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Yeah I see why it's annoying to have only a week of break. But I'm glad you'll have más time to spend on fanpop. I try to be active on anime Planet but to be honest I only go there to update my lists and such. publicado hace 2 días
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Hey! I'm good, how are you? publicado hace 5 días
Are tu guys happy with my current banner? I thought about changing my banner for some time now. publicado hace 14 días
TheLefteris24 comentó…
I find it really nice. It is certainly beautiful !!!! hace 14 días
Riku114 comentó…
^ That, plus it doesnt particularly matter what we think XD As long as tu enjoy it hace 14 días
BlindBandit92 comentó…
Dude it doesn't matter what we think. Its your perfil and it's your banner. hace 14 días