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Opinion by zanhar1 posted hace más de un año
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There are so many striking places on Earth and I'd amor to visit them all. But if I had to pick only five, these would be my choices.

1. The Netherlands

I'm not going to lie, one of the main reasons I became interested in the Netherlands was because two of my favorito! bands are from there. Within Temptation and Delain as well as Epica. And then all of the good Edm bands play there. Basically they have the best music.

I also really adore the scenery and cities. I am a sucker for neat landscapes and anywhere I can go to to snap some lovely pictures. After looking up the most beautiful places in the country I fell in amor with it. Leiden, Kinderdijk, Ijsselmeer and Delft are three of my favorites. Leiden with it's beautiful canals and it's older vibe. Kinderdijk and it's breathtaking medieval windmills. Ijsselmeer and it's wintery splendor, inicial to the country's largest lake. And the historic Delft.

From Amsterdam to Delft to Waddinxveen, the Netherlands has an assortment of glorious cities that capture my interests just as well as the landscaping does. The Netherlands has some splendid architecture that just takes tu to another...
Article by deathding posted hace más de un año
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Once upon a midnight dreary

As I reference weak and cowardly

I think to myself, in the midst of the hour

My keyboard dusty, the air turning sour

On what to write about, as navidad is near

Shall I give in to the holidays, o wait in fear?

I type with passion, this message to all

Right around the last moments of Fall

I type with wonder, this message to us

In the presence of stress, reviving our rust

I spit this with agony, exasperation controlling me like a puppet

As I ponder on when I shall reach the summit

I spit this with humor, over-dramatic and all

Even though in reality, my emotions still crawl

I ask myself why, why I am doing this

Maybe so I can soothe my audience with bliss

In the end though, tu all knew why

Because of a creature titled Boredom, roaming the night sky.
List by zanhar1 posted hace más de un año
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Are tu bored? Do tu have the humor of a 10 año old boy? Do tu like música that doesn't have a real point? Do tu like música that will make your grandma look at tu with disappointment in her eyes!? If tu answered yes to any of these preguntas then here is a lista for you. Swigity Swoogity here comes música about that booty!

Black Eye'd Peas - My Hump
Big Sean - Dance
Jason Derulo - Wiggle
Dev - Booty Bounce
Bubba Sparxxx - Mrs New Booty
I Can't Wait For The Booty (Disney/Mrs New Booty)
Under The Booty (Disney/Mrs New Booty Mashup)
John corazón - Who Booty
Ugly God - Booty From A Distance
Ugly God - FTBT
Tom Green - Bum Bum Song
Samwell - What What In The Butt
T-Pain - Booty Work
Tim Wilson - Booty Man
Your favorito! Martian - Booty Store
Baracuda - culo Up
Adam And Andrew - Do It In The Butt
Major Lazar - Bubble Butt
Alex C & Yass - Du Hast
Alex C & Yass - tu Have The Sweetest Ass
Opinion by Canada24 posted hace más de un año
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Goku: (puts his hands up, preparing a spirit bomb)

Frieza: (not aware of what’s happening) What are tu doing now?

Goku: … Stretching.

Frieza: In the middle of our fight?

Goku: …… Yes.

(from distance)

Piccolo: What’s going on? He’s just standing there with his hands up.

Krillin: Wait a second.

Krillin: (Goku and Frieza and hear Krillin, cause he’s screaming as loud as possible) HE’S USING THE SPIRIT BOMB!

Frieza: The Spirit whats-it-now?

Goku: (thinking) Oh no.

Piccolo: Would tu stop screaming.


Piccolo: (Mad at Krillin’s stupidity) Shut up!

Krillin: Too scared!

Piccolo: Dammit!

Frieza: (about Krillin) What’s that fool going about now?

Goku: He’s talking about… Ghosts.
Review by Servamp posted hace más de un año
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“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” Never a truer word has been said. But before tu can begin this transformation tu have to stop doing the things that have been holding tu back. Here's a guide to how tu can do this.

1.Stop spending time with the wrong people. Life is too short to spend time with people who suck the happiness out of you. If someone wants tu in their life, they’ll make room for you. tu shouldn’t have to fight for a spot. Never, ever insist yourself to someone who continuously overlooks your worth. And remember, it’s not the people that stand por your side when you’re at your best, but the ones who stand beside tu when you’re at your worst that are your true friends.

