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So, it is reported that Disney's Hercules is getting a potential live-action reboot, it's also going to make it's way for Broadway Musical! What do tu guys think of the former anyways? publicado hace 1 día
mhs1025 comentó…
I don't mind the potential musical, but a live-action remake with THIS ONE too?!? Oh my God! Where has the humanity gone?!? hace 1 día
wavesurf comentó…
Broadway, okay. Live action, NO!!!!! Same for live action THOND. CUT IT OUT, ALREADY. hace 1 día
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! The Hungarian Elsa thanked me for mostrando her my least and most favourite Elsa of europa and I'm on nube 9!!!! publicado hace 5 días
Ok, I do have a non DP question, I'm planning to go to Eastern europa sometimes soon with my classmates. Is it save to go to both Hungary and Czech Republic, reason why I ask because both their respective governments are anti-immigrants and will tourism get affected? publicado hace 8 días
tiffany88 comentó…
Duh, no. Just because our idiot goverment is idiot that doesn't mean the country is too. You're completely seguro both in Hun and the CR. hace 7 días
tiffany88 comentó…
And immigration and tourisms are two different thing. hace 7 días
deedragongirl comentó…
Aiyo! tu even called your governments idiots? But I understand that, and thanks for clearing it up, I really appreciate it!!!! GOD BLESSED!!! hace 7 días
tiffany88 comentó…
Easy to call them idiots 'cause they are! You'r welcome! hace 7 días
A BIG congratulations to Harry and Meghan as they are the proud parents of a baby boy! publicado hace 10 días
So, I'm going to watch Detective pikachu this coming Thursday with my younger brother, has anyone seen it yet o are going to see it? publicado hace 12 días
Winxclubgirl202 comentó…
I plan on seeing it, looks like fun hace 11 días
Hi guys, remember Peter Mayhew? The guy who play Chewbacca, has passed on! publicado hace 16 días
Winxclubgirl202 comentó…
Before estrella Wars día no less :( hace 15 días
Hi guys, has anyone seen the documentary about Howard Ashman? If so, is it available on Netflix? publicado hace 18 días
Okay, so today is the 8th anniversary of Prince William And Kate Middleton's Royal Wedding! publicado hace 19 días
hajirah4 comentó…
Okay. hace 13 días
Hi guys, Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg has passed on and please pray for Luxembourg during this period of mourning! publicado hace 24 días
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