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I know it’s two months away but I’m considering doing another Mother’s día countdown like I did last año but this time like the other holiday countdowns I’ve done in the past año with different categories each round. I was wondering since easter is coming up would anyone want an Easter themed countdown involving the princesses? publicado hace 22 horas
disneyfan500 comentó…
Sure! hace 20 horas
BB2010 comentó…
^what kind of preguntas do tu think would be good if I did an Easter themed countdown? hace 15 horas
I just watched the new trailer for aladdín and to be honest...I’m actually getting excited to watch this remake *runs and hides* publicado hace 6 días
LMH5113 comentó…
Don't be ashamed, I am looking adelante, hacia adelante to this remake too and think it will be a good movie. hace 6 días
BB2010 comentó…
I’m trying not to get my hopes too high like I did for beauty and the beast hace 6 días
Sparklefairy375 comentó…
I'm still on the fence with the remake, but I hope it would be at least as good as BATB remake. hace 6 días
simrananime comentó…
Honestly SAME! At first I was highly skeptical about. It looked cheap and Will Smith was a total meme but after the new trailer I'm digging the genie and animation. I will deff see it now. hace 2 días
hola guys I just finished watching How to Train Your Dragon The Hidden World! I thought it was okay, not as good as the first two but, as usual, the animación was amazing and I loved seeing the new dragones in this movie. In the comentarios I’ll put in the pros and cons of this movie. WARNING: SPOILERS publicado hace 24 días
BB2010 comentó…
I’ll start with the cons first because, personally, I prefer hearing bad news before good news. So let’s start with the beginning of the movie. It looked at first it was going to be totally badass and I actually got excited but then as quickly as it begins, the badass immediately ends with starting the comic relief. I like comic relief as long as it’s done well like Timon and Pumbaa in The Lion King and Mushi in Mulan. But the comic relief in this was way too much. Don’t get me wrong, I amor Hiccup and the rest of the dragon riders but the way it’s done is so out of nowhere and it was so much like the Netflix show. hace 24 días
BB2010 comentó…
Snotlout is, once again, this overly-cocky narcissistic jerk, the twins are overly annoying, and Fishlegs has almost no screen time por comparison. Oh and Snotlout randomly has a thing for Valka? It’s just so out of nowhere and it goes nowhere. At least in the segundo movie when Fishlegs and Snotlout randomly crushed on Ruffnut it wasn’t as annoying o random. Now, the villain. The villain in this one, honestly.....a little blah compared to Drago. I kept wondering if I was just watching the Netflix mostrar on the big screen because that’s how blah he was to me. I didn’t feel the same fear I felt when Drago was on screen and the dragon from the first movie was más terrifying compared to this new villain. I mean, this is the guy who apparently killed off all the Night Furies and I still felt nothing! hace 24 días
BB2010 comentó…
Some people like them, some people don’t hace 21 días