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posted by chillyneon
I'm sorry if one of these shows are still one of your favoritos it's my opinion not yours :P

1 = Icarly
2 = Victorious
3 = How To Rock
4 = Degrassi
5 = Team UmiZoomi
6 = Dora The Explorer
7 = Big Time Rush
8 = So Random
9 = A.N.T farm
10 = Hanna Motanna
11 = Secret Mountain Fort Awesome
12 = Pair Of Kings (some episodes)
13 = Bucket And Skinner
14 = Dance Academy

Sorry if tu like any of these shows. I just dont like them!!! It's my opinion, MINE.

Here are some misceláneo words to make my articulo longer
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Okay if someone already made this sorry but I didn't check!So didn't be a perra o a dick which ever gender tu are!

1.Hang out with friends
2.Make sure your cell phone still works so tu can call people,text,sext,and play video games
3.Have a video game station
4.Play video games
5.have a computer!
6.Have the internet
7.Have a television
8.Have the remote to it
9.Have cable to it as well(play your bill yah broke loser)
10.Play out side
11.Have friends to play out side with
12.Draw all day!
13.Prank call people
14.Obesse over something then a año later get bored
15.Read!-sike real 15.F*ck reading
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posted by MJangellover
Main points
1-Money Is used to pay for what we buy. it can be coins,notes o money In bank accounts.
2-thousands of years ago,there was no money.people used the barter system of trading.then,things such as sharks' teeth and sea shells were used as money
3- oro and sliver were used as they were scarce;they looked beautiful and did not rust .they were used in Lydia 600 BC and their coins had a stamped diseño .they were a convenient method of payment.
4-the Chinese were the first to use paper money .In the 13th century,the explorer Marco polo was amazed to see paper money there.
5-In the 17th...
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posted by ShiningsTar542
Here is a lista of embarrassing situations that have probably happened to tu at least once! Situations where tu may have turned bright red!

tu are chewing some gum and all of a sudden..the gum gets a life of its own and jumps from your mouth! This is especially bad if tu are talking to someone when it happens.

How about this one? Running right into a door that is closed, like one of those glass sliding doors. tu would be surprised how often this happens. It could leave tu with a sore nose too!

This one is silly but it happens! tu re-send one of those silly chain-mails because tu are so afraid that if tu don't, something horrible will happen to you.

And finally, at 8am in your first class of the day, tu feel really sleepy and tu accidentally fall fast asleep in class. The teacher never likes that one much, especially if tu snore.

How many of these have happened to you?
posted by Channy101
U guys i need all of your help please?
kay i have 3 preguntas n i need 10 respuestas 4 each please i will need your help?
1st pregunta is... if tu found a wallet if ten thousands dollars in it what would tu do n why?
2nd pregunta is... if tu could go any where in the world where would u go n why
n my last pregunta is... if ur I-Pod o cell-phone fell in the toilet what would u do n why
please everyone i need ur advise and o help with this o else i will get a big fat 0 n my mom doesn`t want me 2 get a big fat 0!
posted by shutyourface
don't worry this articulo is not about oveja o bananas it is about a más serious matter.

this is a debate and i want everyone lectura this
escritura a comentario about what tu think is write o wrong

so anyway

here i go

what came first

the egg

o the chicken?

thats my debate and i want EVERYONE who's a fan
of misceláneo to write what they think is right

and become a fan of me and become a fan of my

and remember

what came first
the egg
o the chicken

i am only doing this because i have been
wondering that for ages
posted by meow_girl
One night Demi,Taylor,Selena,Tiffany and Miley had a sleep over.

Selena:Miley....How'd tu get in my house?

Miley:.......Well the door was open.....

Tiffany:just forget it.

Taylor:So tu broke in?

Miley:No...I just came in.

Taylor:So your trespassing.


Joe:Hey ladies.



Selena:You broke in to my house.

Joe:No...I just smashed the window and came in.

Taylor:So tu broke in?


Demi:Get out of here Jacob.

Joe:My name's not Jacob.

Demi:But your actuación like him.Your a stalker.