2.Stop running from your problems. Face them head on. No, it won’t be easy. There is no person in the world capable of flawlessly handling every puñetazo, ponche thrown at them. We aren’t supposed to be able to instantly solve problems. That’s not how we’re made. In fact, we’re made to get upset, sad, hurt, stumble and fall. Because that’s the whole purpose of living –...
Opinion by Windrises posted hace más de un año
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Live action actors tend to be más popular than voice actors. There are several great actors that deserve attention. Here's a lista of voice actors that I think are great.

Mel blanc, blanco
Arthur Q. Bryan
Daws Butler
Don Messick
Paul Winchell
Frank Welker
Jim Cummings
Rob Paulsen
Tony Jay
George Lowe
Andy Merrill
C. Martin Croker
Don Kennedy
Seth MacFarlane
Colin zorro, fox
Mike Pollock
Samuel Vincent

Here are some good voice actresses:
June Foray
Tara Strong
Grey Delisle
Cindy Robinson
Ava Acres

A Message to These People: Thank tu for your work. tu are all great. caricaturas wouldn't be as great without you.

Guide by kicksomebut23 posted hace más de un año
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Welcome to the Internet where

Fun, Corruption, and Socialization dwells at.

tu will find Some Caring People.

And tu will find Some Ugly People.

The Ugly People on the Internet loves to

Troll, Argue All The Time, & Cyberbully Others.

Most of them do it because they want to boost

Oneself confidence, get rid of boredom in there life,

o have problems they are dealing in there life.

Be careful with these people and never go far with them.

Unless tu want to become just like them.

The Caring People on the Internet are

Obviously Friendly, Helpful, and Straightforward.

It will seem like most people on the

Internet have this behavior on the web.

But not everyone will act & remain like this.
Opinion by Canada24 posted hace más de un año
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How do I become sarcastic?
"I'm the queen of sarcasm, tu don't just suddenly become sarcastic, it takes practice"

My house is on fire, what do I do?
"You get off the fuckin computer and go outside!"

My brother hasn't had his period:
"Yeah. It takes longer for boys"

What's an appropriate site for a 13 año old girl?
"Try Porn-Hub"

Can tu get pregnant from watching porn?
"Only on wednesdays"

Every time I drink alcohol I feel sad.
"Your not drinking ENOUGH of of it!"

I was having sex with my sister and got a cramp in my leg.

Why are bebés ugly at first?
"How about tu stay underwater 9-10 days, and squeeze though a straw, and see how tu look."

How do I become a Justin Bieber fan?
"You take a large blow to the head. Maybe jump off a cliff as a start."
Review by Canada24 posted hace más de un año
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I reviewed Jaws,,

Lets review the only movie of the series, that isn't complete shit.
A series starting with the stupidest moment is the tiburón jumping on the boat.. mean WHAT!?
And ends with a tiburón roaring, fucking roaring,
And a man escaping a plane being dragged down por a tiburón and escapes without a scratch "and nobody asking how". And that Sharks travel thousands of miles for revenge, and turns out the dicho revenge was poorly planned out, cause Michael literary jumps into the water, and Jaws swims away, even though the entire point of Jaws coming all that was the sole purpose of killing Michael.

Anyway, he's my sarcastic review of a famish movie that caused Sharks too be hunted down, and for people too make so many tiburón movies, tu wanna take Jaws and Slap it in the face, saying, "YOU CREATED MONSTERS!"

So, let's get this mockery started..
And yes.. I seen this movie before.. Grew up with it más o less.. Dad showed me it.. And ever sense, I been one traumatized kid..
Opinion by Renegade1765 posted hace más de un año
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I've been recently informed that it's literally been 2 years since I joined Fanpop! As such, I have decided to talk about a subject that's been on my mind and wanted to share with tu guys.

I know this is a very weird subject to talk about, but this idea hit me when I watched a speech about perfection. I began to form my own opinion on the matter, and I thought it would be nice if I shared with you. Plus, as an anniversary article, I think it's a fitting subject.

In my honest opinion, perfection is a dead-end; and impossible concept that none of us can ever comprehend. Here's what I mean: The dictionary describes perfection as "the highest degree of proficiency, skill, o excellence, as in some art", but really, do we humans even have the right to declare something as perfect? When we humans ourselves are quite possibly the most flawed beings in existence? I doubt it.

I think perfection is an arrogant concept. We can't declare something as perfect when we humans aren't perfect ourselves. Sure, I myself am human and call many things perfect, but are they really?
Guide by FloraorStella posted hace más de un año
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Here's a guide on what to do now that America is fucked up. Although, to be honest, it would be as fucked up if Clinton was POTUS, as well. Neither of the candidates were very good to start with, unfortunately. Anyway, here's what tu should do.

