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la elección de los fans: I amor It!
la elección de los fans: Cover 3: Versace
la elección de los fans: Bad Romance
Bad Romance
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vagos dicho …
it makes me sad seeing this club not as active as it was a very long time ago, i am still very suprised that nobody is actually very active here, (i mean alot of users around here like before) well i guess some things really do pass and go, still amor lady gaga and someday i will subir again when i am done with other clubs, at least i will try to make it active + along with other users on here as well i am suprised though how its not active as it was. publicado hace 18 días
vagos comentó…
plus the wallposts i am the first one in like a year, jesús christ. hace 18 días
jimmystangerine dicho …
joanne is a beautiful masterpiece !! I'm so proud of her !!! publicado hace más de un año
Britt601 dicho …
She slayed that national anthem at the Superbowl. OH! I got chills listening to her! publicado hace más de un año
geocen comentó…
hola Britt601, thanks for letting me know that the video of Gaga canto the national anthem was blocked, I've renewed the link and now work perfectly. hace más de un año
geocen comentó…
*works hace más de un año