Joe:I'm not a stalker.I just follow Selena around everywhere and She doesn't...
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posted by jujuh98
Well my brother was asking me who are the 4 presidents on Mt. Rushmore and I named them all. Then he started saying that Thomas Jefferson invented the toilet and I told him someone else did and then he told me to look it up so I did and it dicho that Thomas Crapper invented the toilet. Isn't there similarities going on.
Thomas [Crapper] and [Toilet]. His last name is what alot of people do in a toilet. I also found out thats why some people call the toilet, "The Crapper". Yeah I laughed really hard when I found that out so if tu don't then tu need to see a doctor!!
posted by princess829
This may seem hard to believe, but it's true: Justin Bieber's manager has been arrested for NOT tweeting.

Scott "Scooter" Braun, manager for the tween heartthrob, was arrested on Long Island today on charges of reckless endangerment and criminal nuisance, reports AP.

In November, Braun, 28, took Bieber to a mall appearance in Garden City, N.Y. The crowd of teenage girls became unruly, and police told Braun to announce on Twitter that the event was canceled. Prosecutors say Braun waited 1 1/2 hours before Tweeting -- and the riot got worse. Braun's lawyers say he Tweeted seven minutos after cops' request.

Meanwhile, Justin tweeted earlier today:

You've got my total support @scooterbraun Wish tu were here in Chicago with us #FreeScooter
posted by CullenProperty
I'm a little pawn still in your game
And tu ignore my advances
I turn my head and I look away
But I can't control my eyes are on you

Oh, you're on the run and I'm chasing you
Feels like war with all your glances
I'm just a boy without a clue
And I can't control following you

But it's alright, alright with me
it's alright, alright with me
it's alright, alright with me
it's alright, alright with me

I know tu better than tu know
You can fight but it's not over
I say to stop but tu start to go
I guess that means it's L-O-V-E

I say to look but tu turn away
I say we put our best foot forward
Will tu believe,...
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posted by MrsGerrenHowell
dont tu just amor being misceláneo i mean on this spot tu can talk about anything tu want like sausages o mashed potatoe
its cool to be misceláneo like just yeasterday i saw a bird and then i saw a plane how misceláneo (i just thought i would write that)

life should be más misceláneo it makes life más fun

whats your favourite misceláneo thing to do apart from talk about misceláneo stuff and do misceláneo things?? misceláneo words


it says write a longer articulo boring

jhfskv\j;lgvkfshk;gbjzfhbkzjdghblkzdjhg;kljdfhglksjrshglikrhsgijklsrh misceláneo stuff
Chapter 2—A New Day…A New Chapter
    Right siguiente to the right one…what if tu are, and tu just don’t know it? o tu know it, and they don’t? That’s quite a pickle…why do they say that? Why is it a pickle? Why not say “oh, that’s quite a scone!” o “what a arándano, arándano rojo muffin!” ah…so confusing. So I think that if tu are going on a bike ride tu don’t need to wear a helmet, tu just need to wear one of those big hard headbands. That’s because I was riding in this really short car down a bumpy road and I hit my head on the ceiling. But it didn’t...
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posted by gabriellel93
So there has been a lot of new horror cine coming out and a lot of people doing dumb stuff in that movie.

So I'm gonna help tu survive. you're welcome.

1. Don't take a trip to a secluded area.
-You could go to Vegas, New York, Paris so why the hell go into a damn desert.

2.Don't invite your boyfriend and the local village slut on the same trip. And don't get mad when they have sex.
-You knew she was a slut so don't get mad when it goes down

3.Don't run out of your hiding spot if the killer can't see you.
-He can't see you! He doesn't know where tu are! Stay there and shut the hell up.

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posted by 90sfan
Take this examen to find out if you're "out of the ordinary".

1.You forgot your homework at inicial and your teacher wants to know why.You say:
A."I forgot it." B."My pet dragon had bebés on it."

2.Uh-oh.Your dad accidently locked tu out of the house...AGAIN.What do tu do?
A.You try to call him from downstairs. B.You get out you're trusty spoon and attempt to dig a hole through the wall.

