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Hmm the only places I would think would look nice in the autumn I would imagine Canada and South Korea I don't know why those places always comes to mind when I think of autumn lol. ..but am sure there's many nice places when it's autumn.^^ ...and really tu guys don't get any snow ? I usually don't like to assume a lot places don't get snow because tu never know a different part of the country gets snow.^^ ..and yeah would be best to go with friends lol. publicado hace 15 horas
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...and haha alright, also sorry for late reply I been getting really sick lately so I haven't been feeling that good lately. hace 15 horas
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I'm glad you're able to find interest in so many different things. Most people stay in their own little box and only pay attention to one o two interests. They're missing out on all the world has to offer. As tu may have noticed por my V perfil background, I amor BTS! They're one of my favorites. And I amor Dope a lot. Dope is one of the songs that really got me into them. Yes, yes, I remember mizrahit. It is pretty obnoxious lol. Ofc, as with any genre, there are exceptions, but just ew. XD publicado hace 1 día
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I can understand that. Some música nowadays just tries so hard to be 'relatable' that it ends up cliche. hace 1 día
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I have always wondered how somebody could not amor música lol. But that's just me. There are other things in this world, but música has become forever engraved into my life más than most else and it's my instinct to think everybody loves it as much as I do. XD What are some songs tu do really like, though? I don't care what language, I'll listen to them. English, Japanese, Hebrew, Martian. Whatever works. (Maybe not that last part :P) publicado hace 1 día
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Yeah, it's pretty mind-boggling how politics is perceived differently in different places! hace 1 día