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I don't even like K-Pop, but guess who became part of the Army. Yep it's me. Jungkook is my bias btw publicado hace 2 meses
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Great poll,I like all of your choices.Btw,since tu said"hmu if tu know any hot meganes",I always thought that Kagami from Ayashi no Ceres is really hot.Pics:
https://myanimelist.cdn-dena.com/images/characters/7/53802.jpg publicado hace 2 meses
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I can why tu like him, but he kinda looks like the typical 90s anime character hace 2 meses
big smile
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Do tu like Tokyo Ghoul ? publicado hace 2 meses
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No actually. I don't plan on watching it. I just think Arima is hot lol hace 2 meses