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ktichenor dicho …
Just curious anybody else frustrated they can't subir Beatle pics anywhere here? 😠 publicado hace 12 días
Rubyrings comentó…
I thought tu could subir them, in the imágenes section? hace 11 días
ktichenor comentó…
Not for a while. It's been a pain to subir imágenes anywhere, polls, forums, images. The site has some kind of glitch that causing imágenes either not to subir o disappear. :( hace 11 días
ktichenor comentó…
Well, if it doesn't work I apologize but don't worry if it doesn't mostrar up, hun. Your friendship is enough of a gift for me! 💖🎁 And one that tu give everyday! ✨ So no worries! 😊 hace 11 días
80smusiclover1 dicho …
Happy Birthday, George! I amor tu and miss tu dearly. 🎂❤❤❤ publicado hace 1 mes
BingoPB comentó…
Happy Birthday, George! Say hello to John for me. hace 1 mes
80smusiclover1 comentó…
Same for me! hace 1 mes
Rubyrings comentó…
Happy birthday, George! I amor tu so much. hace 1 mes
ktichenor comentó…
Happy birthday George! Enjoy your party with John and all your friends! 🎂🎉🎊🎁🎈🎈🎈💖✨ hace 1 mes
ktichenor dicho …
February 25, 2019 our beautiful, sweet George would've been 76 years old!💐 Happy birthday, George!!!🎂 amor you, always! 💖💋 publicado hace 1 mes
ktichenor comentó…
'We Want To Tell You...' We amor tu And Miss You! Happy Birthday! 🎂 hace 1 mes
yorkshire_rose comentó…
Lovely George..Forever in our hearts 💖 hace 1 mes
80smusiclover1 comentó…
Amen! We amor you, Georgie! *Hugs and kisses* hace 1 mes
Rubyrings comentó…
amor you, Georgie. Have a big kiss from me. hace 1 mes