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In the Country of Edrain, the towns and land was swept with chaos and destruction. People were filled with hatred and selfishness, attacking and harming others so that they may help themselves. In retaliation to their hateful lifestyle, the Ancient Ones, a race of immortal beings who pass judgement across the world, had decided to bring a deadly disease known as The Black Death, a plague that brought forth monsters. Animals were turned into nightmarish creatures, the dead were brought back to life in many shapes and sizes, and those greedy enough to only care for themselves were turned into demons, witches, or other such monsters. Humanity was left to fend for themselves, damning the Ancient Ones and living to protect themselves. However, a band of hunters have plotted to move across the country of Edrain to help those who need it. They only help in order to aid those who need it, and do so selflessly, in hopes of pleasing the Ancient Ones so that they may bring an end to the curse on Edrain.

Monsters - Each monster is different, and brute force isn’t the only way to defeat them. Strategy and teamwork will also be needed
Cerberus Spawns - Black dogs with red eyes with an eternal hunger that not even human flesh can satisfy, yet still pursue humans due to their hunger driving them mad.

Winged Demons - Humans that have done the worst deeds imaginable, turning their human form into that of a hideous demon that wishes for nothing but the blood of humans.

Deserted - Long forgotten corpses that have grown hateful for their abandonment, with their eyes on the palm of their hands, as their head has become nothing more than one large mouth.

Witches - A witch's appearance depends on their past human self. If they were kind and selfless, they have the appearance of a beautiful woman, but a hateful and greedy witch is ugly and murderous.

Silent Sea - The corpse of a whale long left to rot at the bottom of the sea, now brought back as a vengeful spirit to destroy the ships that pass through it’s ocean.

Berserker - Common criminals and murderers who have been imprisoned in their own mind, unable to grasp human sanity, and have been turned into mad warriors with a lust for fighting.

Gargoyles - Once the stone guardians of large cities, they have been brought to life by the Black Death, and have become the destruction of once mighty towns and the deaths of hundreds.

Flesh Taker - Massive skeletons that have been created from the many bones of their victims. Some are still incomplete, lacking the right amount of bones to complete their massive bodies.

Lich - An undead warlock that have returned as vengeful spirits for their wrongful death. They bring death and destruction, as their bodies carry the Black Death and their magic is as strong as that of an Ancient One.

Corrupted - Zombie like townsfolk that have been corrupted and are in the early stages of turning. They have already become violent and murderous, and no hope remains for them.

Classes - Hunters come in many different classes, each with different pros and cons

Mercenary - Better with larger blades and has stronger defense. Not as respected by townsfolk

Soldier - Best with firearms and has quicker attacks. Not very fast or agile

Traveller - Easier to get discounts in shops and can earn better. Not the best fighter

Thief - More stealthy than others, much faster and quicker dodges. Low defense

Bandit - powerful attacks and can wield heavy weapons. The slowest Hunter. Hated by townsfolk

Hunter - Can climb better and is better at using firearms. Has low defense

Alchemist - Can heal himself and is more powerful against magic. Terrible with weapons

Psychopath - Casts long lasting fire damage and can take more damage. Weak with weapons

Priest - Heals others within a group and is better at shielding himself. Does not fight at all

Do not kill anyone’s character without permission
Do not create overpowered and flawless characters
Do not make problems vanish with the snap of a finger
Do not steal other characters ideas
If you have an idea, feel free to ask
Have fun
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hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
"You know I know how to almost kill you now right? Or atleast make you shut up...forever." Wiezen says, looking down at the bare with a raised eyebrow. "And I shouldn't go to welcome a thing. She's the scene maker, not me, and I've had enough of that myself so you should be telling that to HER. Especially after she decided to go running off so DO NOT start with me you little stuffed cotton twat. Because unlike last time, there's not much standing between my foot and your face." He said, crossing his arms. "Or I could just be almost like a baby and act like I have no idea what you're talking about either way. Which brings me around to asking you something, now that I think about it." He knelt down, furrowing his brows, no longer joking. "Those portals, the gateways that Alzul was there any way that someone might be able to go to the other side through them? To the monster side of things, I mean. Something I noticed back when I approached one of them was that it didn't seem like the things spewing out of it was coming exactly do I put this....our side of things. In fact, I sensed some sort of void inside of it. It didn't feel...right. Actually, it felt like the most disgusting thing I've ever sensed, but there was a tug to it as well. Like a pull towards it. It felt..." He paused for a moment. "Never mind...." He said, standing back up straight in thought.

Macross didn't answer for a long while, but then she blinked. "Y-yes..." She forced herself to speak calmly before looking to him. "Everything's alright...just a bit anxious is all."
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hace más de un año Jade_23 said…
Coco: I might know something about the portals, but I'll have to do some research of them, Sir Wiezen. I'm surprised of what a hypocrite you are indeed! Believing that this "stuffed cotton twat" would know something about anything. ..And no, you can't kill me, actually. Fun fact, when a warlock dies, all his spells are sealed to the grave. So I'm here forever. You can tear me apart all you want, mate. But I'll just regenerate over and over again. ..We don't have to like each other. I respect you as the supernatural creature you are, but not the man you are. The only reason I'm talking to you is because your the fiancé of my owner, and I truly, truly want her to be happy. Therefore I accept her decisions. But look at thee, saying you won't welcome your own wife? Not even asking how she is? Now that is quite a disgusting sight! What sort of man are you? One without manners I see! I can't believe a being stuffed with cotton has more feelings than you! Haha! If there's something I've learned from what I've seen, being seated in a shelf for years, is that relationships are a "it takes two to make it work" thing. She did you a favor, mate, and the least you can do is have some damn balls and ask her how is she doing. She's the scene maker? Lookie here at the man that left her during sex because a teddy bear got to his nerves. If you would have used your magic to find that woman, you would have drained more of your energy. If you would stop for one minute, and just appreciate that, things would be much easier for you, Sir Wiezen. She loves you, you know? She loves you more than any man I've seen her with, and believe me, that's a lot. She's been abused, raped, used, abandoned. And from all those men, I've never seen a single one be as kind to her as she is to them. Not even you, which I pity. She worries so much about you, and she cares about you, and she's always asking about you to know more of her fiancé.. She knows a lot of your past and cares about it tremendously. But have you ever asked about her feelings? She simply asked what you were and you took it as if you two were going to start another argument in front of the children. ..So let me ask you this again, must I clean up after you, Sir?
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hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
"Huh? Did you say something Bear?" Wiezen says, ignoring just about everything that he had said, not fazed by a single word. "I could've sworn that after "I might know something about portals" everything else just went "bla-bla-bla-talking bear-bla-bla-bla." Care to repeat that? On second thought, maybe not. But if it'll shut up whatever you're talking about. Has it ever occurred to you that "you", the talking bear, maybe the cause of messing up relationships? And I'll say this, if I wasn't kind then I wouldn't be here, because I think I heard that last bit before it went to "bla bla bla" again. In fact, if I weren't kind, most people wouldn't be alive. And there's a lot who can agree on that. Funny thing is, you say things as if you've felt pain. Come back to me on that one when you realize that you're just a stuffed animal that can talk. So shove whatever you were blabbering about up your stuffed hole. Sheesh, I guess I know who not to ask for information again. I think I heard something about respect too, I think. Here's what I have to say about that. The thing is bear, you don't have to speak to me. Not at all. You don't have to respect me. And you can use the excuse that you're a teddy bear aaaalll you want, for eternity if it makes you feel better. But as I said before, you may not be able to die, but I can shut you up. Don't believe it, try me. Because those children there...I'm enough of a man to protect them and her. If anything, you don't even know what a man is. Learn it before you speak on it." He said casually. "But hey, what do I know. I've been pushed to the point of insanity more times than I can count. I've been tortured and injected with gods knows what by my own parents and beat down to the ground by the people who burned my friends alive. Tortured some more. Tortured a bit more after that. Then a lot more. "Abandoned" doesn't even amount up to anything I've had to witness and deal with. "Used"? Ha! Don't even let me get started on that little bit. But yet, here I am, helping more people. Helping hunters, and onis, and so many other things. Trusting. In reality, I think your "owner" is the one you really pity. You're bound more by that than you are magic, I can say that much." He said as he began to walk off. "Make yourself useful and take care of my kids instead of trying to be a real person. You just don't make the cut. Or then again, I'll let a real person do that for me."
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hace más de un año Jade_23 said…
Coco: What? What is this "blah, blah" you speak of? Hehe, now your sounding like your own son! Makes sense, why'dya think I called you a baby? I hope my words did not damage your manliness. Oh, and you think just because you help people after being beaten so many times makes you so special? I think not, Sir Wiezen. It's called being human, even if you're actually not. Beings all have their own pain, Sir Wiezen, so I'd beg to differ that you've gone through worse. So stop being so selfish with your "oh, I was starved and used so many times and my lover slept with someone else and I'm just so strong and tough after everything I've been through" bullcrap. I know that and I'm just a human soul stuck in a stuffed animal. And now you're off to find your wife because my words are engraved in your mind. You know I'm right, but ya can't admit it, because, ya know, I'm a bear and that stuff doesn't suit you. *grins through his sewn mouth* You'll thank me later. ..Oh, pardon, manly men don't thank teddy bears. Rawr, so manly! *turns around and continues playing with the children that chew on him*

* * *

Helga turned on her back from looking at the ants to staring up at the beautiful sky as the pain began to slowly diminish even without her work of magic put into it. She released a soft sigh, using the rock as a pillow for her bleeding head.
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hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
"Who says anything about going to whatever you're talking about?" Wiezen says, glancing back. "Funny thing is, now you're the hypocrite. I'm going outside this place to get some real fresh air. Admit to yourself before you talk about it. So keep your idiocy to yourself. And before I forget, I think its: sticks and stones may break my bones, but the words of a cotton stuffed cramp will never hurt me". I guess that's the saying or what not." He said as he continued walking. "Hm, being selfish. Sounds like a good idea. Maybe I'll look more into that."
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hace más de un año Windwakerguy430 said…
Enricho: (Keeps his eye on Macross, worried about her safety)
hace más de un año Jade_23 said…
Coco rolled his eyes and chuckled at the man as he walked off, then glanced down at the triplets.

Coco: Boy, you're father is quite a tough macho nut, huh? He hates it when things get to him.

