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So I'm a little confused. sweetie-buttons PMd me to insinuate my Anna/Elsa's DP lists were biased like I dicho PL's Esmeralda lista was and I answered. But Adelital is the one who replied back.

I thought Sweetie looked like someone's calcetín account. Guess that true. publicado hace 1 mes
phalangeregina comentó…
That's quite shocking if that is true. Adelital is a long-term member. I am not sure who sweetie-buttons o PL are though. I have not seen them around but I will be on the lookout now. Thanks for the warning! hace 1 mes
MalloMar comentó…
^All sounds perfectly reasonable to me. A misunderstanding, on both sides perhaps? hace 1 mes
AdelitaI comentó…
^ Exactly. Thanks for being such a sweet person, MalloMar. hace 1 mes
Sansa, Catelyn, Elia and Shae all deserved better. I don't make the rules but I'm not sorry :3 publicado hace 4 meses
UnholyNoise comentó…
it's true and tu should say it hace 4 meses
AdelitaI comentó…
Definetely agree about Ellia. On Sansa too, I dislike the idea of punishing and shaming her for her dreams, there is nothing wrong and dishonorable with dreaming of handsome and well-mannered men( something other women in universe want too and even sometimes get). I don't Shae likeable character at all though. hace 1 mes
Happy International Women's Day! 💖 Besides the DPs, who were your role modelos growing up? I really wanted to be like Matilda Wormwood, Blossom from the Powerpuff Girls, Misty, and Padme Amidala. My icono Sansa Stark also greatly inspires me for her gentleness and wits. publicado hace 11 meses
AdelitaI comentó…
I'll lista male characters too, OK? Mine are Melanie Hamilton Wilkes, Miguel from Road to El Dorado, Lygia from Quo Vadis, Gerda, Luna Lovegood. Also real life Irene Bedard. My most inspiring GOT characters are mostly male: Ned, Sam, Jaime( whom I ship with Brienne). Irene Bedard didn't just voice my beloved Pocahontas but also is the person I'd really want to be like IRL. I congratulate tu too! hace 11 meses
wavesurf comentó…
As I recall, Anne from Anne of Green Gables was my favorito! as a kid. hace 11 meses
RoseRapunzel comentó…
I think apart from disney Princesses, Lucy Pevensie and Ginevra Weasley were my other biggest role models. :) hace 4 meses