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True,but it's all about getting más viewers.People like him,most fangirls amor his face so the producer did what any other producer would've done-gave him the role so the they can get más money from his crazy fans.Ummm,excuse tu but it wasn't exactly our choice(I mean mine and the other Teen Wolf's fans).I do not like him that much but I missed his character.I just hate when writers just stop caring about a character and send him away for 3 seasons so they wouldn't have to write his publicado hace 8 horas
kari91 comentó…
storyline anymore.I do not trust writers,they ruin everything hace 8 horas
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People are still watching SPN?Idk,probably 11 o something like that
Well,did she enjoy it?Because I doubt she would have liked Kung Fu Panda more.And if she did that is all that matters-you know I am a girl,right?So,I am sorry tu hated it but if she did,get over it!Sorry,not sorry.
Am I the only one that didn't know who Ben Affleck was before his role?I just don't like him,like at all.
I don't know if tu watch Gotham but that is exactly how young batman acts and I get it, publicado hace 8 horas
kari91 comentó…
he's young and dumb but I expect más from the older version hace 8 horas
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Then tu should think about a good way to promote your book
But it would be so hard to choose the right costume.Too many characters to choose from.
Yeah,probably.I just googled it and how.....ummm why....are tu sure tu will be safe?
But people used to give each other lots of apoyar in order to get to a certain number.Honestly it was a bit annoying.Yes,because that is the right way to give someone props,by escritura something on their wall,not just for fun. publicado hace 8 horas