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la elección de los fans: Yes!
la elección de los fans: The youngest child
la elección de los fans: Both
la elección de los fans: Earth
la elección de los fans: I have en general, general a close relationship.
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Mauserfan1910 dicho …
I hear if tu play ancient Celtic música on a hurdy gurdy in the woods, tu can summon Zanhar publicado hace 19 horas
SilentForce comentó…
Thats 100% true. hace 18 horas
THaSlimJim comentó…
i will try this nd invite zanhar in 4 some té but green té hace 7 horas
THaSlimJim comentó…
unless zanhar does not like té then uh she not invited hace 7 horas
Canada24 dicho …
I saw a funny glitch in GTA 5.. I always be Mikey at the FIB heist, whenever I do the "old fashioned way" approach, instead of the fireman one.. And I saw Franklin running around in cycles after we cleared te area and finished the download.. I switched to him, couldn't control him.. And after 10 segundos he finally breached the door.. It was odd to say the least.. Packie McCreary and I just kinda looked at each other publicado hace 20 horas
THaSlimJim dicho …
ok so did any1 get a muro post from anonmyx real/fake/semi dude bcause i did but i have not seen any1 else w 1 nd its kind of freaking me out????? its rlly weird i didnt even post at this person until like 2 segundos ago?? pls tell me some1 else has 1. publicado hace 1 día
Sparklefairy375 comentó…
That user just spamming the others dude. hace 1 día
Seanthehedgehog comentó…
Nope. Have fun with your new friend. hace 12 horas
Zeppie comentó…
Dw you're not alone :v hace 10 horas
applebear123 comentó…
looks like that person is spamming the most popular ones XD hace 6 horas