Elijah blinked at the bear, chewing on it's paw and giggled at his words.

Coco: Hopefully you won't grow up to be as grumpy as he is! ..Speaking of which, do you already know the proper way of drinking tea? That's a necessity indeed!

Flynn: *stares at the bear* ..I should go check on Helga..
Coco: You know something, Flynn?
Flynn: huh?
Coco: You're actually the "manliest" man here.
Flynn: ...what do you mean?
Coco: Well, you care about people no matter what unlike Sir Wiezen over there. You care about Helga, about Franziska, about Macross, about Enricho, everyone! That, sir, makes you spectacular. I admire you for that.
Flynn: ..Oh, thank you, Mr. Snuggles..
Coco: And you respect a teddy bear. Marvelous.
Flynn: Thanks.. ..But uh, if Wiezen isn't going to check on his wife, I should do it for him.. I don't want Helga to feel lonely or anything..
Coco: She's felt that her entire life, and clearly, her own husband sucks at making a difference. So if you want, go ahead.
Flynn: *nods* Thanks, Mr. Snuggles.
Coco: You can call me Coco, Sir Flynn.
Flynn: *nods again, then follows behind Wiezen and walks past him with a concerned look*
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hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
Wiezen began to whistle as he made his way further out. "I wonder where that giant monkey thing---I mean, the Watcher is?" He continued to whistle as he headed along, all until he bumped into Sonni.

Sonni paused for a moment and blinked. "Wiezen?" She stared at him for a long moment. " you're finally back right? This is you? Neat..." She says in her newly adopted plain tone.

Wiezen shrugged. "I guess you can say that. It's kind of a bummer if you ask me. Not really what I expected. Kind of a bunch of irritations floating around ya know?"

"Tell me about it. Hey, I found out where Alzul is if you're interested. It took me a little time, but I finally found someone to spill the beans. And hey, I even got to burn a witch while I was at it!" Sonni said carelessly.

"Hmph. I guess we'll be able to consult over that a little later then. Hey, let me ask you something, or rather, tell you something. Did you know I was selfish?" Weizen said with a grin.

"Selfish? Lacking consideration for others and being concerned more with own personal profit and pleasure? Since when?" Sonni asked, looking at him with a raised eyebrow.

"I've been selfish apparently. And to be honest, it kinda hurts that people think that. Because by the book of a cotton stuffed bear, I only worry about myself and don't give a shit about any of you." Wiezen says, chuckling. "And it's really making me care less and less."

"Aaaah, a shame. I don't think you're selfish. I call that being more reasonable. If anything, your minds in the right place when it comes to taking care of business. And hell, if you ask me, if you're selfish then you shouldn't even be here right now. You should be out, not giving two shits about kids, people, saying that you would rather make yourself happy instead of worrying about the lives of other people. But you've been doing that, so no, I don't think you're selfish at all." She says dully. "Whelp, I know where I'm not goin' if that's the case. Because really, I don't feel like hearing that all. I've already gotten a lecture about it."

Wiezen scratched his head. "Hm..lectures. I think I'm really becoming bored with hearing people's mouths and voices. I'm becoming overly frustrated. If anything, I think I should really start being selfish because, well, you are what they say you are right?"

"Eh, but your aren't what assholes say you are. I'm going to talk to you honestly, as I've always done. I think you and I are the only ones capable of being on the same page. And maybe Macross...and Buroa. And Flynn." Sonni shrugs. "So, where you headed?"

"Outside to get away from blabbering mouths. I find them inconsiderate to tell you the truth. So let me ask you something. If you were having sex with Buroa, and I came in the room and smashed a lamp across your head, what would be your reaction."

Sonni furrowed her brows before looking at him, her plain expression disappearing for a second. "I'D KICK YOUR ASS!! NOBODY interrupts our sex time!"

"FINALLY!" Wiezen praised her. "For fucks sake! But on another note, you should go check on Macross. And Buroa. Both of them are worried about you ya know. And Buroa...has...changed."

"So I've heard. So I've heard. Well, i don't care about how much her appearance has changed. That's my damn woman and I love her. I'll always love her." Sonni says. "Why would anyone think that I don't love her?!" She huffed.

"Assholes." Wiezen answered. "I'm gonna go let off a load off of my shoulders now. I think this is the most casual conversation I've ever had since I've been back. And that...says a lot actually. I feel like I need to kill somethin'."

"I'll be right with ya on that one. Wait for me will ya?" Sonni said as she began to make her way to go see her sister. But then she paused. "Orrr....maybe. I can't decide. I sort of feel empty. A few memories came back to mind and all, but I'm good."

"I know the feeling. But apparently, I shouldn't care because I'm selfish right?" Wiezen says.


Macross kept her eyes on the distance, and she had wanted Wiezen to stay just wasn't going to happen. And she could see that clearly. Everything frustrating.
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hace más de un año Jade_23 said…
Flynn didn't really seemed to be stunned by Sonni's appearance, he just ran around her and continued his jog towards the gates where she walked in from. After a while, she encountered the witch laying on the rock and gazing up into the sky, blocking the exit of the gate. He widened his eyes at her injured face, quickly running to her.

Flynn: Helga! Helga, Helga, Helga!!! *quickly leans down and inspects her face, taking out a few materials from his bag*
Helga: Shhhh.. *gently pushes him aside* I'm looking at the clouds pass by. Don't disturb.
Flynn: But your face.. What happened? Your nose.. And your eyes.. And your skin!! What happened?!
Helga: A taste of my own medicine, as some people would say I guess.. Sonni gives good punches. *clenches her jaw and cracks it back into place, then yawns*
Flynn: She did this?! Let me help you, Helga! I can fix this.
Helga: ..Flynn, I'm alright. I can heal myself. But not yet.. I bit her neck for a reason. A witch had cursed her and my fangs gave her the ability to be immune to the spell, but she took it as rabies. ..Oh, and I also yelled at my kids so I deserved that.
Flynn: But you're in pain! I don't like seeing my friends in pain.. Please, Helga, let me help you..
Helga: ..If I heal myself will you feel better?
Flynn: *slightly nods with a frown*
Helga: Very well.. *an aura glows on her face as her crooked nose returns back to normal with a crack, and the blood seems to sink in her skin and disappear. The burst on her lip was no longer there, and the back of her head stopped bleeding* ..Happy?
Flynn: *sighs of relief, nodding with a small smile*
Helga: *returns the small smile* ..Sorry if I don't seem too cheery. My feet hurt. Been running miles and stuff.
Flynn: I can help you! *scoots over a bit and sits down near her legs, grabbing her bare foot and massaging it with his gloves*
Helga: ..Ooh, that feels nice.. Ahh, I needed that.. *perks her ears in delight as her ankles crack* ..How's my family?
Flynn: The kids are fine.. Wiezen is making his way out the gate to let out some stress.. After arguing with a teddy bear..
Helga: *groans* ..What did Snuggles do this time?
Flynn: ..Hmm, best if you didn't know. Calling him names mostly, and how he never treats you right I guess.. *cracks her foot and moves on to the next*
Helga: Ughh.. Ah! Right there, right there... *sighs* ..Even though I really enjoy massages, you should go..
Flynn: I want to keep my tutor company..
Helga: Hmm, what about Franziska?
Flynn: *lowers his head a little* ..She's fine without me.
Helga: Oh, stop being so selfish. Plus, I need someone to care for my children. And I only trust you and Macross. I'll just be laying down here, enjoying the breeze and watching the clouds. Oh, and guarding the gate I guess. I get to see who exits and who comes in.
Flynn: ..Are you sure?
Helga: ..Of course, and I'll catch up with you all once I'm in peace.
Flynn: ..If you say so, Helga. Just don't take too long! *releases her foot and dusts off his gloves*
Helga: Hehe, I won't.. *places a thumb on his chest, teleporting him back with the others*
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hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
"You know...I really don't think that's what you are. Out of everything we've been through so far, I think I can say that you are the least selfish out of everyone here. But with that aside, to be honest man, I can't do this anymore. All the bickering and trying to do for other people to make sure their asses are safer and sound and happy. And no matter what I do, things will never turn out right, and you know what...I'm tired dude. I mean, come on, I watched you die right in front of my face, and you're back by a miracle. I'm glad you're back yeah, but I can never unsee that. And when you died, yeah, I cried. I was hurt, but I tried to do what I thought was right. Not sulk around and feel bad for myself like everybody else. But that makes me selfish." Sonni says plainly. "But in the end man, I'm exhausted. These people exhaust me and this isn't going to work, this working together family bullshit. I don't want to do this anymore. I'd rather try and live the most normal life I can and if I die then I just...die. But I guess that would really make me selfish. But you know what....I just don't care anymore. I quit. I give up. Its over. Sometimes no matter how much good you think your doing, there are people that you can't please. There's people that you just can't make happy. And I guess that's what makes you look selfish from their stupid perspectives because there's always SOMETHING. Maybe trying to be happy with you people is what makes me selfish. Or maybe their the selfish ones. Either way, I just don't care anymore dude....I don't think I can deal with it anymore. I just want to go home before my second chance at life is flushed down the drain trying to make sure everyone is satisfied. I'm done." She held her hand out to Wiezen. "You can come around any time. I'm glad we met, but it's time we went our separate ways. I can't be around hypocrites who's only purpose is to try and criticize me on everything I do. If I stay here, that's all I'm going to be looking forward to. People who only want to point out all the bad and throw words around carelessly. There are always sides to take and its depressing as hell. This time mate, I'm going to take my own side and get the hell away."

Wiezen stared at her for a moment and looked at her hand before looking back to her, his head lowering as he shook her hand, but he didn't let go. "You know...even after all of this...I've been trying. I really have." He says. "Every time they use that to define who I am, I go and I try to make everything better. But It's always selfish." When he lifted his head up to look at her, his clear blue eyes were shimmering. "They want to tell me that I don't care. After everything that I've done. Everything that I try to do to make sure they're safe and happy."

Sonni stared at him as she looked into the clear blue of his eyes, only taken back when she realizes the tear that began to stream down his face. Clear ocean raining....