3.A dog starts to talk to you.You...
A.Run away,screaming. B.Start to break-dance for no reason.

4.For creative escritura class,your essay is about...
A.Snowboarding. B.Giant wrestling mice.

5.You're walking into the store.You...
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posted by hetaliaitaly
Well here tu are
at the edge of the abyss...

at the beginning of infinity

heaven o hell

an afterlife
or a nothingness

or an eternity of suffering ?

Does anyone really know ?

Why have tu come here ?
What do tu need ?

To Find a Way to Live ?

Maybe tu want to take them to die . . . ?

But I ask tu now..
how many of these pills

would tu take each día to live ?

To feel good, normal good, like everyone else ?

Stable, not depressed, even happy, but normal ?

These are some of the pills I take every day

to save my life.

They are not herbs o antidepressants.

I feel happy, I feel...
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There was an orphan named Taylor,but if I'm gonna tell tu the story,let me start from the beginning!:
Taylor:Mom!We're outta Clean diapers!
Mom:Coming!Okay here let me do it!
Taylor:Fine!Amber!Come on,time for bed!!!
Amber:(younger sister)NO!!ONE más HOUR!!
Taylor:MOM WANTS tu IN BED!NOW!!*Picks up*
Amber:PUT MR DOWN!!!NOW!!!!
Taylor:*Goes in bedroom*Okay!STAY IN HERE!*Locks Door*
Taylor:Mom!I'll put Charm to bed!
*3 minutos later*
Taylor:Finally!I can go to bed.Night Mom!
4:00am At night
Taylor:*Wakes up*AH!Oh good it's just a dream.Mom.
MOM.MOM!!Mom?Where is she?*hears ruckus*MOM!!!*Runs downstairs*MOM!!WHERE ARE YOU???*Hears door shut*
MOM!!!*Goes In basement*MOM!!!*Sees mom with blood running down head*MOM!!911!!!
posted by IloveDxC
1. I hate stereotypes, people should not judge a person before knowing him/her.
2. I don't like teachers, half the time they are giving tu detentions o criticizing your work.
3. I hate bullies, what do they gain from hurting someone else.
4. I don't like karma. I have been nice so many times and have never been rewarded. But my enemy who always laughs at me gets rewarded. For being mean.
5. I hate my hair. It goes bushy if I don't relax it.
6. I don't like my best friend. I'm always there for her but she DITCHES ME EVERY SINGLE día and I always forgive her.
7. I hate it when people do the "Asian...
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posted by someone_save_me
I publicado this like yesterday on my own club but got bored and decided to post it here as well. It's all written por me only :D

There once was a green dinosaur named Bernard. He always wore a parte superior, arriba hat and had a really big bushy brown beard like Hagrid's. One día Bernard was just licking the window on his floor when all the sudden a stoned bulldog popped out Bernard's cabinet eating Spaghetti. Bernard then jumped into his fuego place and started to climb up his chimney. But instead of being on the roof, he was in a place that just looked like a clear blue sky and puffy white clouds, north east south...
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posted by TruBerries
Yes, it is I, TruBerries. The one that always keeps it real whether tu want to hear it o not. The one that can be too much real for anyone to handle and therefore, if tu can't handle o stand the heat, get out the kitchen!

Now, it seems to me, that there's repeated preguntas that are getting a lot of people irritated, but tu know, I've came to terms to decide NOT to answer the question(s) no matter how overrated they are. I must admit that I don't mind the 'What do tu think of me?' questions( well as long as tu don't put a personal foto up 'cause everyone could careless on what tu look...
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Yo, so Imma put preguntas on here about facebook I'm really curious about. Hopefully I'll be able to get some answers....

- Why must parents like every single picture tu put up?!

- Why do some people 'like' EVERY. SINGLE. COMMENT. someone puts on their status. When the comentario isn't even special, it's just like "hello." o something. o picture, whatever they posted.... Like this: *they post pic of self* My comment: Woah it's you. *they like comment* Um... okay...

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