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-Ooc: I have recently fell in amor with Harley Quinn (not like that butcha know) Ok so this is a part of Broken Traitor but its más of an idea.. if no one likes it ill trash it and right a different part in its place so be honest about it ;) P.s. I do not own HQ And don't hate me cos this article-

She awoke..not knowing where she was.. just that she was in different clothing. Her voice echoed,"Where am I?"
Gage's voice replied cheerly,"Oh.. we had to mover positions your friends
were.. On to us."
She glared,"Gage! Why am I dressed like this!?"
"Oh.. 'cos.. now can i ask tu something"
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Name: Natasha
Age: 17
Gender: famale
Clotes: she always wereas milaty gear, o a unifom, unless she needs to sneak somwere in.
Apareance: long hiar, color of it can difre frome were she is ansingd and wat her mison is, narmal body.
Personalaty: paronoid, does not trust easy, hates pepol using weald to opres others, always helps her comrades.
Skilles: sniper, exeled marxman, tactisan, field commander, knowes all kinds of martial ards, abel to use al kinds of wapons, extrodanry soldier.
wapons: an AK 74, a Dragonov, pistols, grenades, knives.

(( i am lazy so i just put it this way))
- she...
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Step one tu say we need to talk
He walks tu say sit down it's just a talk
He smiles politely back at you
You stare politely right on through
Some sort of window to your right
As he goes left and tu stay right
Between the lines of fear and blame
And tu begin to wonder why tu came

"Sit down. We need to talk." I demanded. Ciel started to walk the other way. I stood up.
"Ciel!" I yelled. He turned and smiled. He sat on the chair across from me. I sat down at stared at him. I didnt know him anymore....

Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with...
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Lucas and Artemis sat in the cocina with milk, sugar, plastic bags, salt, and ice on the counter with their science notebooks with them. " Okay so we need to put the ice and the sugar together " Lucas dicho putting ice in the big plastic bag and taking some sugar, " No Luke we need to put salt with the ice " Artemis dicho picking up the salt, " uhmmm no we need the sugar " Luke dicho grabbing the sugar, Artemis grabbed the plastic bag aswell getting annoyed with Luke " we need the salt " she dicho pulling the bag towards her, " no we need the sugar " Lucas dicho getting annoyed as well pulling...
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THIS GOES FOR TYLER AND SILVERWINGS!! Please comentario if it sucks o not!

He went out for awhile.. it was getting late and he needed to get back to the cave to see her.
Tyler walked down he dark streets, looking at the glistening pavement.
Rain started falling from the sky like little bullets of water.
He heard a russle and looked down a nearby alley. He saw a couple talking. He focused, trying to lsiten to the murmurs.
Her voice sounded oddly familiar. He only made out parts of what she said.
"No.. I..boyfriend.."
His voice chimed in.
"I.. first.. please?"
Tyler looked up, and noticed the...
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Name: Caitlyn Eleanor Grayson
Alias: BrightStar
Age: 14
Relationship to Team: Robin’s cousin
Appearance: Caitlyn is tall, about 5’6” o 5’7”. She has straight blonde hair, a little longer than shoulder length, that she sometimes wears in a ponytail, and blue eyes (like those of her cousins Dick, Kyra, and Danna). She wears a blue t-shirt o tank parte superior, arriba and short-shorts (at least on sunny days).
Personality: Caitlyn is fun, funny, and always cheerful and in a good mood. She is very high energy, extremely practical and a good problem solver. She is confident, friendly, and really determined...
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Name: Micah Parker.. Caverly? I’m not sure which one we’re ruling under.. when I figure that out I’ll let tu know~ “Mikey” if you’re Tandoori.
Reason o meaning of name: Aha, that’s funny. Look it up, I’m definitely NOT that.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Style/Color: I guess tu could call it auburn?
Height: Six foot even.
Clothing Style: Hmm.. comfortable, but not like — lounge wear? Piltover is extremely warm so now it’s like, casual?
Best Physical Feature: Ah.. hm. My height? Wait, is that even physical? What is it with girls and men over six feet tall?...
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