"I've stood in front of what I could and I've even died for these people....and that makes me selfish? Why...why does that make me selfish?" Wiezen began to squeeze Sonni's hand. "Even when I've got a family now and I'm trying to take care of them. This makes me sick. If this is what I've been brought back before then I would have been better off dead. But the things I do for my children and these people....none of it will ever matter. It hurts. And you're right. They'll only point out that bad in me. No matter how hard I try. Is is the war? Is it that they don't feel safe? It's...Alzul. If I kill him, then all of it will just go away. And you can live a happy life and not have to worry. Everyone can. But....I guess that just what I am. Selfish. What do..I have to do. I've tried...and I've tried. But nothing is ever good enough to please these people. And the only thing I can think of is Alzul....he's the reason...because this..." His eyes dilated and he let go of her hand. "I'll show them that I'm not...that I'm not selfish. I put everything on the line...time and time again. And knowing that everything single thing that I do still comes around to that being my title. as if nothing I've done existed. Then I'll be just that...." He went off towards the gate, his steps slow and his dilated eyes staring straight.

Sonni looked at her hand as she felt a throbbing pain only to find that it had been crushed in his grip. Fractured. It hurt, but she hand't felt it until now. She frowned and looked towards the direction she was headed to, and then to Wiezen as he left her. She let out a sigh.


Macross clenched her hands into fists for a moment as she felt something. She didn't know what it was...but it was something. She looked down at the ground, her hand placing itself over her heart. "Why won' just stop...."
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hace más de un año Jade_23 said…
Helga released a sigh, grabbing the silver key Macross had given her from a portal of magic, staring at it closely before returning it back to her "magical closet". She then wraps her arms behind her head and rests on them while looking back up at the sky to just ease her mind. She crosses her legs while hanging the left one and dangling it off the air, quietly singing another one of her favorite songs from the record player she had stolen earlier.

Come up to meet you, tell you I'm sorry
You don't know how lovely you are..
I had to find you..
Tell you I need you..
Tell you I set you apart..
Tell me your secrets..
And ask me your questions..
Oh, let's go back to the start..
Tell me you love me..
Come back and haunt me..
Oh, and I rush to the start..

Nobody said it was easy..
Oh, it's such a shame for us to part..
Nobody said it was easy..
No one ever said it would be so hard..

Helga perked her ears at the sound of footsteps, lifting her head and interlocking her eyes with Wiezen's. She could sense the anger and annoyance in him, and she quickly stood up from her laying down position. She crossed her arms and walked besides him while leaving the gate.

Helga: I'd like to let off some steam with you too.
hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
"Steam....I have nothing to let off...." Wiezen spoke neutrally. His remained with nothing but thin streams of clear tears running from them, but his expression remained as plain as his voice. The gate didn't time to open before his arm lifted it slowly and his knuckles found themselves tearing a hole through with what only would seem like a simple but extremely hard knock against it. "I have nothing to let off..." He repeated as he walked through to the other side. His eyes remained only straight ahead, not locked on anything else but the air in front of him. As he stepped out from the gate at a zombiesh pace, the ground began to warp slightly and crack under his feet. He was no longer restraining anything that began to seep out of him. The fur along his arms rose and became more spiky in appearance while his teeth became like thousands of needles in his mouth. " let off...or I'll make a scene." His ears were lowered, never lifting up even once. "I'll make a scene....I'll make a scene....I'll make a scene..." He kept repeating slowly.

It goes like this....the fourth the fifth...the minor fall...the major lift....drift..drift...drift
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hace más de un año Jade_23 said…
Helga stared at her fiancé walk out the gates, and even though she was not sure what to expect, the witch followed him rather quickly, jumping through the cracks and soon catching up with him. Helga remained silent as she closed her eyes for a minute, trying to sense his anger and what had happened before he came out the gates. She released a sudden, unexpected chuckle at him while she continued to walk besides Wiezen, being careful not to trip over the cracks he created. She gripped his shoulder to control herself, giggling in a familiar, cute way and snorting slightly as she released him and controlled herself.

Helga: ...Selfish? ..Did Mr. Snuggles tell you that? Hehehe! I’ve never seen you share those characteristics before, my love! There’s a reason why I’m beautiful and you’re handsome, silly…

Even though it seemed dangerous and risky to touch Wiezen or get close to him at his state, she didn’t care. That was her husband, and she would be there for him no matter what. The witch wasn’t afraid of him, and she appeared in front of Wiezen, blocking his way from taking another step.

Helga: ..We’re good sorcerers, in the most strangest ways, remember?.. ..If you were selfish, you would be green! *hesitates for a second, but then curls a lock of Wiezen’s air behind his ear, staring deeply into his crying eyes with hers* He just likes to push your buttons. He’s a stuffed animal with no feelings, remember? Humans reacting to his words entertains him. *wipes away a tear of Wiezen’s, then places both hands on his chest, lowering her ears but them perking them and twitching her nose* ..You are the most loyal and devoted man I’ve ever met. You are the most handsome, selfless, intelligent, and generous man on this earth, even if I call you a leprechaun. You are strong, dependable, charming, and sexy. *slides her arms upwards and wraps them around Wiezen’s neck* And I love you sooooooooooooo much with every bit of my little heart. And if you make a scene, then I’ll make a scene with you, because I love you more than anything in this world. I sense you are tired - weary of battle. Your quest offers you no peace or no time to relax.. The weight upon your shoulders is heavy, I understand, my love.. But fear not, because it'll all be over soon. We are married, with the ceremony or not. Therefore you and I are eternity from now on. I belong to you - my body, soul, heart, love.. It’s all for you. I will catch you if you fall. I will be there for you when you cry. I will be your strength to pick you up when you’re down.. And I’ll be the one to love you no matter what, my selfless Wiezen.. Because that’s what I do best. Annoy you, but then return like a hypocrite, but guess what? That’s me. That’s what couples do.. And no matter what you are, my heart will always belong to you. I’m called many things, you know? A traitor, a whore, a hypocrite, a disgrace, and many, many other things.. But you know what? I accept it, because in a way I am. I’m done defending my honor, because I have none left. But that does not matter to me. I’m numb to all those names. Because I’ve heard them over and over again.. And it’s so.. Fucking annoying.. *lifts her eyes back at Wiezen’s* But you, oh.. You know how to make it all go away with your words and wisdom.. And I wish to do the same to you even if I suck at it.. Because I love you.. And I missed you. *strokes his cheek gently while she continues to speak in her soothing, deep voice* ..So look at me Wiezen and do not cry anymore, because I’m starting to cry by just seeing those beautiful eyes of yours sad. You don’t deserve any pain or sadness, my love.. You deserve so much more.. So much more than a hypocritical wife that leaves you and the children, then blames you for everything.. You deserve more than this cruel world.. I met your innocence. And he is the cutest fur ball alive. And so are you. ...Please don’t bite me. Sonni already bursted my lip and I'm not really in the mood of losing my tongue with your sharp teeth.. *pulls Wiezen closer, closing the gap between them with a long, deep, and passionate kiss.*
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hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
Wiezen's eyes only continued to cry on their own endlessly as his blank expression remained blanked, no reaction to her words even as she kissed him. He heard nothing. His lips didn't move, and all he did in return was stare straight ahead of him as he fazed through her for a moment. "I'll make a scene....I'll make a scene....and watch it burn in front of me....and watch it burn in front of me...." He kept repeating these words as he continued walking. "I'll end it make it better....I'll end it make it be be unselfish..." As he spoke, his words began to twist and break into a different sections until they merged again into something different, his body turning cold as if he were but a walking corpse, and the cracks beneath his feet grew deeper into the ground. He spoke different words...something that wasn't understood....and dead language.

"Wͩͯ̓̇ͯạ͚̱̠̝̙̖͒ͣ̃ͮͩ̃­­a̿­͆­̉­ͨͬ­­̹͉ͩ­­̫̜­n­͖­͈̳­­̮̬̗­­͍ ̫̘̦̎̋ͧ̌ͭͩh͉͇̘̦̻̔ī͕̥͈̺̓ͧ̅̐ ̞̱͙͍̮v̘̹̠͉̱͚͔͑̇̌i͚̭̥͓͛s̤̏ͬ̑̽ͅ ̲͙͛ͨb͔̣̫̖̪̬ͥ͊̅ȍ̏̐̄l̓ͧ̾̚­­̎̐­̻­̫­̬a­­̀̽͌­­͊͑­͎­̣­̙̹­­̘̻̲­­ā­̋­͋­͊̃­­͚͚̏­­v́­̔­͋­͛̒­­̾ ̙̣͗ͮ̆ͯm̱̖̤͔͒iͤ̌ͧ͐̂ị͙̳̥̭̘̰̽ͨͫͣ̈́͛ͦ ͕͆ͪ̆̔͌͂ͯg̼̭̻̬ͥ͌ͣ̽ẻ̮̬͙̱­­̗v­̀­̉­̃͊­­̩̼͂­­̖̭­a­͛­͌̍­­̂̽̉­­̭̚­͓­̟­͙̘­­͇h̟­­͓͙­̣­̻­̼̘­­z̓͊­­̲ͭ­̫­̺­i̊­­ͨ̑ͯ­­̍̌­̠­̝­̫̤­­̻̣̭­­n̜­̮­̼­̲ d̜̜͚̦͓͒ͧ͌͂̍o͂͐ͪͨ̉̀ ̫͖̙̇͆̌͂ͮ͒̚m̩̞͖̻͇̗͗͌ͬu­̏­ͮͬ­­͓̜n­­͌͗­͛­̒­̫r­­̼̆͌­­͎o­̆­̾­̓̇­­͎ ̖a̘̻̬ͮ̅̾ͭ̎̓̚ͅḥ̫̤k͎̣̏ͅos­­͗͆­̇­ͩ­,͌­­͆̓̌­­͖ͬ­ͅ­̫­̬̹­­͖͇ ͚̹͚͕͚̯̺̓m͔̺̯̼̤̠͗̀ͅu͍̐ͯ͛̂̽ ̫̗͚̲̲̰̋̌ͅf̥͇͙͇͓e̘͖͔͉͛̏͌͋̑̍ṇ̹̻̰̟̥̎̋̒ ̟̫̉̐̆̈̚b̫̠ŏ̫̲̻͔̲̽̀̈̍̐̃­­lͬ­͂­̈́­̎͑­­͓̭̻­­a̼­̠­̬­̫͓­­̱̠a­­̑̿­ͣ­̋­ͫ͋­­̳̳ͤ­­̺͚­̩­ͅ­̩v­­̗̰ ͉̯̺͍̒ͨ̐̈̔ͧͭf͇͓̦͕̳͔͛ͅr͋e­­̎͐­̂­͒­̉ͫ­­̞͉ͅ­­̘ͅ­̠­̻­y̚­­ͤ̀̿­­ͣͭ­e­̐­̄n­­ͯ̌̇­­ͯͪ­̌­̬­̲̣­­̬d͆­­̟̂­̥­̜­̠̪­­̮͇&­quo­t;

His dilated eyes sharpened, and his feet moved sluggishly as they carried him down the mountain side. The sight of bodies and the stench of blood...the strains of crimson puddled out onto the ground. Death scattered out everywhere in sight. He stepped upon the bodies step by step. "Nothing is working....nothing is understood....I'll end it make it better. I'll kill him be done be unselfish...." Selfish....selfish....selfish.... "To show that I am...unselfish..."

