Love is a mystery, but don’t worry, Sewlock Holmes is on the case!

Holmes remembers his first love…

“Crocheting is not a girly hobby!” dicho Holmes, defending himself against bullies, who were making fun of the crocheting pins and yarns that noodle out of his backpack when they hustled him on his way home.

Earlier that day, Holmes had excitedly packed the scarf he had made for Winnie. She was Holmes’ favorito! person in school. They had bonded together geekily (in Science class), when they were discussing protanopia, and Holmes found out that she was one of the rare girls who had the disease. Giving her a scarf that Holmes had crocheted all por himself—which he learned to do from grandma—was Holmes’ way of saying he wanted Winnie to be his Valentine. It was blue and yellow, two of Winnie’s favorito! colors. He didn’t see Winnie all day, and was walking inicial dejectedly, when he ran into the bullies.

He picked up his yarns and crocheting pins on the ground when one of the bullies picked up Winnie’s scarf. Holmes yelled, “Hey, that’s Winnie’s!”

One of the bigger bullies, a girl, took the scarf in her hand and said, “It’s okay kid. tu don’t need to draw too much attention yelling like that. I’m sorry my friends were bothering you, but if this is for Winnie, I’ll make sure she gets it. No worries.”

“Just give it back, now!”

“Shhh, stop yelling. Look, I’m Winnie’s sister. I can give it to her and tell it’s from you. I’ll tell her to wear it tomorrow. Just let me help tu out, okay?”

“Okay,” dicho Holmes. “But do tu think she’d like it?”

“Personally, I like the colors, but she does prefer red and green more,” she said. “But she’ll appreciate the effort.”

And without a word, Holmes snatched the scarf from her hand and ran.

Why didn’t he trust the scarf with the girl who claimed to be Winnie’s sister?
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