1. Change Your Name to Jeff

So tu can go, "My name's Jeff," if anyone asks for your name.

2. Go to a Drive-through

To relieve yourself of all the stress. Order a milkshake while you're at it.

3. Cuss Out Everyone on Twitter

How satisfying is this, tbh?

4. Write a fanfiction on Trump and Clinton Rated R

Someone should do it.

If anyone's seriously considering it, here's a prompt:~

"My wall's gonna keep out the Mexicans," Trump whispered Republican-ly.

"I'll borrar the emails if tu want me to," Clinton replied Democratically, her voice husky.

5. Download an App to Get tu through These Tough Times
Opinion by twinklestar11 posted hace más de un año
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Some of theses songs are repeated from part 1.
some are new.
also, if tu did not read part 1, i watch songs in ajmv. if tu dont like songs in ajmv, then tu dont have to watch the video links.
something new: One song listed here is not in ajmv. That song i dont watch in ajmv. so if tu want to, tu can watch it.
enlaces are listed after the song.
The song that is not ajmv is the song Hopeful. let's get started.

song #1: Ugly Heart
link to song #1:

song #2: Hopeful
link to song #2:

song #3: Outside
link to song #3:

song #4: animales
link to song #4:

song #5: popular song
link to song #5:

song #6: Break the rules
Opinion by twinklestar11 posted hace más de un año
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All these songs I like the same. I don't know what song is my favorito! out of these. They are in a misceláneo order. (I enlaces bring tu to the song in AJMV. if tu don't like AJMV, then don't watch it.)
Song #1: popular song
link to song #1:

Song #2: outside
link to song #2:

Song #3: Die Young
link to song #3:

Song #4: we r who we r
link to song #4:

song #5: How could this happen to me
link to song #5:

song #6: halloween
link to song #6:

song #7: Me and my broken corazón
Link to song #7:

Opinion by Canada24 posted hace más de un año
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I missed my chance.. I'm always one año behind in this show.. But now that their mostrando every episode in order, to prepare for the new season 7, so I'm getting my chance.

I'm so excited, especially cause it has Steven Ogg in it now. (AKA, this guy).

It's pretty easy to say that Grand Theft Auto did a lot for this guy, cause now just about everyone knows who he is.

It's weird how he always protrays nutcase's like Trevor, when the real Steve Ogg is such a nice guy from what I can tell.

But still, the guy that portrayed Trevor Phillips.
How can that NOT be awesome for the dark, violent, nature of a mostrar like Walking Dead?

Where, even someone as kind hearted as Rick Grimes has murdered people in cold blood, in newer seasons he doesn't even feel remorse anymore.

But, yeah.. Steve Ogg.. I'm excited :)
Opinion by Windrises posted hace más de un año
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This articulo is about honoring Clay Martin Croker, better known as C. Martin Croker.

In 2016 the very talented C. Martin Croker died. Most people don't know who he is so here's a summary of his impressive career:

In the 1990's C. Martin Croker started his t.v. career on el espacio Ghost Coast to Coast. C. Martin Croker was 1 of the animators. He's 1 of the show's 2 main voice actors. The mostrar had 3 main characters: el espacio Ghost, Zorak, and Molar. George Lowe voiced el espacio Ghost and C. Martin Croker voiced Zorak and Moltar. C. Martin Croker also voiced Zorak in Cartoon Planet and The Brak Show.

In the 2000's C. Martin Croker was a regular cast member of a Adult Swim called Aqua Teen Hunger Force. In that mostrar he voiced Dr. Weird and Dr. Weird's assistant Steve. He also voiced both Dr. Weird and Steve in the Aqua Teen film.

C. Martin Croker's T.V. career is a big part of my childhood. I highly recommend his T.V. shows.

A Message to C. Martin Croker: Thank tu for all the wonderful work you've done. tu are 1 of the best voice actors of all time.
Guide by FloraorStella posted hace más de un año
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So I wrote this because I have no life and I would like to have one. And if you're like me, welcome. While I teach tu what to do in your spare time (or all the time, if you, like me, have no life), I'll be teaching myself, too. So really, I'm killing two birds with one stone here. Yay.


1. Get a life

It's exactly what it means.

2. Get another life

This doesn't make sense but if tu have no life, tu know it does.

3. Eat Ben and Jerry's

Because, why not?

4. Don't do your homework

Because if tu do it, you'll have a life. And if tu have a life, then tu wouldn't be looking up what to do when tu don't have one. So don't do it and look up artículos on what to do when tu have no life.