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hace más de un año Jade_23 said…
Helga lowered her ears at Wiezen's reaction, wiping her lips with her sleeves and running down the mountain to follow her fiancé with visible concern in her eyes and face.

Helga: W-Wait, Wiezen! Wait for me! *quickly catches up besides him, tripping over the few cracks beneath him deepening* ..Wait, Wiezen! What are you saying?! Please stop! You're not selfish!! You're selfLESS!! Selfless, selfless, selfless, selfless!!! Please stop, do it for me, your wife!! You're wife that loves you cares about you a lot!! Don't ignore my love!! Listen to meeeeee!!!
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hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
"Ȧ̽͑̒n͕̦͎͂̄̿ͪ̓i̬͂̊ͩͩͧ̿ͅm̩̹͚̃̄ͧ ̰̱͈̟̀͒w̯̿͐̚ȏ̙͇̦̖͚̫ͭ ̜̮͈͋ḻ̜̯̲̆̅̅̂ͣ͑ͣͅỏ͔̙͎͙͕͈͇̆̉͋s͔̥̣͉ͭ̽̒ͭ̚ ̔t̰̱͓̬ͭ͋̏̑͂̎͂i̤̖̻̙͑̄̃̈́ͬ­­n̽­̌­̂­ͭ͂­­͎̩ͦ­­v̽­͆­ͤ­ͫͭ­­̤ͩ̔­­̯a­͍­̥­̬̮­­̦a͆­­̊ͫ­̐­̲­̙͓­­k̆ͪ­­̬ͤ­͔ ̜́̆̉w̪̹̝͈̣̯͇̔ͫͤ̅̔a̙̻̮̎h­­ͬ̅­̽­͒­ͧͦ­­̟̝̚­­̦̜­̲­,­͕̠­­̣̰̭­­̻̠ ̬̥̲̖̥̠̿͋͗ͥa̜̮̥͒̊ͭͦ̈h̏ͨͮ­­͗̏­ͮ­̿­̹̟­­̹̤̣­­̦r­̏­ͦ­̈́ͣ­­̺ͤ͛­­k̒­̃­ͮ ͈͈̮̫̙̪̖k͍̺͈̲̪ͯ̍̾ͭ̔̒̆o̮̭̫͉͆̇͂̆ ̱̳͖ͦ͗ͦ͂f̟͉̯͙̓ö͎̙̬̓̔̐̒͗s̼ ̳̥̜̲̖̊ͯ̓̌͆vͨ͒͋̐u̘̺ͭ̔̀͗́̈n̍̆̽ͦͤͪ̋."

Wiezen spoke the unknown words again before speaking to Helga, though he didn't stop, nor did he turn around. "This is...for you...all of you....if not...I'll be selfish..." He came to a stop as a portal began to rip open in the air a few yards in front of him. "I summon you....Alzul...." He spoke in a dead tone as he stared into the blank air. The portal slowly began to stretch itself open.

"Why....why do you never stay dead. I killed you...but you pests are like roaches that just won't quit will you?" Alzul himself walked from the portal, his black eyes staring at Wiezen. "So where the ants have been hiding." He said, looking passed them and to the mountains. "I hadn't had the power to see it before, but now...I understand that this is where I need to end your interference myself. I'll admit that I may have been careless with killing you off, and now here you stand before me again. But this time...I will be more thorough."

"I'll end it make it better." Wiezen only said in response, his dilated eyes becoming even sharper at the sight of Alzul.

"Yes, I will destroy you completely to make it better. Until there is no trace of you left to put you back into one piece after I've torn you apart." Alzul says. "You've gone and broken yourself. So this shouldn't matter to you in the least." In his hand, he helf the spear that he had used before.

"You're right..." Was all that Wiezen said, his voice dead and cold. "You're....right. I'll make a scene....I'll kill make it better." As soon as he said those words, his hand lift in an instant to catch the head of the spear as it was thrown at him in a blitz. His hand bled from doing so, but he was unfazed by it nonetheless. "I don't're the selfish've always been the selfish why...why am I being made to be like you..." The streams of tears continued to fall, even as he spoke."You...the one who's one who killed one who destroys."

Alzul appeared in front of him, holding the long hand of the spear. The spears head glowed with dark magic. "You're nothing like the king that I am. I am superior to you. And I will kill you once more." He thrusted the large spearhead forward and a explosion occurred, sending bits of debris and a large amount of dust through the air as the ground shook. He narrowed his eyes, quickly realizing that he had missed, and he sensed his prey behind him. He spun the spear by the pole, it's head twisting and extending to a more lance like weapon, and turned quickly with a slashing motion, coming into contact with something, but not cutting through it. The force of his swing made slice through the cloud of smoke that had fogged the area, separating a top half of it to float up into the air, while the bottom half was like mist beneath their feet.

Wiezen had held his arm up when Alzul swung at him and blocked the attack. Blood seeped from his arm, but he didn't fight back. "You are right...I am not a king....I have not the qualities to be one. You are superior. But you are've killed've made everything I've known a hell to get to where you are. I am tired...of everything. Does that make me like you?" He asked with a blank stare. "Does that make a scene?"

Alzul spun the lance and used the bottom of its long handle as a output. "Grenre topa. Spine like structures traced out from the bottom of the lance and pierced through Wiezen's body. But he grimaced, seeing that he still wasn't dead.

Wiezen had only moved to stop one of the spiny structures that extended out and ran him through. His hand was clutched around the one that had tried to pierce his chest, and he snapped it off, dropping it to the ground for it to turn into dust. "I'm just a filthy half-breed...that wants to see others happy. But that's the opposite of what you are. I've...I've cared and showed love. You only want to see fear....and pain....and despair...why am I looked to as if I were you...." He swiped his hand out in front of him and broke the rest of the spines that were piercing through him, causing the ground to split between them.

Alzul jumped back, holding his palm towards Wiezen as he did so. "You are pathetic!!" Levata Krossa. A sphere of abyssal darkness shot from his hand at a high speed, only to disappear for a moment before becoming a gigantic black box around his target. A prison. He clenched his hand into a fist and dark spines shot from the inside from all directions, aiming to kill him in an instant.

"You're right....I am pathetic." Wiezen's voice spoke clearly before the prison box shattered. "For wanting people to be happy..." His ears remained lowered. "But if I kill you....I'll end it make it better...because everyone I looked to me as selfish. Like you."

Alzul growled. "You just won't let go will you? I guess I'll have to skewer you again finish you off." He disappeared in a trail of speed, appearing in front of Wiezen with a bit of distance between them, but enough for his lance to be aimed at his heart as he thrusted it forward.

"Ȧ̽͑̒n͕̦͎͂̄̿ͪ̓i̬͂̊ͩͩͧ̿ͅm̩̹͚̃̄ͧ ̰̱͈̟̀͒w̯̿͐̚ȏ̙͇̦̖͚̫ͭ ̜̮͈͋ḻ̜̯̲̆̅̅̂ͣ͑ͣͅỏ͔̙͎͙͕͈͇̆̉͋s͔̥̣͉ͭ̽̒ͭ̚ ̔t̰̱͓̬ͭ͋̏̑͂̎͂i̤̖̻̙͑̄̃̈́ͬ­­n̽­̌­̂­ͭ͂­­͎̩ͦ­­v̽­͆­ͤ­ͫͭ­­̤ͩ̔­­̯a­͍­̥­̬̮­­̦a͆­­̊ͫ­̐­̲­̙͓­­k̆ͪ­­̬ͤ­͔ ̜́̆̉w̪̹̝͈̣̯͇̔ͫͤ̅̔a̙̻̮̎h­­ͬ̅­̽­͒­ͧͦ­­̟̝̚­­̦̜­̲­,­͕̠­­̣̰̭­­̻̠ ̬̥̲̖̥̠̿͋͗ͥa̜̮̥͒̊ͭͦ̈h̏ͨͮ­­͗̏­ͮ­̿­̹̟­­̹̤̣­­̦r­̏­ͦ­̈́ͣ­­̺ͤ͛­­k̒­̃­ͮ ͈͈̮̫̙̪̖k͍̺͈̲̪ͯ̍̾ͭ̔̒̆o̮̭̫͉͆̇͂̆ ̱̳͖ͦ͗ͦ͂f̟͉̯͙̓ö͎̙̬̓̔̐̒͗s̼ ̳̥̜̲̖̊ͯ̓̌͆vͨ͒͋̐u̘̺ͭ̔̀͗́̈n̍̆̽ͦͤͪ̋." Wiezen held his hand and the lance pierced through his palm, but didn't make it to his chest. He didn't react to the pain. "I won't let go...does that make me like you as well?" Suddenly he was gone, and the next moment, he was grabbing onto the pole of the spear. He lifted curled his middle finger and thumb in and flicked Alzul in the forehead. There was a pause in all movement for a moment before the ground crushed beneath their feet and quaked hard as Alzul went flying back across the ground, hit by a burst of powerful force. The blood coming from his began to seemingly freeze.

Alzul had managed to block at least when he realized what was happening. He laid there on the ground for a moment before he began to heal quickly. He stood up. "I see you've given up your magic in return for combining life force and physical strength." He slowly began to laugh. "How naive of you for you to think you can stop me with something like that."

