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la elección de los fans: I wish HBO hadn't cut what Cat dicho to Jon as it shows the type of person she is
la elección de los fans: Poor sweet Margaery. At wrong time, at wrong place, yet smart till the very end
la elección de los fans: Sansa + Littlefinger
la elección de los fans: Lyanna Stark's bastard son (from Rhaegar Targaryen)
la elección de los fans: I only wish Ned was still alive so that he could tell Jon who his parents are
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EddyStark1996 dicho …
What is your favorito! death throughout the whole of the GoT series? comentario below ! Mine is defo Viserys Targaryen.... publicado hace 1 mes
PrueFever dicho …
Hello fellow GoT Fans, do tu guys like disney cine as well?

Is your favorito! disney Movie one of the disney Princess Movies? o is it Robin Hood? Peter Pan? Moana? Maybe Bambi? Come vote for YOUR favorito! disney Movie here:


I'm trying to get as many Fanpoppers to vote in my poll, so if tu haven't already, please cast your vote :) publicado hace 1 mes
Articuno224 dicho …
It's strange... I actually dreamt about the red wedding never happening and Arya reuniting with Cat and Robb instead, I have no clue why I would dream about that since I haven't watched the episode in a while and haven't thought about it. It was pretty satisfying though xD publicado hace 4 meses