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MegaLeafeon dicho …
Hello My name is MegaLeafeon. I have always loved the look of anime but never had a way of watching it now I do. I was wondering if tu guys have any suggestions on what I should watch that is not too gory (I don't like be scared.) Can tu recommend things like your lie in April and amor live school idols? Thx publicado hace 5 horas
applebear123 dicho …
In which episode glassy sky was played in tokyo ghoul root A (season2) ? publicado hace 7 días
NagisaFurukawa- comentó…
If tu need help. Ask your pregunta in the anime answer area here. Than your pregunta will appear with a help wanted sign. That way people can answer it for you. hace 1 día
x-Yumi-x3 comentó…
Season two, segundo episode. hace 23 horas
applebear123 comentó…
thanks yumi! :) hace 4 horas
applebear123 comentó…
@nagisa , well i could have...but then thought about posting it on the muro itself! hace 4 horas
DisneyPrince88 dicho …
Hi everyone

Please registrarse the Juuni Taisen:Zodiac War club

If tu haven’t seen Juuni Taisen I strongly recommend the anime. I also recommend it to fans of Hunger Games/Battle Royale/Action Series/Mirai Nikki-Future Diary

Here’s the link: link publicado hace 11 días