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Done.I changed my vote to Gray XD publicado hace 7 horas
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well as for madara what shouls i say he is a legend.........well to be honest i only liked him b4 he becomes the rikudo sanin......its like his glory days
like i told u b4 the introduction of madara him fighting alone against the whole army it really made my skin quiver i dnt know how many times i rewated that fight.....he he he

but im más amazed about hashirama than madara what ever power madara brings up his sleeve hashirama have a counter measure for it publicado hace 22 horas
well thats the reason why he is known as the god of shinobi world right......then im mooore amazed of kakashi bczu know how manydifficult task madara,sasuke,itachi went through to achieve that susano........kakashi mastered the full fledged susano with wings in an instant.........and guess what none of enemies attack can touch him bcz of his kamui hace 22 horas
and his kamui shurikan is awesome toooo bad that power didnt last looong.........but that time he stand toe to toe with kaguya if he is that power with her then u can understand the result kakashi with awaikened magekyo sharingan vs madara hace 22 horas
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No problem! Great work on the polls! publicado hace 23 horas