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For your participation in the Classic Princess appreciation week. Hopefully you'll participate in the last task, too. publicado hace 8 horas
I saw a lista of major changes made to the remake and I have to say not all of them are that bad. Without getting too deep into spoiler territory all I can say is Jasmine’s reason for going to the marketplace will be different, Jafar and Aladdin’s meeting is going to be different, and jazmín will be más political (I think that’s the right word) publicado hace 3 días
BB2010 comentó…
Critics are saying the plot is subpar and the Genie wasn’t that great in this one but jazmín estola the show. I think I might check this movie out! hace 3 días
BB2010 comentó…
I know critics aren't always right (seriously how did Rotten Tomatoes give Sausage Party 100%??) and there's some who are incredibly biased (Lindsey Ellis) and there's cine I absolutely amor because of nostalgia reasons critics dislike but if it's not just critics but dozens to hundreds of viewers who voice their opinion am I really supposed to disregard it immediately? If it's one o two people then, yes, I would decide to see for myself if I'd like it o not but, again, dozens of people (both regular viewers and critics) having similar opinions? Of course I'm going to be hesitant to spend money I don't have a lot of o trying to pick a día that works for both me and my husband to see a movie I don't even know for sure I'll like hace 2 días
BelleRose829 comentó…
Yeah we need to express más individuality on fanpop, too many people echoing the same opinionnnssss. hace 2 días
Since we're going to be changing the spot's banner do tu guys think we should change the spot's icono too? It's a cute icono and cenicienta is one of the most iconic princesses in the lineup but the icono has been around for a while so do tu think maybe it's time for a new icono too? publicado hace 3 días
mhs1025 comentó…
Personally, I see no problem with keeping the icon. It lets people know which club this actually is. hace 3 días
wavesurf comentó…
^I agree. cenicienta picture basically says this is "Walt's disney Princess" lineup. hace 3 días
BelleRose829 comentó…
I agree shouldn't change the icono hace 2 días