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it all started when i was a filly... FlutterShy got bullied por these three bad ponies and then I came out from the clouds!
"Leaver her alone!" I said.
"well well well isn't it arco iris Crash on the lose?!" dicho the bad ponies." i bet tu will lose to save Fluttershy on a race."
"I won't!" i said
"well prove it" dicho one of the bad ponies.
"ok" i said

the very siguiente día we start the race.
"3, 2, 1, go!" dicho Fluttershy.
We all went flying though the sky! 1 of the bad ponies got knocked out then another i one did.
we both saw a ring right at the bottom and tu had to go though it. I dived down to get it the i did... THE SONIC RAINBOOM!!!!!
I couldn't believe my eyes when i did it across the finish line then it happened. My cutie mar was there!!

And thats the story of my cutie mark
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