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posted by KatRox1
Yeah, I left the team. Why do tu ask?

Personal reasons.

My name? I thought this was already covered?

Bella Watson. Age 19.

No más powers for me. I grew out of them, like how tu grow out of allergies.

I work outside the government. According to them, I died in a train accident in December.

Yeah, new clothing style. No más fancy costumes, just plain old jeans and jackets.

I dyed my hair to be más brownish-red, so that it’s easier to blend in. Government, remember?

The tortuga backpack had to go, along with any other habits. So, no barefoot running, no teas… yeah.

No, I don’t miss it. It’s...
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posted by GlitterPuff
Well, here yah go peoples.

Name: Nye Driscoll

Alias: None

Sex: Male

Age: 16

Appearance: Choppy blonde hair, green eyes, glasses (usually wears contacts), pale skin, tattoo on left bicep

Personality: Quiet but friendly, mannered, treats women respectively, always happy to lend a hand

Birthday: January 15

Relationship Status: Single, and always has been

Civvies: White designed T-shirt, baggy jeans, converse, black hoodie (hood up most of the time), and a band of bracelets

Powers/Abilities: Able to see into the future (The farthest is a mes in a half), military soldier training

Weapon(s): A pocket knife...
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posted by SilverWings13
As the shade of night deepened, the lights of the city sparked, setting it a light once more. Shadows were cast, and with it, the shelter for the nocturnal creatures who prowled their way through the city only when their pray was least expecting. It was cowardly, though clever in an over-used sense.
These creatures, with their metal weapons and gruesome natures, had to be handled to keep them from over-powering the innocents. There were people to do that, and the boy who now perched on the ledge was one of them. But he had done his duty for the time being, and Titanium was ready to fall into...
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posted by Robin_Love
 K.C. Resistance leader
K.C. Resistance leader
Name: Discarded
Alias: K.C.
Age: 17-19
Occupation: Leader of the Resistance
Powers: Super-soldier, able to conduct master plans, gets information just por touching a non-living object, able to temporarily silence someone
History: There is nothing known about K.C.'s past. He formed the Resistance for a reason no one is sure of. But he leads the team with great efficiency. Only those inside the Resistance know that it exists. The Resistance is so far off the charts not even the world's greatest detective(s) can find them o how they came to be. K.C., being the leader, is in charge of anything that...
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The men on the fallen one's left and right both collapsed as well. Declan caught a glimpse if silver as a throwing cuchillo embedded in one's chest. He followed the arch up to one of the upper balconies.
There stood a feminine figure completely clad in solid black. A capucha, chimenea was pulled up to hide the lower half of her face; her fair hair was pulled back in a long braid. She had one boot up on the railing, taking aim as she launched her blades at the intruders.
The doors of the ballroom were suddenly opened and guests starting rushing out in a desperate wave toward freedom and safety.
"Nic," Declan...
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 misceláneo pic!
Random pic!
This articulo has been in my Drafts section for TOOOO long.
To keep note this is what I originally wanted Shadow to be when I first got introduced to this "OC club thingy". But since I thought about the character I thought it was just "Not modern".
I don't know if this should be made into a different person o what, your choice. (write in comentarios please!)
I just wanted tu to see it 'cause from memory, it took me AGES to make her.
Note: ^ I just added that now. Down is the bio.

Name: Maria Kyle

Code Name: Black Phantom

Other Aliases: Sakura, Cheery (Only in civilian life)

Age: 13

Occupation: Ninja/Hero/Orphan...
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posted by Punk__Heart
Please don't shoot me

Name: Kaleb Anton

Alias: Arkana

Age: 17

Alliance: Hero

Appearance: shaggy brown hair, blue eyes, 5'10", pale skin

Personality: kind, caring, withdrawn, doesn't trust people easily, stubborn, brave

Powers: He has transformation powers that allow him to alter his appearance, martial arts, fights with a bow staff with a hidden blade

Bio: His life as a kid was normal, he went to school, he helped at his dad's shop. When he was sixteen he left his family after discovering his powers. He trained for a año abroad before joining the team
 misceláneo pic (thanks R_L)
random pic (thanks R_L)
 hidden blade bow staff
hidden blade bow staff
posted by Robin_Love
I couldn't help myself. I had to write it. You'll understand everything when Memory is finished; just a few más parts!!!!

Her hand fit nicely in his. Their fingers threaded together as the walked casually along the comprar district of Happy Harbor. They window shopped, looking at whatever they found interesting. And they had más in common than either of them first thought. They walked past a chocolate store and she stopped, looking at the display. He tugged her hand gently, but she didn't move.
He followed her line of sight, a smile on his lips. Everyone had warned him; keep Becca...
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posted by Obscurity98
Harley sat on the center of the mesa, tabla at the Watchtower. Unprofessionally, but no one dicho anything. Surrounded por both, the Leaguers and the newest part of the Young Justice Team. batman addressed her Seriously, "Harley, tu understand the risks of this? Don't you?" Harley nodded, "right now, i cannot stand it. I mean it. I don't know how tu do it Batman, but i cannot stay human forever. I just...i cant." Silverwings rolled her eyes at Harley's comment.
Superman sighed, "This is a very dangerous risk Harley, if something were to go wrong..." Harley shook her head, "I took all the information,...
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posted by Punk__Heart
Because I'm bored at the lack of villain attacks

Name: Rei Howl (unknown)
Alias: Masquerade
Age: 18
Alliance: Villain

Appearance: White hair, blue eyes, 6'0", well built, pale skin

Personality: Cold, menacing, serious, egotistical, he's basically a big jerk with a horrible temper who likes to be in control of every situation that involves him

Powers: He's an "Illusions Master" allowing him to twist people's dreams with his illusion beasts, he also likes to use his illusion powers in a fight to get an adavantage over his opponent. enmascarados has two forms one he uses everyday and his other form he...
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Phoebe sat there in her room, she dimmed the lights and just sat there
stareing at her phone. She was scared, paranoied and to many hurtful
thoughts ran through her mind. Where was he? She placed a hand on her
soft and pail cheek, phoebe leaned on it and touched down her elbow
the dark wooded desk.

Foot steps echoed outside. Phoebe perked up, that familliar sweet
scent filled her nose, could it really be?

The metal door slid open and closed again. A tall, dark and beautiful
blue haired boy with a shiney and slightly dirty face leaned on the
cool metal. Phoebs Stood up trembling slightly.

"Sorry I was...
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posted by Obscurity98
*Wham* went the fist of a very large man. *thud* when the body of the boy he hit. Blood splashed onto the muro and the boy didn't bother to get up. He couldn't think. His vision was cloudy. And it was no help that he was getting the crap beaten out of him.

She sat on the building her eyes fierce and alert, crouched in a position in the shadows. A loud thud and whack, broke the silent night. Her body flinched at the noise. She blinked a moment and then stood up, another tortazo was heard and she followed the noise.
Her eyes wandered down the alley below. A young man was being beat por three large...
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posted by GambetteYJ
“Super Boy, Wonder Girl, Robin, Bumble Bee, reportar to the mission room” Nightwing said. I got up from the sofá and walked to the mission room, followed por Robin. The two girls met us there.
“I want tu four on a stealth mission. tu four are Beta Squad. I’ll send another squad in behind tu incase tu need reinforcements” Nightwing said
“What, exactly, are we doing?” Wonder Girl asked
“Infiltrating a genetics lab in Gotham; one that Pamela Isling used to work at”
“Who?” I asked
“Poison Ivy” Nightwing said. We nodded and ran off to sphere, who flew us to the lab. When...
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