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Windwakerguy430 dicho …
I'm, uh..... I'm just gonna go ahead and leave this link here
https://www.battleforthenet.com publicado hace 1 día
Windwakerguy430 dicho …
Today, Nik fucking dies after a burrito bursts open and hot cheese and meat pours onto his hand, giving him first degree burns, and decides to keep eating because 10 minutos of lunch aren't gonna be wasted on a few burns publicado hace 11 días
DisneyPrince88 comentó…
Damn hace 10 días
Windwakerguy430 dicho …
Today I decided to go to the misceláneo Club on this website since that seems to be where everyone is at. Long story short, I will never go back there! Fuck that noise publicado hace 12 días
Seanthehedgehog comentó…
Good choice. hace 10 días
Windwakerguy430 comentó…
Glad tu agree. The misceláneo club looked like... It looked like what a five car pile up sounds like hace 10 días
Windwakerguy430 comentó…
It felt like in one of Pol Pot's camps hace 2 días