Wiezen just stared at him, his eyes continuously releasing the tears that dropped to the ground. "You're right..." He kept agreeing with him. "I am naive. But I have to kill make everything better. To be unselfish..."
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hace más de un año Windwakerguy430 said…
(What's been going on?)
-Universe_COLA- commented…
Eh, the usual. But hey, at least Alzul's gonna be dead pretty soon xD hace más de un año
Jade_23 commented…
Helga was ignored por senpai who is now fighting his evil twin. xD Meanwhile you're character and the rest are still inside the gate having a civil conversation. hace más de un año
Windwakerguy430 commented…
Makes sense :P hace más de un año
hace más de un año Jade_23 said…
(Helga's just gonna be senpai's cheerleader I guess. xD)

Helga fell against a tree and held herself to keep balance as the ground shook even more. She lifted her head at the scene, perking her ears at the last of Wiezen's sentence.

Helga: Wiezen!!! I already told you, you are NOT selfish!!! You're not naive!!! ...I.. I believe you are much more than anything you ever think about yourself. You are not the wrong one here. You've always been right, Wiezen!

* * *

Flynn reappeared back besides Macross and Enricho who were playing with the triplets.

Flynn: What did I miss? ..Did you see Sonni yet?

Elijah, Jr, and Zealia all perked their ears at the alchemist, crawling towards him and smelling his gloves while twitching their noses.

Elijah: *sniffles*
Flynn: Oh, uh.. Yes, I was with them. They just went to go for a walk and get their minds off things..

The triplets all began to sniffle and cry as they recognized that none of their parents were present, making them immediately feel uncomfortable.
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hace más de un año Windwakerguy430 said…
Rosemary: (Holds the three triples close) Come on now, you three. Don't cry. They'll be back. Don't you three worry.
hace más de un año Jade_23 said…
The triplets all sniffle in Rosemary's arms, settling down after a while of her talking. They stare at her with curious eyes, smelling their mother's scent on her and rubbing themselves across her body as they nibble her fingers and clothes.
hace más de un año Windwakerguy430 said…
Rosemary: (Smiles to them, holding them close to her)
hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
Wiezen said nothing. He remained silent, just staring at Alzul, not even attempting to make a move to attack him.

Alzul continued to laugh. "To be unselfish? That's the reason you're standing before me prepared to die? Typical old Wiezen, risking his life for people who don't appreciate it. How pitiful of you. Going through the same loop over and over again. You've even died by my hands and you still haven't learned your place from it. Before I kill you, I'll give you a reason to stay dead and rotting. I'll murder everyone that you put your life on the line for, then you won't be so lonely with them joining you. Or, here's a proposition. Looking at the utterly disdainful state you seem to be in, I will offer you a chance to join me. To severe the ties that you'r holding onto so dearly. Become something greater than the lowly scum that you are. "

"You're right...I go through the same loop and scenarios continuously with no hope of ever getting out." Wiezen says. "I am the lowest of scum, and a half-breed to compensate for it. But I will not join you...because I have to kill you."

"Kill? Me? And you've been doing a magnificent job at that." Alzul says in snide sarcasm. "Let me ask you this, who is the real enemy here? I, or them? The ones you call yourself protecting. The ones that are to weak to protect themselves. The hypocrites. The fire starters. The inconsiderate. The reason you've been having to fight this war from the start. Just look at yourself. You're already losing your sense of reason."

Wiezen was silent once again, staring.

Alzul grinned. "You're even at a loss for words are you? Instead, come. Come and join me and watch the world burn as it should. You will never accomplish anything where you are now.."


Sonni looked out towards the gate as she felt a disturbing presence fill the air. One to to familiar to mistake for any other one. But then she heard Wiezen's voice in her head. Stay where you are... And for a moment, she paused before furrowing her brow as those words became her own thoughts. "Like hell I am..." But as she tried to move, she found her body locking up, as if a force were to be holding her there. "What the...magic?" She sighed. "This is bullshit Wiezen....." It was when she had shook his hand...and she would have never known until now.


Macross kept her eyes towards the gate, now sitting on the ground, curled up into a loose ball, her arms wrapped around her knees. Where was she? Sonni...she was suppose to be there right? And then she felt a disgusting presence waver into the air. "H-he's here...." She said silently to herself as she tried to push herself to her feet.

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hace más de un año Jade_23 said…
Helga: Wiezen! Do not DARE listen to him! Do not even think the slightest how "easy" it would be to join the damn dark side! *glares at Alzul* He's just a worthless, miserable dog begging for food! He just wants to ruin everyone's life!! *looks back at Wiezen* Do not listen to him, my Wiezen! You know how much I love you! How much WE ALL love you!! What about our children?! Would I have to say that their father went void and joined the enemy?! Will they even be alive for me to tell them?! Will I be alive if you join him?! What about Macross, Sonni, Enricho, Franziska, Flynn, Buroa!!? What about Zealia, Jr, and Elijah?! What about us getting to see the trains, huh?! The mysterious work of art done by human beings!! And the place you spoke about where the water is so clear you could see through it!! ..Wiezen, listen to me!! You aren't selfish, you are SELFLESS!! YOU ARE EVERYTHING TO ME. You are the most generous man I've ever met! The most loyal and devoted!! Do not listen to that maggot!
hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
Alzul laughed. "And that was your dream Wiezen? Was it really?! To watch what these so called human do? The same race that burns your kind. Rejects you if you don't have a similar appearance to them? The same race that brought this Black Plaque across this world to begin with?" He looked to Helga with a smirk. "And I think ruining lives is more of your specialty. The same consistent dog that's been licking at everyone's feet. You aren't even in the same league to demand anyone to do ANYTHING, anything at all. So just sit there with your filthy little mouth shut. Words are being spoke between a King and a Peasant. Not King, a Peasant and his lap dog." His attention turned back to Wiezen. "At my side, you will be able to look down at the world beneath your feet. Those offspring are nothing but a weight that will be used against you, just as they have already. The reason to keep you bound in chains to the very things that tear at your insides. These people you call "friends". Nothing but an anchor set to your ankles to drag you down and drown you. How much pain have you had to endure to try and please them? How many times have you been swayed back by the same words, only for it to occur again in repetition? What are the lengths that you have to go to find joy yourself? The things that you feel are nothing to them as long as they benefit from the things that you do! And if not, then you are truly selfish in their eyes! Just another tool to be used at their disposal! And now, for you to be in the state you're in now. Come, join me, and this will never be a burden for you again! You will not be pathetic and seen as only property no longer! If you truly don't want to be seen as selfish, if you really are weary of being used, then cut your ties. Leave the ones who cause you pain. Have thought of the things you've had to suffer and the people you've had to lose because of the very people you refer to as family. The ungrateful ones who will turn their back on you as soon as you are no longer beneficial."

Wiezen's blank face just stared at him, the tears never ceasing. "You think so..." He spoke, his voice still as plain and dead as it had been before.

Alzul grinned. "More than you may think. Cut the anchors from your ankles, the chains from your feet, and finally be free, free from all of which you've been dealt. Let the world finally realize what is has caused to you, and all that it has cost you."

"That is an offer..." Wiezen began, "That is tempting. Almost tempting. Most of what you said....doesn't matter to me right now. Some of those hit them dead on. But I'll deal with that on my own. My answer to you is no. After everything you've done to me....after everything you've put me through...every hole that I've had to claw myself out of because of you...and not just you. You're just the center piece of it all. And I want to kill you. After every time I've been drowned under the sea of what everyone else wants, and I've managed to get back to the top just for this moment. I've been waiting so long...I'm going to kill you. And fix everything that you broke. And no amount of temptation is going to save you from me."

"Save me from you?" Alzul began to laugh. "My offer has officially expired. You're quite a disappointment from what I was expecting of you. And you'll just die along with the rest." He pulled back the lance and launched it at Wiezen, magic spinning around it and boosting its momentum and speed into a mere blink of an eye.

Wiezen held his hand up, and as the spear made contact, it began to obliterate from the head of its point all the way down to the thick handle until it was nothing. "'s my turn to cause pain..."

"It'll end up how it has from the beginning! You graveling at my feet while you die! Now you'll witness...." The magic around Alzul began to condense as it started to consume him. "You'll witness your own stupidity! I'll destroy all of you! I'll make a sloppy mess of you!!" He continued to laugh as his body began to morph and twist into something foul. There air around them became a heavy weight that began to push through the ground. A wicked wind blew passed like a hurricane, spiraling out of control as the black magic began to build.

Wiezen was unfazed by this, is dilated eyes sticking to Alzul as the mountains behind him began to tremor in a violent manner. "Go me all you've got....because now its my show you what it's felt like for me all this time." He said as he began to walk towards building dark power, his torn clothes blew against the wind along with the strands of messy hair on his head, the tears in his eyes being blown from his face by the force of it.

All of Alzul's output formed a enormous orb of solid darkness, similar to when he had first exited the hour glass. Except this time, as it began to break, much like an egg, blood seeped from it before it didn't just shatter. It exploded, the screaming of stolen souls flooding into the air, a heavy debris clouding the area. A gurgling growl of deep, low laughter tuned into the air, dripping with the very essence of corruption. And the sight...of something truly petrifying revealed itself.

(End Game Alzul)
 Alzul laughed. "And that was your dream Wiezen? Was it really?! To watch what these so called human d
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I'm going to have nightmares of this picture. xD hace más de un año
-Universe_COLA- commented…
xD Funny thing is, this was originally going to be the Watcher. hace más de un año
-Universe_COLA- commented…
I seriously think that I could make a small little horror spin off about something like that xP Looks like something tu would find in the mountain. o in the corner of your room when tu wake up around midnight. o when tu open your closer XD That would be sort of hilarious, but mostly creepy all at once. hace más de un año
hace más de un año Jade_23 said…
Helga widened her eyes at the petrifying creature, inhaling deeply to calm herself as she looked back at Wiezen while still holding the tree to keep balance from the shaking ground. Her heart ached in realization that all of this was her fault. All those tears that were falling off of wiezen's eyes were because of her. Her selfish, ugly, and wicked ways. Sonni was right, she is nothing more than an evil witch with no heart. She is the witch that stuck her husband in the hourglass and yelled at her children. The witch that loved too easily and broke the relationship over and over again. The witch that killed her husband repeatedly in every way possible. Her ears lowered as her eyes dimmed in guilt.
hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
Wiezen stopped in front of the creature and stared up at it, being that it was a good four feet taller than he was by comparison. But his expression remained just as it was.

