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posted by Obscurity98
Name: Sy

Gender: female

Species: Tiger

Relationship to team: Harleys pet

Super strength, change color from white to orange, Sonic roar, can grow to extreme sizes. agile, all the Tiger like abilities.mental link with Harley within a 5 mile radius.

Note: Doesn't like men. likes other cat girls,and will like guys with Cat DNA , doesn't like Skylar, o any other canine/meta human

Harley found the large cat while on a mission in India, where she found it being tortured por men, and receiving experimental drugs to enhance its molecular structure's. Harley saved her, and por accidently touching her while unhooking her, they gained a mental/ telepathic link.
posted by SilverWings13
 Saber Tooth
Saber Tooth
These three are all members of the Pack (Dunno what that is? I'm getting to it...). They are the only three (at the moment) that I'll be doing for this articulo (I say this cuz I do know there are three not on here that are in the articles. First person to guess why, gets a shiny prop!) They for Before the After purposes only! No accounts, no using in other artículos for tu peeps. I'll stop being bossy and make the bios now.

Hero name: Saber Tooth

Alter Ego: Marquez Alto

Gender: Female

Age (BtA time line): 12 years

Physical Description: 5', long brown hair, brown eyes

Race: Human/ Meta, cocasian

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posted by Obscurity98
when Roy is 18, Harley is14, and Skylar is.... don't think he want ppl to know so, never mind that.

Harley walked along side of Skylar's lobo forma s they walked through the forest. Harley smiled, "the poor lobo didn't even see it coming." Skylar smiled, "yeah i know." Suddenly Skylar's ear twitched to a side. "Did tu hear that?" he asked. Harley looked around and took a deep breath. Her body froze and went rigid. the scent was too familiar.
Skylar sniffed the air. He knew the scent too, bu the couldn't place it. Some thing shifted near them, to their right. Skylar swiveled around to face...
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AS the wave slammed Harley down, she was startled, concentration was lost, and then she felt some thing hit her head. Hard, she begin to feel weak. And her eyes fluttered, she knew what happened, the rock had hit her head. She could hear the things around her, which were muffled por the water. And suddenly she left strong hands grab her and pull her put to the surface. She could hear Skylar shouting, “No Harley, talk to me, Harley!” his voice made her want to cry, to call out for him, but when she tried, her mouth couldn’t open. She couldn’t speak. She saw Skylar leaning over her, calling...
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posted by Obscurity98
I publicado this b4 on YJ group, now here for some ppl to know my relationship status with Kaldur!

( B4 Kal went rouge)

Harley kicked the punching bag with fired anger. Roy had promised her a fecha tonight but then canceled because of a Cheshire sighting. He always canceled. She Kicked it again, and it went flying on the hook and sand spilled from the bag. And the punching bag slammed into Kaldur as she walked in. he was pressed back against the wall, and Harley ran over to help, "Oh god Kaldur! are tu okay!?"
Kaldur stood up brushing himself off, "Yes, i am fine thank you." He looked at her and...
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posted by MaiaYJ
OOC: Tell me if tu guys like it! I might just continue this if tu do! Key: Anything in italics is a flashback!

"They're in our forest!" Maia shouted angrily, throwing her quiver and bow to the ground. "Why are they in our forest? It's our home!" She glanced to her adoptive sister sitting lazily on the couch, petting the hurón, ferret on her lap. "I don't know, maybe they live around here o something? A new neighbor?" Ryder didn't take her eyes off the leather-clad book she was reading. "You don't get it! They're going to drive us off our own land and kill us! Just like they did with mom and dad!"...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
25 ways to piss off Fang.

1). Poke him and continuously and ask if he’s goth

2) Poke him between the wings then run away screaming “I TOUCHED A GOTH KID!

3.) Dye his hair rosado, rosa while he’s asleep.

4.) Lock him in a room with bright rosado, rosa walls. (And a barf bag)

5.) Take a toy cuchillo and ask Fang if he’s lost his.

6.) Tell Fang that tu amor him.

7.) Hack into his blog and change his status
update too “I amor Hannah Montana.”

8.) Touch his hair (only Devin can)

9.) Give him McDonald’s chicken nuggets and tell him he’s eating his mom.

10.) When Fang appears kick his shins and say tu didn’t...
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What Matters is the fifth book in the Red Revenge/DC Comics crossover series. It will be published January 5, 2013 on ONLY.

Scene 1:
"...what appears to have been an excellent night of crime-fighting for the hero Red Revenge. According to early police reports, over 300 criminals have been arrested tonight, all bloody and battered from a confrontation with Red Revenge. The Black Hero made his way from the reconstruction of Grant Tower to the Bronx. A five mile trip that appears to have been highly successful."

"But is Red Revenge breaking the law? Is he endangering the citizens of...
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Bandit slid down the ladder and stepped back to allow Ruse to follow him. 
"Keep the link open," their leader ordered before running out of the alley.
Yes, sir, Ruse promised. He turned and sprinted out the alley in the other direction. por the time he reached the back of Wayne Tower, Saber Tooth, fuego Mutt, and Jaguar were already waiting.
"Done!" Jaguar exclaimed as the service door clicked open. 
"Shhh!" the others hissed. 
He ducke his head apologetically and moved from the mangled lock pad and held the door opened. 
Lady's first, he said, motioning inward like a doorman. Saber rolled her...
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posted by MafiaYJ
Yo- due to the new upcoming season of Young Justice, i realized most of my current OCs no longer fit well into the mostrar etc because the RPs and the like have moved them away from the fuente material and are now más like truly original characters, rather than fan made original characters. Therefore I created a new OC that fits the timeline better maybe? I'm still checking to see where she fits best. Anyway- here we go.

Name: H'Arel-Mi [HUht - ar-ehl-meh]
Species: Eluvian
Home Planet: Elu
Age: 772 Earth years - 25 Elu years

Hair: Dark Teal
Skin: Soft verde azulado, trullo, teal
Eyes: (4) Light Blue
Forehead Gem: Light...
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posted by Robin_Love
Name: Lancelot Morgan
Nickname: Lance
Occupation: Knight
Ethnicity: Romanian
Race: Vampire
Story: Lance was born into an aristocratic family. He was raised in the royal court and befriended the young prince he was charged to protect. When tragedy struck, he brought the prince to safety. He took care of him for years until the prince grew into a man. He is now among those loyal to him and is a trusted friend.
Facts: Lance is por nature very bookish. He prefers words to fists even though he is trained in several different form of self defense and sword play. He is very close to his old charge now friend. He often finds himself caring for him when no one else will. The two share a close bond and he’d give his life for his friend.
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