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zanhar1 dicho de misceláneo
Wh-what happened to italics? I just tried to do the thing and...nothing??? I though that maybe I just forgot them the first time. But i-it did not work? What am I supposed to do to emphasize my points now? Am I going to have to get LOUD instead???


Bring back italics. publicado hace 16 horas
ThePrincesTale comentó…
CAME HERE TO POST THIS hace 16 horas
zanhar1 comentó…
My dude, I didn't think tu would actually accept my task. :'D I weep in joy. hace 14 horas
Riku114 comentó…
zanhar1 dicho de misceláneo
I swear I can post an opinion in the most stoic and unbiased way as I can and someone will come at me making screeching velociraptor noises. Like legit I could post, "I don't think that people should be so hard on country music, it's actually alright." And someone would be like, "uuuummmmm excuse me that's insane, country música is bad. bad post op."
Like twice in one día I was trying to have a calm conversation and out of nowhere people come at me. Guess it's one of those days. publicado hace 16 horas
zanhar1 comentó…
Did I say one day? I meant like twice in a span of like the one minuto it took me to mover from one website to another. In further news; water is wet. Ignore my salt and get on with your lives. hace 16 horas
BlindBandit92 comentó…
idiots are everywhere lol. hace 16 horas
zanhar1 comentó…
tumblr and youtube. I forgot how much I hated youtube's comentario section. I almost feel like I deserved it for forgetting what websites I was on. I'm used to talking to tu guys. hace 16 horas
ThePrincesTale apoyar por mí a my comments
Your comentarios here were conciliatory and very mature, thanks for making that thread way less awkward haha link publicado hace 16 horas