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Congrats for winning Round 10 Fireworks! Please, pick the siguiente theme ^^ publicado hace 1 día
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Please registrarse Digimon fan club. Thank you. ----> link publicado hace 3 días
If you're a hater of something (celebrity, movie, character, TV show, etc.) and tu still watch everything from them, then tu definitely are the biggest 'fan' LMAO 😂 publicado hace 5 días
BlindBandit92 comentó…
HERE HERE. Like AMEN hace 5 días
zanhar1 comentó…
I mean tu are giving them views... the best way to get a celebrity rich is to give them attention. hace 5 días
zanhar1 comentó…
Eh at that point it's fun to just hear them asking why they keep seeing the person they hate in everything. Blissfully unaware that they were a great help. hace 4 días