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    Favorite Movie: Captain America, The Green Lantern, The Da Vinci Code, Wreck-It-Ralph, Inside Out
    Favorite Musician: Katy Perry, Adam Lambert, Carrie Underwood, Il Divo
    Favorite Book or Author: The Da Vinci Code, ángeles and Demon, Inferno, When arco iris Ends
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WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! The Slovakian Elsa likes my least and most favourite Elsa of europa and thanked me!!! publicado hace 3 días
So, it is reported that Disney's Hercules is getting a potential live-action reboot, it's also going to make it's way for Broadway Musical! What do tu guys think of the former anyways? publicado hace 5 días
mhs1025 comentó…
I don't mind the potential musical, but a live-action remake with THIS ONE too?!? Oh my God! Where has the humanity gone?!? hace 5 días
wavesurf comentó…
Broadway, okay. Live action, NO!!!!! Same for live action THOND. CUT IT OUT, ALREADY. hace 5 días
disnerdtobe comentó…
I'm actually excited for live action HOND and Hercules. I've always felt those cine would be better suited for live action. It could turn out really great, IF they do them well. The princess live actions? I'm not looking adelante, hacia adelante to them much, nor the animal cine if all they do is CGI. hace 8 horas
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! The Hungarian Elsa thanked me for mostrando her my least and most favourite Elsa of europa and I'm on nube 9!!!! publicado hace 9 días