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SweetieValdez dicho …
I amor Hunger Games!!! publicado hace más de un año
XCATTYX24 dicho …
Katniss one día it will, will give the explanation of all his nightmares, of how they were born and why they will not go never completely. is like a game, a bit 'repetitive after so many years. She makes and remakes all 'infinite. But there are much worse games to play. publicado hace más de un año
XCATTYX24 dicho …
Only hear the voice of Katniss fills me with grit, excites me so much that it becomes a continuous thought in his head, as if it were my rock every day. Coin hear crying made me miss from 'emotion head. Then the finish is a catastrophe, a flood of tears. I remember them por heart, the film, the book, the story, the chapters, the tributes, deaths. Always so, retracing the same path all the time, becoming almost an 'obsession. I'd amor to be able to explain. publicado hace más de un año