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la elección de los fans: Laura Osnes
la elección de los fans: Plain
la elección de los fans: Nope.
la elección de los fans: None of the Above (Comment Below)
None of the Above (Comment...
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cloudstrifefan dicho …
I told tu I don't know where it is. Don't put things in my butt if tu want them back. -BoJack Horseman publicado hace 1 hora
zanhar1 comentó…
Iconic hace 1 hora
Mauserfan1910 dicho …
Want a challenge, drive a category 8 semi truck through downtown Kansas City publicado hace 3 horas
Mauserfan1910 comentó…
I've been off fanpop for like a week. I had to deliver some fresh meat to the slaughter house for dad and some of his friends. I've been off because I know I upset some respectable people and I'm too much of a chicken shit to apologise to their faces. I know I'm really a terrible person and I'm sorry hace 3 horas
zanhar1 comentó…
If you're talking about me I wasn't upset. I was just trying to debate/have a discussion. Apologies if it sounded to harsh. It's really no big deal. hace 1 hora
zanhar1 comentó…
Also, for the record; challenge denied. I can't even drive my tiny car in a rural area without feeling like I'm gonna wreck it. hace 1 hora
CatsLover8 dicho …
sum up your día so far in just one word publicado hace 1 día
zanhar1 comentó…
araña hace 1 día
CatsLover8 comentó…
gorgeous 😎 hace 1 día
Mauserfan1910 comentó…
Transportation hace 3 horas