5. Clean up your room

I DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW PEOPLE CAN LIVE IN DIRTY ROOMS. CLEAN UP, YA FILTHY ANIMAL. (Ironic coming from the world's biggest packrat lol I have no life.)
Article by zanhar1 posted hace más de un año
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So recently I've been watch a lot of Bad Girls Club as it just returned, it's kind of been a guilty pleasure show. As many know I like the female villain characters so I was thinking; what if I just put 'em all in a house together BGC style. For those of tu who don't know, BGC is a mostrar where they put 7 women ages 21 to 28 in a house together in hopes that the women can 'redeem each other'. But they usually just end up beating each other up lol. While some of the characters I chose are younger than 21 o older than 28, I decided to go with it anyhow. I have más than 7 favorito! characters so there are some rollovers who act as replacements (the girls that come in after some of the originals quit o get kicked out of the house) as well as a few girls who would be in a season 2 since there were still some rollovers.

Each girl is introduced with their name, age, where they live, a nickname, and a título (like 'the southern belle'). Each girl usually ends up with a few friends and enemies. That's how I'm going to kind of format this thing. If any of the above info was not stated in canon I will simply use N/A. So without further delay;
Opinion by SwordofIzanami posted hace más de un año
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I'm escritura this articulo because this has been in my mind for so long that I need to bring this up sooner o later. Whenever people stated Shou Tucker as a worst father ever, I immediately thought of this guy. Meet Doctor Mar Londo, the father of Brin Londo, who is commonly known as Timber Wolf. Dr. Londo is from the comic book series called "Legion of Super-Heroes". I'm going to analyze his actions in the cartoon adaption and then I'll give my reason why he's worse than Shou Tucker, in my opinion at least.

In the episode "Timber Wolf", in the planet "Rawl", Dr. Londo dragged his own son, Brin, into an experiment and turned him into a werewolf like monster. Brin managed to escape his father's lab. Dr. Londo tried to capture his son along with his robots but failed, so he called the Legion of Super-Heroes, which includes Superman, to capture the monster. When they captured the beast, they realized that he's not just a beast and he's Dr. Londo's son. Dr. Londo appeared before them along with his robots and fought the Legions and his own son. When the Legions defeated Dr. Londo, the Legions demanded the Doctor to change his son back, however Brin's DNA has been...
Fan fiction by CielXlizzy19 posted hace más de un año
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This is an old draft I've had sitting here for about three years. Cleaned it up sorta, but it's still not at par with my current work. I wanted to keep most of the fuente material as close to what I wrote three years hace barring some grammatical/diction fluency errors, mostly for a little look into how much I've changed. I just couldn't oso, oso de letting it sit in here anymore. I'm not super into fanfiction, fanpop, o even kpop anymore for that matter, but I knew I had to put this out there in some form o fashion. Let me know if tu want me to write anything chapter, o do something else with it.


Winter: the season of presents, of family time and sitting por the fireplace, enjoying the company of others as the temperature nears the single digits. It was always seen as a wonderful time to embrace the little happiness in each others' lives; but for Taemin, it was just the opposite.

It also meant not being able to sit alone on the roof for longer than twenty minutes.
List by deathding posted hace más de un año
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Hello fellow Fanpoppers, it's Deathding again! And today, I wanted to try something different. To get to know tu guys, and maybe find some cool stuff out about each other.

Basically, this articulo will be a lista of questions, and I'd like tu folks (if tu want, obviously) to answer as many as tu want in the comentarios below. Whether it be none, five, o even all of them, anything really goes.

tu can be just as personal as tu want with these, so if tu don't feel comfortable about one of the questions, then just skip it.

I know this seems pretty out of nowhere, and it may get little to no attention at all, but hey, I've never seen anyone do this before, so let's get right to it!

Also, just because, I'll give my respuestas as well in the articulo itself. Enjoy! :)

#1. What do tu think would be the hardest thing for tu to give up on?

For me, it'd actually be my laptop, o the internet in general. I have a lot of friends on here (some are very close), it's insanely fun, and seeing as how I want to make a living off of YouTube one day, tu really can't blame me for this. XD
Opinion by Canada24 posted hace más de un año
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Jon: What sorrow, I feel for these characters.. Red haired lady.. Old ladies.. Currently DROWNING human.. And 101 don-..
One hundred and what!?.. One hundred and what now!?…. (camera zooms in on the dog) BONGO!? IS THAT YOU!?