The true monster of what was Alzul stared down at Wiezen, its eyes seeming to be only large pupils that were perfectly circular. It lifted its hands out to the side in a sudden movement, the debris around them blowing away with the force of a typhoon. It's large arms swung inwards, and its hands grabbed Wiezen by the shoulders, lifting him up off of the ground. It opened its mouth, and the screams of devoured souls unleashed themselves as dark magic piled up quickly, preparing itself to fire.

Wiezen furrowed his brow, and just as the dark magic had began to release, his leg bent and he kneed the creature under the chin, causing its head to snap back and the magic to shoot towards the sky, exploding with a force that would have exterminated everything in the area. The plain expression returned, and he lifted both of his feet and shoved them into the face of the creature, forcing it to release its grip on him and sending it staggering back in a slid across the ground as he landed on his feet.

The monster was quick, and was in front of him as soon as he landed, swinging its arm hard, the hanging flesh of its elbows flapping as it knocked Wiezen backwards, sending him skipping across the ground and nearly through the sides of the mountains. It let out a gurgled groan, its head turning very slowly until its enlarged pupil eyes landed on Helga. But before it could make a move, its face met the ground from a heel being slammed into the back of its head, it's wrinkled legs flailing into the air as chunks of earth bursting up from its place. But it regrouped quickly, its telekinetic magic flinging some of the earth chunks.

Wiezen flipped off to the side, and then higher up for a moment to evade one of the larger pieces as he kept a distance between them. He narrowed his eyes behind him as the creature had moved out of his sight faster than one would typically expect it to.

The monster appeared behind Wiezen and grabbed him before crushing him into the ground. It opened its mouth again to deliver a close up and personal display of screaming magic.

Wiezen grabbed its arms with both hands, digging his claws through its skin before twisting hits wrist while he was still in its grasp, causing him to end up upside down for a moment as he got himself loose. When he was dropped, he put up his guard, not having enough time to land before another attack struck him, sending him bolting across the air and landing into the ground, the disgustingly monstrous Alzul not far behind. He grouped himself quickly, and dashed forward, slicing at his legs and causing him to stumble, his face dragging into the ground before he crashed into and through the surrounding trees.

Wiezen was about to go in for another attack, but found that he couldn't move his right arm. He looked at it to find that it had twisted and broken itself in a gnarly manner, but it didn't matter much to him. He grabbed hold of it with his left hand and started twisting it back into place, bones snapping, causing only his eye to flinch as he let out a small grunt of what pain that he did feel. He could hear the murmuring groans from the creature as it was starting to recover.


Macross fell over and ended up hitting her head when the mountain had given a unexpected and forceful quake. She picked herself up, shaking her head to ease the pain as blood trickled down the side of it. "What...was that?! We need to go and--" She felt a pain in her chest that began to weigh her down, stopping her from standing. She felt as if she was going to vomit again. Shit...
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hace más de un año Jade_23 said…
(Idk what to do with smol Helga so she gonna join her senpai)

Helga hesitated whether she should stay back by the tree, or join her fiancé in the fight. And of course she chose the second option in the end. With her agile feet, she skipped with a supernatural speed through the cracks the fight had created, soon standing besides Wiezen. She glanced at the gate, lifting her arm and creating a barrier around it that prevented anything to come out or go in. She then glanced back at Wiezen, then at the creature that was recovering, and swayed her leg backwards, positioning herself for an attack.

* * *

Flynn: ..MACROSS WHY THE HELL ARE YOU BLEEDING?! *quickly searches through his bag for medicine* What happened while I was gone?? Did you hit your head?! AGAINST A SHARP AXE?!
hace más de un año Windwakerguy430 said…
Enricho: Macross! Macross, what's wrong!?
hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
"Don't." Wiezen spoke. "If you attack it then you'll be slaughtered before you even land a blow. That thing isn't something to be playing soldier against, and I don't need liabilities to be concerning myself with. I'm going to kill it, and I'm doing that alone. You people want me to be so helpful and this and that then stay out of my way while I'm doing my job." He spoke in the same dry, plain, dead tone. His eyes narrowed as the creature was now behind them both, already in mid swing. He moved quickly, turning around with a forceful swing of his own and struck the creature in its chest with his already injured hand, causing it to become more broken than it was before. There was a delay for a moment as the creature's strike was only a second from striking before it flew backwards, crashing into one of the smaller mountains in the area.

The creature had seemed to be injured for a moment as the smaller mountain crumbled and crushed it. Or so it seemed. The rubble of the fallen mountain burst up into the air, and the creature's legs bent and lifted its body back into a standing position. The sagging wrinkles under its eyes and on its forehead began to deepen into creases.

Wiezen stared at it. "No matter what form you take won't change your fate." He said as he made his way foward towards the creature, keeping his eyes on its movements as he watched it waver from side to side for a moment.


Macross couldn't bring herself to speak for a few seconds, swallowing down the pain in her chest. "I-I'm alright...I Flynn said, bumped my head is all..." She answers.
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hace más de un año Jade_23 said…
Helga: ..I know.. I'm always the sidekick anyways, but I'm your sidekick so I'm here if you need me, Wiezen.. I'm not useless, and I said that I will be here to catch you when you fall, so that's what I'm doing even though you won't.. I'm just a back up, understood? Understood...*follows him slowly while she keeps her distance between the creature*

* * *

Flynn: Bumped?! That does not look like a bump to me, Macross! *pulls out a small torn piece of cloth and gently pats her head to wipe off the blood* ..We need to get you to a witch or a warlock, which would be Wiezen and Helga! ..Where the hell is your sister?! Come on, lets get you healed up!
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hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
Wiezen paused for a moment, coming to a stop and keeping his eyes on the creature. And though he didn't glance her way, he held out his arm twisted and broken arm. "Heal this. And if you can keep up, then you can fight with everything you've got. I've found that magic won't work on him, he'll just devour it and that'll be that. But if you can't keep with the pace then stick to keeping distance and have my back if you think you can handle it."

"She will if she's got us here." Buroa's voice cut in as she and Sonni walked over the cracks and bloodied corpses casually as they entered the scene. She carried her newer club across her shoulder as she walked to Helga's side.

Sonni walked to the opposite side, carrying Wiezen's bag in her left hand while she held the curved blade clutched in her right. "If you're giving her a chance then you're giving us one too. We're your friends, not liabilities. Don't let whatever that chump shit said mess around in your head Wiezen. You're better than that ya damn idiot. If I say that I'm going to have your gods damn back, then you better believe I'm going to stick to that."

"And besides--" Buroa says before the creature moved at an abnormal speed, ending up in front of them, even while still in its process of healing. She moved swiftly and swung her club with full force, sending it flying back into its place. "We've all got a bone to pick with this piece of shit. We want in on it."


"I-I'm fine Flynn...I'm sure that a little tap on the head won't do much harm. And fell out of a tree and could've possibly broken your neck...and I don't see you going to get healed up." Macross said with a small chuckle as she tried to keep displaying pain at a minimum. "I'll be alright....but we should find Sonni. I know she's here but I just...I want to see her."
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hace más de un año Jade_23 said…
Helga: ..Right away, my love! *quickly teleports herself besides Wiezen, gripping his broken arm gently and transferring some of her magic into him, healing his arm in an instant* ..I will fight by your side until the last breath escapes my chest. *turns her head toward Sonni, releasing a mental sigh* ..I told you.. I begged you.. I saved you from that witch's curse.. I allowed you to break and insult me just so that you would remain with your sister, Sonni.. ..And now.. And now it will be too late by the time we end this.. *lowers her ears as she looks back at the creature and furrows her eyebrows*

* * *

Flynn: Of course, let's just go to her instead! *helps Macross keep balance, asking Enricho to help him, then glances back at Rosemary and the bear with the children* ..Can you keep them safe for just a while on your own?
Coco: For eternity.
Flynn: *nods at the bear* Let's go then. *holds Macross closely with Enricho and begins to walk out of the open area and into the crowded land of trees*
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hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
"Keep running your damn mouth, witch. Just keep this in mind, I will still stab you in your gods damn face. You got two people here that already want to kill you. Me, and that ugly son of a bitch over there." She says, pointing the blade of her dagger towards what Alzul had become. "And if anything, you better hope that he'll get to you before I do. There;s a reason why I'm here, and one of'em is to make sure that that bastard is good and dead. So mind your own fucking business why don't ya. Like I said, I didn't and don't need your fucking help. So just stay on the sidelines and do your job."

"And this is why I'm sick of all of you." Wiezen says dully. "This is why I don't want help from you fuckers. Because this is how it always ends up." He muttered, keeping a blank face. "How about this, if any of you plan on helping then shut the fuck UP, and stop being distractions. All of you. This is a battle field, and if that damn thing kills you then its on you. So zip it, or get the hell away from me."

The creature jumped up this time, taking two staggering steps to the left, then three to the right in a zig-zag pattern before suddenly, its legs moved faster as it came in to attack.

Buroa readied herself, taking what Wiezen said as more of a warning if anything.

The creature opened its mouth and spewed out a more concentrated mouthful of black magic towards them.

Wiezen broke away from the group, rushing in head first to intercept it, throwing a punch at the air and sending a wide shock wave of air pressure, splitting the attack down the middle as he rushed it all together. He picked up the pace of his movement's, his image blurring from sight before he slashed the creature across the chest with his claws and evaded to where he was behind it. He spun around and clawed through the back of its leg, going in for another attack only to be smacked into the ground by the creature's fist as it swung downwards.

Buroa moved on instinct as she jumped and tried smashing her club into the creature's face, only for it to be caught. As it looked her in the eye, she became petrified at the sight of it, unable to move from the amount of fear that overcame her. But then the lock was broken when Wiezen bent one of its fingers back until it snapped, catching the creature's attention.

Meanwhile, Sonni had began to dig through Wiezen's bag for a moment, muttering to herself.

The creature turned its attention back to Wiezen, having no reaction to the pain just as he didn't. It threw Buroa to the side with what seemed like little effort, but sent her flying as It lifted its other hand and attempted to smash it down against Wiezen again, only to miss.

Buroa smashed her club into the ground to lessen the impact before she crashed through a few trees but regrouped quickly and made her way back.


