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    Favorite Movie: Disney,Labyrinth, The Neverending Story, The Wizard of Oz
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    Favorite Book or Author: The Fairy Tale Novels, A Song of Ice and Fire, Little Women, The Wizard of Oz, The Neverending Story, Little House, A Little Princess.
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For all the drama fanpop has I'm glad it's nothing like Facebook. If not for family I'd prolly deactivate. It seems like the most popular posts are dumping on women, "joking" about how daughters are a burden and other mean spirited stuff masked as a joke. And just about everywhere else online honestly. it does upset me and it's tiring to call out every single rude post. publicado hace 1 día
AudreyFreak comentó…
So yeah, just off my chest because tu guys here are pretty good about being supportive ❤️ hace 1 día
UnholyNoise comentó…
omg facebook is the worst. it's incredible some of the garbage people are willing to post even with their actual names attached to it... hace 1 día
disnerdtobe comentó…
facebook is a big pile of poop. I swear that some of the posts on facebook give me literal brain cancer, especially those that link to basura journalism websites demonizing the DPs as anti-feminist role models. Which is why I came here to re-wire my neural pathways where things actually make sense. I agree with unholynoise. I just can’t believe people would post certain things with their real identity. It’s like they’re proud of being stupid o something. And don’t get me started on the political rants made por peopIe who want to seem deep and intellectual. It’s nothing más than a big piece of horsecrap of a social networking site. hace 20 horas
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glad to see tu around here again, making sense and stuff. publicado hace 29 días
AudreyFreak comentó…
Thanks! Glad to be back, a lot of the drama seems to have simmered down. (I know this was such a late response, sorry) hace 4 días
big smile
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apoyo for your inspiring encuestas in disney Leading Ladies spot (though it's already a año hace XD). publicado hace más de un año