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Aww stop it tu 🕶🕶🕶 ur a cool m8 2 my dude. 🕶 publicado hace 4 días
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I'm so sorry for the late reply dammit >< I need to come here más often. This place is so dead though ;-; I miss the days there would be lots of people here every day.

Shippuden could have been so much better if he changed that plotline a bit. At some point it had gotten boring with all the 'revenge' thing -.- And I wish background characters like Ino (my baby~) and the sand siblings got más screentime like they deserve to. publicado hace 7 días
PureHeroine comentó…
Honestly the only good thing about the ending is Naruhina. The rest can go to hell lol. Boruto doesn't look that good anyway, so you're not miss out too much. In fact it looks kinda stupid. hace 7 días
PureHeroine comentó…
My reason for stalling naruto (a realllllly long time ago) Is that fu *** ing perra Sakura. I just can't stand her. I hate her sooooo bad. She's ruining the series for me. Everytine she appears I get so annoyed, and she is basically starring in shippuden. I can not control it, that's just how I feel: S So yeah, I'ts probably going to take a really long time until I'll finish it. hace 7 días
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Aside from that, how are tu doing? We haven't spoke in a really long time ~ hace 7 días
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Ahh would tu really like to see my cosplays?><
Btw I finally finished Mob Psycho and it was really good ~ Hope they'll make a season two of it! publicado hace 8 días