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Peter Pan - Be Somebody

Blame...[Emma Swan/Killian Jones]

regina + snow | nobody's inicial

If we only die once || Once Upon A Time Finale

we say goodbye in the pouring rain | regina/emma

OUAT - "Once Upon A December"

i'm a pirate, you're a princess | hook & emma

Snowing & Captain cisne Parallels | WinterSpell

Emma + Hook ; Satellite Call

A Perfect S T O R M || Emma & Hook

Dreams | Golden cisne

Emma + Neal; Wicked Game

Belle&Rumplestiltskin [Rumbelle] ►► Broken Hopes

ouat [season 3] | say something

Snow White (Forever Changed)

● emma + hook | moments of impact (3x11)

► Moments || Peter Pan x Wendy Darling OUAT

emma & charming | we're family

►Hook + campanita | You're Toxic

Battleships :: Hook and Emma

I see fuego - Hook + Emma

Peter Pan | Oh No!

Hook & Emma ● What am I to say to that?

hook & katherine ;; dressed to digress

hook & katherine ;; this is how i mostrar my amor

Peter Pan | Bullet Train

Regina & Stefan - We have a complicated history

Snowing+Captain cisne || I amor tu Forever

going inicial | once upon a time

Peter Pan || "Peter Pan Never Fails"

Going inicial (Swan Queen) || Horizons ||

Regina 3x11

Hook & Emma | Good to tu

hook & emma;; Ride (don't break me down...)

OUAT 3x11 // Happy Ending

Neal & Emma | Metal & Dust

Peter Pan ● voices in the air...

OUAT 3x11 // happy ending

My tears are becoming a sea [Captain Hook & Emma Swan]


running through me II knalice + darling pan

Peter & Wendy | seguro and Sound

Demons || Peter & Wendy

her name is wendy

I hate everything about tu

I still amor him

Wendy Darling | Brick por Boring Brick | Once Upon A Time AU

Emma/Hook: Always all for tu

Peter Pan & Wendy || Take the world

Hook & Emma || I'd Come for tu

Peter Pan | OUAT | Toxic

peter + wendy | sinners

tu can't hear me cry see my dreams all die

Peter & Wendy - Let her go

Tainted amor

stupid peter - peter/wendy (ouat)

peter pan + captain hook | requiem for a blue jeans

"Stay..." || Once Upon a Time [3x11]

Rumple&Belle | Somewhere Only We Know (+ Disney)

Belle & Rumpelstiltskin | I will see tu again

Losing your memory | Killian&Emma

Hook & Emma | Heart's A Mess

campanita & captain hook l Satisfaction

Belle & Rumple | Permanent

At The Begining .: Hook & Emma

lifesaver | belle+rumpelstiltskin

Emma&Hook | All I Want

Once Upon A Time | Goodbye To tu

she's gone | hook & emma

my gift to you; [emma/regina]

Once Upon a Time | My Inmortal

Peter Pan | My leftovers

Villains don't get happy endings. 3x11.

Emma & Hook | Let her go

Peter Pan--- Eat the Energy

Once Upon a Time || Opening 3x11 HD

once upon a time | let it go (3x11)

Hook and Emma (Captain Swan) - I Just Want tu

Rumpelstiltskin&Belle ► Unhappy Ending [3x11]

Hook & Emma // Signs

hook&emma | new york

SQ family || If I could

happy endings aren't always what we think they'll be;

Neal&Belle | "She's pulling me through...." | Once upon a time AU

Once Upon A Time [3x11] "Going Home" Opening Credits

going inicial

campanita + captain hook | eyes on fuego

● Once Upon A Time || Losing Your Memory [3x11] ●

Hook/Emma || Please don't say tu amor me

OUAT.[crack #3].

far away | hook&emma

Emma & Hook - "...and when I walk away."

cisne queen l When your gone

Rumpelstiltskin and Regina: "Mentor and Pupil"

OUAT Winter Finale [Bleeding Out]

Once Upon A Time||"But It Won't Be Real"

once upon a time | when the darkness comes

Once upon a time: Say Something

Once Upon A Time - 3x11 Going inicial CRACK!RECAP

twisted this feeling || emma&regina