Macross felt herself fade out for a moment before she came back to. "You know....hehe...this would be a good time for me to finally endorse in a bottle of wine...or something similar and close..." She attempted to joke before letting out a sigh.
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hace más de un año Jade_23 said…
Flynn: ..Macross.. What's wrong with you? ..This isn't just a bump.. You need to tell me what's wrong or else we cannot fix you! Helga!!!!

* * *

Helga: Kinda busy. Do NOT walk out that gate, do you understand?!

* * *

Flynn: Something's wrong with Macross..

* * *

Helga: Oh no.. No, this can't happen now, her sister is out here in the field and we won't be returning for quite a while.. She's too stubborn to listen to me!!! Arghh!! ..No, she has to see her!! She won't listen to me..

* * *

Flynn: Helga.. What the hell is going on..

* * *

Helga: I wish I could tell you.. I.. Just tell Macross I'm sorry I couldn't get her sister to her in time.. I must go. But keep me updated!

The witch cuts the connection, returning her attention to the creature. She skillfully jumps in the air and spins while swaying her arms, creating a large chunk of earth to emerge unexpectedly in front of the creepy being, making it fall backwards while Wiezen recovered from rolling out of the creature's hand. She sends a powerful, invisible force through the ground and up from where the creature was recovering from the stumble backwards, sending it flying up in the air and crashing against a mountain.
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hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
Wiezen got back to his feet quickly before suddenly pushing Helga backwards and moving quickly himself as large shard of rock flew in between them, smashing into the ground. Another one aimed itself at him.

"CHAAA!!" Buroa let out a battle cry as she jumped into the air and swung her club, smashing the shard into pieces and landing on the ground. She looked towards the creature, but her eyes widened as she only saw a black shade of magic eating itself across the ground towards her.

Wiezen punched the ground, a wall of earth blasting up in front of them to stop it from making contact. He felt Buroa's hand grasp around his arm and he gave a nod before she turned to gather momentum and slung him up into the air.

The creature moved quickly, running in the fashion of a gorilla for a few seconds before jumping into the air. It sucked in a large breath before upchucking large amounts of ghastly magic in the shape of orbs that exploded on impact.

Buroa grimaced and used her club as a bat, swinging it once to deflect one into one of the others before it exploded. She dodged back under the wall of Earth that Wiezen had caused to come up and used it as cover.

Wiezen pulled back his arm as he spotted the creature up in the air with him, and used his enhanced physical strength to handle air pressure to his advantage, shooting at the creature like a cannon, causing them both to crash down into the ground.

Sonni had dodged out of the way of a few of the explosions only to get caught up in once that happened closer and be sent flying to the side, rolling across the ground while holding Wiezen's bag against her tightly. But for human, she was tough. Pulled herself together and pulled a vial full of a strange colored liquid from the bag along with another one that was full of a thicker boiling goo. Thanks to stealing a little book from the witch that she had burned alive, she learned how to make a few unstable things that went...BOOM.


Macross chuckled. "Flynn...I'm fine. Just make a healing potion so I can get rid of this headache that's coming up." She said while rubbing her head. She smiled. Out of everything that was going on, she smiled. "We just need to clean up the mess out there..." She winced slightly as she touched the gash that was on the side of her head.
hace más de un año Jade_23 said…
Flynn: Th-That doesn't look like any kind of gash.. Luckily, because of the world we live in, I always carry healing potions in my bag.. *sticks his arm inside the bag wrapped on his shoulder, pulling out a red vial and handing it to Macross for her to drink* ..Helga told us to stay here.. I don't know what's going on..

* * *

Helga slightly tensed her shoulders when she saw the strange liquid, recognizing it as the work of a witch. She tries her best to ignore it and not give Sonni advice on using it, shaking her head and returning her attention to the creature. She quickly runs to the crater where Wiezen and the enemy both created during the fall, making sure her Fiancé was alive and out of the way before making shards of crystal emerge from the ground, sending them directly at the creature's disturbing face and body.
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hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
Wiezen was in a tussle with the creature and as he seen the crystals coming, he threw the creature off to the side hard before taking the crystals head on himself. He coughed slightly before breaking them as the creature tried to jump and devour them. He grabbed a hold of it from behind, wrapping his arms around its waist area the best he could before digging his claws. The creature managed to pull him forward for a moment before he got his foot and delivered before he picked it up clean off of its feat and delivered a german suplex, slamming it down on its neck forcefully, the overall impact causing the crater to spread wider as the force from the slam sent a tremor through the ground that was followed by a large wave of air pressure. He released the creature, staggering forward for a moment to catch his breath.

The creature's body fell onto its stomach after the slam was delivered, not moving for a moment. But then its head lifted suddenly and more black magic shot from its mouth, exploding as it hit Wiezen directly.

Shit! "EAT THIS!!" Buroa came from the air and smashed its head down into the ground with her club, only to find one of its large hands stretch from its wrist and wrap around her with a death grip before throwing her into Helga with over the top force.

"Hey!! SUCK...MY....POTIONS!! HAHA!!:" Sonni yelled before throwing the vials down into the creature's face. They exploded with a big bang, sending her flying back and sliding across the ground.


Macross drunk the healing potion and the wound on the side of her head healed right up. "Aah...I think that's much better on my part if I say so myself." She says as she puts her hand to her head. "As good as new!" She smiled, holding back the vomit that was building up. "I..I think I need to sit down for a moment though....I'm kind of dizzy..."
hace más de un año Jade_23 said…
Helga wrapped her arms around Buroa's waist, making her wings emerge from her back and protect the Oni as the witch crashes against a tree while holding Buroa closely and shielding her. Once the impact is made, she releases her tight grasp, making sure she was alright. She then stood up and handed the Oni her club before slightly bowing at her and returning to the battle. As the creature widened his mouth again to release another energy of dark magic, Helga suddenly elevated a nearby tree from its roots, making the earth below everyone tremble. She carries the trunk with her magic, standing in front of Wiezen and protecting him as she shoves the tree in the creature's big mouth to prevent it from releasing anything.

Helga: Suck on it, you mutt!!! *turns back at Wiezen and grabs his shoulders, flying out of the crater with him while bombs exploding everywhere because of Sonni. She then begins healing her fiancé of any injuries for him to return to battle fresh*


Flynn: Of course, of course! *helps Macross settle down against a nearby tree under the shade* Is this alright..? ..I wish I could do better but I prefer having an actual witch or warlock to check you.. And unfortunately, both Wiezen and Helga are losing themselves.. I spotted Wiezen talking to Sonni about how "selfish" he was, then I arrived and encountered the injured witch with multiple punches and broken bones from your sister, and now I'm here..
hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
"Yes, this is fine Flynn..." Macross let out a sigh. "Why can't everyone just...get along. The last thing I want to see is everyone being the way they are...then again...that isn't LITERALLY the last thing I want to see, get the jest of it."


Wiezen pushed himself up. "I'm good." He says, not allowing himself to be healed. "There's no time for that." He says as he heard a loud crunch. The smoke drifting from the cratered wavered and stretched before the creature's body emerged from it in the air, it's arms lifted up as it came down towards them. He took a few steps forward before lifting his hands up to stop the creature's attack as it swung both of its fists downwards. His feet crushed down into the ground as he held it at bay. "Nnggh..."

"GET. OFF!!" Buroa slid across the ground on her feet as she gave her club a hard swing, hitting the creature in the gut and sending it flying back once more, breathing heavily before she fell to her left knee. "This bastard's tough..." And she didn't have any liquor from her gourd to keep her running like she usually would have been able to.

"Tell me about it..." Sonni said, walking to her side with Wiezen's bag in hand, a bit of blood trickling from her arm. "I made those potions myself, and not even with how unstable they were they didn't do as much damage as I thought they would do right off back. Then again, this ain't a witch that we're dealin' with. This things is a gods damn monster."

Wiezen didn't say a word. Instead he went for the creature again. That was what his mind was set on. Killing it. Killing Alzul. He would fight it for as long as it took. The healing is starting to slow down...I better start laying everything down on the table...pull out every stop... He popped his shoulder back into place. A bit of smoke was drifting from his back, which was charred thanks to the dark magic that had hit him. He tore the rest of his shirt of and threw it to the side. Then It will take a monster to kill a monster.
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hace más de un año Jade_23 said…
Helga: *lifts her eyes at Wiezen as she helps Buroa stand back up and transfers a bit of her energy into her for strength* We will if we have to Wiezen.. Remember who you are doing this for.. Zealia, Jr, and Elijah.. Just focus on them and win this for them. Like I said, we've got your back, my love...


Flynn: You act as if this is your last day on earth. Unfortunately, that's how this family of ours goes. One minute we're fighting, the next we're laughing, then crying, then kissing.. It's all a cycle..
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hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
"The cycle is getting old..friend. Fighting will turn into much more than just fighting eventually. There's always something going on...and now I'm stuck wondering what's happening out there. I should be out there helping them...I know Sonni's out there. And maybe Buroa too. I don't like the feeling that I'm getting from things either..." Macross says. "It makes me feel kind of....useless." She said, furrowing her brow.


The creature lifted itself from where it had crashed once more, some of its wounds healing much slower than before. The souls within it let out wavering screams as it began to make its way forward.

"Thanks..." Buroa said after Hlga had helped her up.

"Yeah, for nothin." Sonni muttered, staring in the direction the creature had been sent flying off to.

"From here on out...I'm fighting alone...." Wiezen took a few steps ahead himself before coming to a stop. He crouched down onto all fours, fur sprouting from his pointed ears and covering them while his finger like claws became sharper than they already were at the points. More fur sprouted from the top of his feet, but didn't grow any further than that. "This is my kill..." The fur from his forearm began to grow to and a little passed his elbows. Pull out all of the stops... His eyes dilated further until there was nothing left but the clear blue of his eyes. "And if any of you feel the need to interfere..." The tears instantly came to a stop. His needled teeth grew larger. "Then you better be prepared to die by my claws." His facial features became a bit more animalistic and beastly. His messy hair became frizzier and more like spiky fur as he used the last ounce of magic of his to push out a different side to the other half of what he was.
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hace más de un año Jade_23 said…
Helga nodded at the creature Wiezen now was, thinking about if she were ever to die, she'd prefer it to be by the hands of the one she loved most. She releases a sigh, looking back at Sonni and Buroa.

