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JosepineJackson apoyar por mí a my images
Thanks for add back. :) publicado hace 20 días
llmb00 apoyar por mí a my comments
Thanks for adding me back!~ publicado hace 1 mes
SpengSkod dicho de anime
I'm actually kind of happy if my favorito! anime isn't very popular, not because I like being a hipster o something like that, but because that's mean it will be less bashed por bandwagon eliti.....edgelords. publicado hace 1 mes
candylover246 comentó…
I activey try to choose the underrated characters in an underrated series as my favoritos bc then I can have them all for myself :v hace 1 mes
ArcticWolf comentó…
I get the feeling, and I think you're lucky. My favorito! series is probably one of the most popular anime in existence fml hace 1 mes
NagisaFurukawa- comentó…
I like to many popular and not so popular Anime. So I can relate on both ends. hace 1 mes