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regina&robin | it is what it is

red + charming | company under covers

How tu like me now? | Once Upon A Time

"Don't let anything hold tu back" || Robin/Regina

Once upon a time l Zelena & Rumple - Super psycho amor

Robin + Regina | Breathe Again

Regina & Robin [OutlawQueen]│Don't deserve tu

Hook + Emma | All tu never say

for blue skies (killian&emma) [+3x18]

Robin and Regina: "The Thief and The Queen"

Robin + Regina | Don't deserve tu

Outlaw queen ♚ A thousand years

Hook + Emma | "I swear on Emma Swan"

Robin & Regina | corazón por corazón

Robin & Regina || kiss Me Slowly

» I'm all yours now (robin x regina)

Regina+Robin [3x18] halo

Emma&Hook || `i`m breaking free from these memories`

Emma + Baelfire AU | Young and Beautiful

Robin & Regina || Lullaby

Regina & Robin l Don't let me go

Regina & Robin [3x18] you've got the amor

"It's a long story" || Hook/Emma

Ariel/Hook // inicial

Once Upon a Time 3x19 Promo: A Curious Thing

Once Upon a Time 3x19 Promo "A Curious Thing" (HD)

So the OQ kiss is in 3x18 guys...

emma + hook | need tu now

regina mills || human

Hook & Emma || Always

THE JOLLY ROGER - crack!vid || once upon a time

Hook & Ariel || Dead in the Water

3x18 Bleeding Through - Sneak Peek

Take The Fall For tu [Hook & Emma]

OUAT 3x18 "Bleeding Through" Sneak Peek

Regina + Robin | I'm gonna get tu [HUMOR]

Captain cisne + Outlaw queen // fuego Breather

► Neal & Rumple | I need you, get up (+ 3x15)

wasted years and endless torment | killian (&emma)

robin&regina | give me amor

Emma and Hook |True Love|

emma & hook || belong

journey | hook & emma

Once Upon a Time (Captain Hook) | In the Water (Character Study)

Killian Jones [Captain Hook] ► Troublemaker

emma cisne || fighter

Hook&Emma || The words

Hook & Emma || Winter

regina and robin; tu and me

hook + emma [3x17] I swear...

Captain cisne | "because tu want me"

hook & emma || battlefield

Hook & Aurora || Cursed

Hook & Emma || Element

It's A Pirate's Life | (OUAT) Captain Hook

Hearts on fuego || Hook/Emma

cisne queen l Defying Gravity - [WICKED]

The Stupid, The Proud | Hook & Emma

Hook & Emma || ''Tell me that you'll stay''

Emma & Regina | If we teamed up

On fuego | Emma & Hook

"I swear on Emma Swan" || Hook/Emma

i swear on emma cisne | hook & emma

Once Upon a Time 3x18 Promo: Bleeding Through

Once Upon a Time 3x18 Promo "Bleeding Through" (HD)

Sassy OUAT

THE BEST OF HOOK || Secret Agent Man

ouat - bad moon rising

Regina & Robin capucha, campana Something I need

Regina Mills || I'm Not Fragile

it's just medicine | emma/regina

Wicked Witch | Don't believe the lies

Once Upon A Time I Regina + Zelena I tu Were Born

OUAT [fun] - 40 facts about Emma "S-word" cisne

Regina & Robin || "But I Think I'm Ready"|| Outlaw queen

OUAT 3x17 "The Jolly Roger" Sneak Peek 3

'Good Morning Storybrooke': What's Going On?

Emma cisne | Open Your Mind

IT'S NOT EASY BEING GREEN - crack!vid || once upon a time

let him go || emma and neal

Regina + Zelena | The Devil Within

Regina Mills || iNSaNiTY

Regina & Robin | Permanent

Take What I Can Get | Emma + Neal

regina/robin | tu bleed, we crawl like animales

'The Jolly Roger' - Sneak Peek #2

Hook & Emma || Endlessly

Robin & Regina || I Believe

neal&emma | tu never dicho goodbye

Zelena/The Wicked Witch | castillo Walls

regina&robin | we found amor

Rumplestiltskin: The Womanizer

regina + robin [3x16] | he´s your soulmate

3x15 crack video

Regina + Robin [3x16] tu left your mark on me

3x14 crack video

3x16 Crack video

robin & regina || impossible

CaptainSwan&OutLaw queen || Unconditionally

» hope tu found it now (robin x regina)