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la elección de los fans: Pepi Sonuga
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la elección de los fans: Yum!Yum!
Yum! Yum!
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la elección de los fans: I only like some
I only like some
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Riku114 dicho …
Honestly, Im not against liberals o anything, but geesh California is so damn liberal

Like we are having a talk in AP Government cos my teacher asked for people to defend one side o the other

And the whole entire class is solely arguing on why the liberal idea is right, getting offended when people play devils advocate, and saying the other side makes absolutely no sense o whatever

Its like this whole grade of mine is an echo chamber. publicado hace 7 horas
Riku114 comentó…
As someone who likes debating and loves playing devils advocate, its quite annoying. Especially when they are all getting so riled up that I dont get a chance to play devils advocate hace 7 horas
Mauserfan1910 dicho …
Q: ranch work seems hard, how do tu do it? A: por recognizing that existence is fleeting and nothing tu could ever amount to is más than a gust in a gale, tu learn that your pain and suffering are of no real importance. por recognizing the sisyphean nature of my lifestyle, I learn to hold on to every scrap of happiness that I can scrape up from my meaninglessness publicado hace 13 horas
Mauserfan1910 comentó…
To live, to die. To be, o not to be. I numb my brain with nihilism as a defense mechanism because the mundane joys no longer cover the mundane pains. Now my desire to die becomes less of a call for action, and más of a pathetic whisper; quieter but somehow harder to ignore. My life is preserved only por the understanding that the mundane drive to work is slightly easier than pulling the trigger hace 11 horas
Mauserfan1910 comentó…
If it is my own mundane ruts that keep me alive, then perhaps I have to accept that the ranch work is a good thing, at least that's what everyone tells me hace 11 horas
TheLefteris24 comentó…
That's one way of seeing things too, I suppose !!!! hace 11 horas
springely dicho …
The most northeastern part of California is still further west than the rest of the state. publicado hace 23 horas