Man in movie: (two the little kids he locked in his house) Just answer this riddle. Than I'll let tu go free.

Jerry: Oh man, tu and your dumb hobbies!
JonTron: Yeah, fuck tu for being interested in things, tu stupid bitch!

Jon: Wait, it's just a legend? It's just a silly old legend? I thought it was a real thing, like a real barco with people on it that sank and they died. I s'pose that means my girlfriend's not real then. I guess there were some signs along the way. [flashback starts] When we were at that restaurant, the waiter, he said, "Why did tu order two meals and not eat one of them? tu just left it there to get cold." and I said, "Curb your tongue! That's my lady, and soon she will be departing on the great steam liner known as the titanic that is...
Opinion by Coffeeuser posted hace más de un año
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Beauty and talent don't always go hand and hand, but Natalie Wood was a perfect example of both. When I last made my lista of "Most Beautiful Women That Ever Lived" I put Natalie at like number six o something...Boy, was I stupid! I've been watching some of her cine lately and I couldn't get over what a knock-out she was. She is definitely number one! She had such beautiful dark hair, big doe eyes, pretty lips, an adorable nose, a heavenly complexion, and a perfect body. I've been having her in my dreams lately...I've got a huge crush on her! The other night, I was dreaming about her and I woke up with an orgasm (no disrespect intended). Even during the last years of her life, she was still the best-looking gal around. Not only was she a goddess, but she was every inch a star. I think she is perfect example of what a movie estrella should be. She's just fantastic! She seemed like a nice lady too. She's not even my most favorito! celebrity but she is one of them.

It really depresses me how she died. I'm furious at Robert Wagner and Christopher Walken because I believe they murdered her. Those creeps should be in jail. Why oh why do beautiful women have such terrible taste...
Opinion by Canada24 posted hace más de un año
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Critic: So our story begins when they spot two children who, tu guessed it, stopped caring.
Friend Bear: Hi. I'm Friend Bear, and this is Secret Bear. We're Care Bears. (both stand up and pose)
Jason: (in disgusted tone) What do tu want?
Friend Bear: Only to be your friends.
NC (vo): Actually, I always wondered what counted as quote/unquote "Caring." I mean, if I'm ordering a pizza with a friend, is it like...
[Cuts to skit with two NCs talking to each other]
NC 1: Hey, what kind of toppings tu want?
NC 2: Eh, I don't care. (In panicked tone) No, no, wait! I didn't mea- (sparkling effects sound and NC moans lightly).
Care oso, oso de (off-screen): Hi. We're the Care Bears, and everybody has to care about something--
(NC brings out his gun and starts shooting at the Care Bears as they are heard screaming.

NC: tu know...dick. Cause that's what tu are, a fucking dick. When tu mostrar this image of the American flag destroyed...
Opinion by Canada24 posted hace más de un año
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Elizabeth: I have absolutely no intention of marrying Everard. I'm sorry to upset your plans, but...
Elizabeth's Father: Plans did tu say? My one and only plan, dear girl, is to see tu as happy as possible, and I would never dream of forcing tu to do something tu don't want to.
Critic:(as Elizabeth's father) Unless it was the beginning of the movie in which case I dicho tu had no choice.
Critic: (as a scene of Elizabeth and her father hugging plays) Seriously, what did she do different? She made the same argument she did before. In fact, it's actually less angry. Are tu honestly telling me that this...
Elizabeth: I have absolutely no intention of marrying Everard.
Critic: is much más stronger than THIS?
Elizabeth: (scene from earlier) I'd rather die than marry that horrifying, disgusting old serpent!
Critic:(as Elizabeth's father) Ohoho, that's just the PMS talking. You'll get over it!
Elizabeth: I have absolutely no intention of marrying Everard.
Guide by deathding posted hace más de un año
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Good día Fanpoppers, I hope everyone's doing well! :)

So for once, just for the heck of it, I figured I'd give some consejos to others on how I make fanpop articles.

I know this idea probably isn't 100% original, and that it's common sense to type stuff up, but here's some neat little things I've found helps over the years escritura content on Fanpop.

Welcome to one of my very few serious articles, don't get used to it. ;D

Pro Tip #1: Grammar

Seriously, this is basic stuff, but it needs to be said. It's fine if your English/Spanish/Whatever isn't the best, but for the amor of all that is holy, if tu know how to type well, then prove it!

Not only is it far easier to read, but it looks professional and will get tu far in the long run. Capitalize the beginning of your sentences, end sentences with periods, that kind of easy stuff.

Pro Tip #2: Ideas