chances are okay...

"Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen we are gathered here today to learn Irish, but we took some time off that to choose a new class leader.

For starters I would like to compliment my fellow rivals Atrio and Liam, for their good effort - Liam tu even prepared a speech, very impressive

Now..I realise the privelage to have the honour torepresent your class, however I am confident that I will be a great candidate.

I'm taking part in this not only to add a girl to the mixor that I genuinely like public speaking, but because I am enthusiastic, responsible, organised and most of all I enjoy helping my peers if it's possible!

I would amor to become the new captain of class captain to ensure that this fine class stays as great as i is for it's final año together.

and since Ms. Seoige dicho to add something Irish I'm going to end my speech with saying- probably with bad pronounciation. Vótaíl dom"