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Do any of tu know what gypsies are? I know in the disney movie of The Hunchback of Notre dame that they're Romani people and they have prejudice against them and all that. However, for a LONG TIME I didn't know what a gypsy really was. When I asked my mom, she dicho it was someone who traveled from place to place without a home, so when something was stolen they were accused of being the ones who did it *continues to type in comments* publicado hace 2 días
ace2000 comentó…
Yup. I read about them in a book that I can't seem to recall the título of :/ hace 2 días
MissCinico comentó…
Gypsies even refer to themselves as Gypsies and white people as Gorgers. hace 22 horas
wavesurf comentó…
^Why do we have to go into "semantics" here? Gypsies ( even if they refer to themselves as such) started out as 'a slur: an insult, a slight, a smear.' It certainly wasn't flattering initially, not until it became "a norm" to call them that. And we don't go around using the "n" word around African Americans, some of whom still don't like being called "black." The unsavory labels for different ethnicities is one of the many things I hate about the human race. hace 20 horas
Man, I'm dreading today! I made the mistake of emailing my professors last night telling them that I might not be in class because of how stressed and emotionally drained I am, even mentioning my thoughts of suicide (Which I NEVER plan to act on) and now it's been made a big deal out of. One of them emailed the Residence Hall Coordinator and they tried to call me last night (I don't answer unless I know the caller ID) and then texted me about this *continues to type in comments* publicado hace 15 días
KataraLover comentó…
It's SOOOOO EMBARRASSING! Now when I go back to my dorm I'll have to worry about someone trying to hunt me down just to try to make sure I'm alright. This is what I get for talking to teachers! I know that things like this are important to talk about but that's for other people, not me. I don't know why, it just is! I guess I just care about the lives of others más than I do my own and don't want people making a big deal over me with this. I felt so embarrased last night that I thought I would faint. I can't even imagine how I'll be able to face my professors now after I shared that, especially the one who passed this information along. Just had to share this and please don't make a big deal out of the fact that I dicho I have thoughts of suicide, I've had enough of that. hace 15 días
deedragongirl comentó…
Omygosh! This is really scary! hace 15 días
lavendersblue comentó…
I think they did the right thing. tu told them tu had suicidal thoughts, they are doing their duty por looking out for you. I know these misunderstandings can be frustrating, but they are doing the best they can :) hace 12 días
I did used to think that they couldn't envolver, abrigo the mostrar up in season 6 but after watching this episode, I think maybe this would be the right season to do so. Sure, we still haven't gotten the whole Lily's father thing (Let's face it, we know it's gonna be The Dragon) and the whole what happened to Anastasia/The Red queen but they're really not important to the major plot. I mean, they're facing the greatest evil of all! That's an epic way to end the show! How will they follow up on that? publicado hace 15 días