Helga: Let's heal those wounds of yours.


Flynn: Yeah.. I know how you feel.. We're currently the background characters, but.. Useless? No,no,no. You are the opposite of that! You've helped so many people and saved their asses, which does not make you useless! And I'll gladly poison whoever who thinks different!
hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
Macross smiled a little. "Yeah...." She looked off towards the gate again. "Thank you...." She said, zoning out for a moment as her eyes went blank. She felt as if her skull were vibrating from the inside, wrecking her brain against it as a agonizing headache hit her.


Sonni wasn't paying any attention, but she was only watching the creature intently as she begin to dig around in Wiezen's bag for a moment. She then pulled out vials of different liquids, one of them being a healing potion, along with a needle that made her pause for a moment, and gulp.

Buroa looked to her. "Hone, what are you...doing?" She asked, kneeling down to her.

"Improvising." Sonni answered. "There's somethin' I gotta do and damn it I'm going to do it if its the last thing that I have to do. Watch my back baby. I trust you with that."

Buroa's ears perked up at her last few words and she nodded without hesitation. "Right..." She didn't know what this feeling was....but even though she was...she didn't feel like much of an outcast least not at the moment.

The creature began to run towards them, opening its mouth, its jaw stretching from its mouth as it prepared to fire off a large charge of wicked magic all at once.

I've got only a minute... Wiezen disappeared from sight for a moment of a speed blitz, and suddenly the creature's leg went missing as he appeared behind it, munching down on it as he remained on all fours.

The creature had fell forward, the speed and momentum that it had picked up allowing it to flip itself upside down where it was facing Wiezen and fire off the magic attack.

Wiezen through the leg to the side and opened his mouth, inhaling deeply as he began to devour the magic for himself. And in that moment, he could hear nothing but screaming inside of his head, and his body trembled for a moment before becoming steady. He had heard more than that....a lot more than that. He moved again in another blitz of unnatural speed, not giving the creature enough time to hit the ground as he grabbed it by its upper jaw and pulled its head down towards the ground. His stomach bulged and he jumped over it before releasing the magic he had consumed and he coughed up a little blood before he continued striking. As the creature rolled over and swung its right arm, he attacked harder instead of putting up his guard, breaking its fingers off with a nasty crunch and sending them flying from its hand.

The creature let out a gurgling roar before it pushed itself backwards across the ground and lifted its leg to kick Wiezen off to the side as it went to get up. It began to devour the dead bodies to regrow its limbs and heal itself, but as its leg began to grow back, it didn't get very far.

Wiezen got rid of its other leg with a furious swipe of his claws as the left leg that he had taken out from the creture grew back, keeping it off balance before running a half circle around it, darting back in to take out its arm as he jumped and latched onto it with his teeth, biting down with crushing force as he pulled and tore at it. With each attack...with each second his mind became more like an animal's, running off of instinct and blood lust.

The creature fell towards the ground, slinging its arm and smashing Wiezen down into it first before it crashed down itself.

But Wiezen hadn't let go. Instead, he began to tear through its flesh with its teeth before climbing across and tearing its arm from the socking with his hands. As it swung at him again, he evaded and slammed his hand down onto its stomach with a greater force of impact.

The creature let out a wheezing gurgle as the souls it devoured began to stretch and escape from its mouth.

Wiezen kept attacking the same spot over and over again, releasing the souls that had been captured within it until the creature had grabbed him and threw him away. When he looked up, he could see that it was trying to escape through an opening portal, crawling towards it. He let out a snarl and moved faster, the ground tearing itself asunder under his feet and hands as he ran on all fours. He jumped onto the creatures back, latching his claws in, but sliding down a little, leaving splitting claw marks as he climbed up to where he could wrap its arms around its neck. He took a heavy hit to the face but held on, now becoming more fierce as he reached up with both of his hands and put them inside the creatures mouth, using his feet as leverage against its shoulders as he began to pull back when his claws latched onto the inside of its upper mouth.

The wide corners of the creature's mouth began to tear as everything above the bottom jaw was being pulled back, its neck bending backwards as well. It began to fire out multiple blasts of wicked energy out of desperation to escape, hitting Wiezen dead on.

But Wiezen continued to pull, his instinct making him take what was being dished out head on before he finally broke its mouth along with its neck, bringing the creature to a stop, the portal disappearing in a wisp of wind. He breathed heavily for a moment before getting himself to his feet and getting off the creature to roll its over onto its back as the souls it devoured began to flying out into the air, swirling into the sky as a vortex for the rest of the souls to enter. As they left, the creature's body began to slowly revert back into Alzul.

"Im--Impossibe" Alzul said, hacking up blood from his mouth. "By...such a a King..." He was still alive to say the least, being able to heal himself to a certain degree quickly using one of the souls and digesting it fully to have a portion of his power restored. "Y-you've.....won....and it....all comes.....down to My planning....was flawless.....and you still managed to figure it....out. You half breed....scum." He laughed, coughing up clots of blood as he did so. "Are you....really kill me? away again...? Typical....useless....selfish Wiezen."

Wiezen stared down at him with a plain face as his timer on remaining on his transformation began to time out, and the tears returned to flowing from his eyes as his fur burned back down to only his forearms, and the fur that sprouted from the top of his feet burned away. His eyes shrunk back to the previous dilated state. His body wasn't in the best shape from the injuries plus the black magic he had consumed. He dropped down suddenly, his knee pushing into Alzul's chest as he raised his fist slowly and smashed his knuckles into Alzul's face. He began to do so repeatedly. Even when his knuckles began to bleed through the fur that covered them and Alzul's face began to cave inwards, he didn't stop. "I'm not selfish...." He began to state over and over again in a dead tone as he did so. Now he remembered....what the blotches in his mind and memories were...but that didn't change any of what he felt, for he had grown hollow, his body still as cold as a corpse, despite the fur.
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hace más de un año Windwakerguy430 said…
Enricho: Macross, are you alright?
hace más de un año Jade_23 said…
Flynn noticed Macross wincing at her tremendous headache, tilting his head slightly.

Flynn: That healing potion should have done the trick.. Something's not right here, Macross, and it's bad enough that you're not telling me and lying to yourself..

* * *

Helga stared at the horrifying scene, repeating over and over again to herself that her fiancé has everything under control, and that he will win no matter what. As soon as this was all over, she would heal him and they would return back into the gates to spend some quality time with their kids and finally be at peace at last. But for now, she would worry about the others and help who she could. The witch stared at Sonni in disapproval on what she was doing, but did not say a word about it. She looked back at Buroa, who she could tell was in some sort of pain, both physically and emotionally. The witch turns around and sets both hands on the Oni's shoulders, transferring more magic into her, resulting in healing her wounds and giving her more energy to fight.

Helga: You're gonna need that if you're protecting your.. baby? Or hone? Or whatever you call your soulmate.. *lowers her ears, but then perks them back at the scene*
hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
"Shut up witch." Sonni quickly began to blend some of the vials of liquids carefully in drops, adding the supplements of the healing potion along with it as she mixed them. With every crunching sound of Alzul's face she heard, she flinched. She began to drain the mixed liquids into the needle, and flicked it to release the bubble of air before storing it into the bag.

Buroa had given a nod, but looking at the scene in front of her cause her to remain silent. She didn't dare to stop him, but in a sense, she began to feel a bit of pity for Alzul, even after everything he had done. He deserved to die, but this...she wasn't so sure of.

Alzul's head had began to sink down further into the ground as Wiezen let loose blow after blow, slowly pulling his arm back and punching, his blank face staring down at Alzul's as it began to cave in further. With every impact, a small, harmless shock wave of wind pulsed out in all directions, some a bit more stronger in the moments that the impact of fist against Alzul's face increased.


Macross snapped out of it and put her hand to her head as the pain began to ease. "I-I'm quite alright...I just must have hit my head harder than expected..." She looked out towards the gate once more, changing the subject. "'s over...." She said with an attempt to push herself to her feet, only to fall back to the ground. I'm....loosing strength.... "Hehe...clumsy ol me...I really need to get back into shape." She says, pushing herself up to her feet successfully this time.
hace más de un año Jade_23 said…
Flynn: ..If you say so, but stay close to me and Enricho in case you feel like resting for a bit. I don't want you getting even more hurt than what you already are.

* * *

Helga glared at Sonni for her rude gesture, narrowing her eyes at her and taking a deep breath to calm herself. Do not smash her face into the dirt. Do not smash her face into the dirt. Do not break her teeth. Do not break her fingers. Do not do anything Macross wouldn't want you to do, Helga.. Nnnghh.. So tempting... After everything I've done for her she treats me less than trash.. After every- nghhh.. Calm yourself.. Calm.. There we go.. She exhales her deep breath, then looks back at the scene and joining Buroa in feeling somewhat pity for Alzul. He had spared her life after all, and even though she was insulted and abused by him, she knew that he still had feelings since he let her escape and save Wiezen. She shook her head, returning to the matter at hands and remembering that he is the enemy.
hace más de un año -Universe_COLA- said…
Macross gave a nod and gave him a light punch in the arm and smiled. "I'll be alright...." She says. "I'm more worried about all of you than I am about me however. Come on."


Sonni stood up, looking to Buroa just as Buroa looked to her.

Buroa nodded before she took a step forward. "Wiezen....its--"

"YOU TAKE ANOTHER STEP FORWARD AND I'LL TEAR OUT YOUR THROAT!" Wiezen snarled in a sudden spike of aggression. "You're's over for you. Now you people can finally get the hell away from me and let me be." He said as he continued to smash in Alzul's face. "Or let me guess, none of you are satisfied yet huh?!" He growled. "I'm done...fighting for you people...I'm done picking sides. I'm on no ones side but my own you understand me? And its about time we all go our separate--WAYS!" The final punch crushed Alzul's skull, but he still didn't stop. "
hace más de un año Windwakerguy430 said…
Enricho: Well then, someone needs to worry about you then. That's what you have us for, Macross
hace más de un año Jade_23 said…
Flynn nodded at Enricho in agreement.

Flynn: Yes. *looks back at Macross* So stop being so greedy with your kindness and protection and let us do the job for you now.


Helga: *stands up and disobeys Wiezen's orders, taking a further step forward than Sonni* I'll join your side in your separate way then, my love. With Zealia, Jr, and Elijah..