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posted by berrynosestinks
 misceláneo cat image
random cat image
hola everyone, its berrynosestinks and im going to talk about some damn jayfeather ship. right here right now, im going to blow this ship up with 5 missles.
2. Guys, if we be true, he uses the stick for one thing, one thing, and thats for talking with his gf, half moon, so i say ride the half moon jayfeather ship are we talking about jayfeather and stick having kits(im talking to u, the fucken person who made stick kits image
4. the stick got broken and has been laying on the ground for last past decades
5 ship sinks right now, jayfeather does not mate, he iz very oppesed to that do to (spoiler alert) his dead mother, leafpool.

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 it took 5 missles and boom, blew up ship, signing out, berrynosestinks