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yeah. aye. | emma + hook

ouat || once upon a dream

Robin & Regina || Come Around To Me

Hook & Emma || Ache [3x16]

Once Upon A Time 3x17 Sneak Peek |1| "The Jolly Roger" Emma and Hook Talk CaptainSwan

Once Upon A Time | Big Light

Robin + Regina | It is what it is

Always Forever | Rumpelstiltskin & Belle

Take my hand || Regina/Robin

we never found tallahassee

Once Upon A Time | Sacrilege

Once Upon a Time 3x17 Promo: The Jolly Roger

Once Upon a Time: Regina Mills "Perfect"

Emma cisne | Saviour

OUAT ll intro

Regina & Robin // Nitesky

Neal & Emma | Mad World

Emma & Neal | Say Something

hook & emma | if our love's insanity

hook & emma | if it can be broken

Regina & Robin | is Destined

Regina & Robin - A segundo Chance

Summertime Sadness | Regina + Emma (Swan Queen)

Emma y Regina - amor Will Remember

Robin & Regina || Closer To tu

Outlaw queen ~ I'm not in amor

Latch // Rumpelstiltskin & Belle

Once Upon A Time 3x16 Sneak Peek |2| It's Not Easy Being Green Zelena 's Bombshell Revelation

Once Upon A Time Good Morning Storybrooke (Different one than the other)

Once Upon A Time 3x16 Sneak Peek |1| "It's Not Easy Being Green" Regina and Zelena Showdown

Laura Palmer || Regina/Robin

Neal & Emma || amor Like This

Neal + Emma | Please Don't Go

how to save a life | hook&neal.

Regina & Robin || "I Wanna Be Yours" || Outlaw queen

Regina & Emma amor Song

Robin + Regina | We Found amor

Living Dead | Regina Mills

Waiting Game | Regina & Robin

Emma & Hook (Captain Swan) || Borrow my corazón

Robin + Regina | Tattoo

robin&regina | have we met before?

Hook & Emma || encantada

OUAT | Regina & Robin capucha, campana - Have We Met Before?

Wicked Witch (Zelena) || I'm Wicked

Neal ღ Emma «Swanfire» Shattered

Rebecca Mader

i'll be watching over tu | Emma and Neal (3x15)

Killian & Aurora || Please Don't Go

Neal Cassidy | Skinny amor

Regina & Robin capucha, campana || Worth it

Neal & Emma l Hearts Without Chains

Regina & Robin || Revelations

he was a hero | neal cassidy

Wicked Witch Watch 2014

Nealfire | "You have to let me go...."

RIP Neal/Bae | Be Still [3x15]

Once upon a time - Please dont go

Regina & Robin || "Once Upon A Dream" [3x15]

OUAT | Everybody Wants To Rule The World

Neal & Emma l Promise me that tu will happy

My Immortal || Neal Cassidy

neal + emma | pieces (3x15)

Hook and Neal (Bae) || ''How to save a life''

ouat || 3x12-3x13 HUMOR

Regina & Robin (Outlaw Queen) || amor like woe

Neal & Emma || I'll Be Watching Over tu

Robin & Regina (+SwanQueen) | Always Find Me Here

Once Upon a Time 3x16 Promo: It's Not Easy Being Green

cs | latching onto tu

WITCH HUNT - crack!vid || once upon a time

Get it to Work | [Mad Hatter/ Jefferson]

hook + emma | belong

Hook&Emma || por my side

Once Upon A Time 3x15 Sneak Peek |2| "Quiet Minds"

Hook & Emma || Wish that I could hold tu closer

Emma&Charming || `I loved her first`

The Charming Family | "We missed it all"

Hook & Emma || Hello My Old corazón

tu Failed Me | Charming & Emma

Young Blood | Emma & Hook

OUAT Daddy Charming || Don't fail the siguiente one [New Beginnings]

hook & emma || blind

Hook & Emma | amor And Loss [AU]

Hook/Emma - tu never dicho

Peter Pan | castillo walls

Robin + Regina | Invitation To amor

hook&emma | fighting in a amor war

Once Upon a Time 3x15 Promo [HD) "Quiet Minds"

Never Say Never || Hook/Emma

it means it still works | hook & emma

3x14 "The Tower " - Sneak Peek #2

55 Ways tu know your gay l cisne queen Edition

Battleships || Hook/Emma

once upon a time | "she's real too?"

OUAT | Devil Within [3x12/3x13]

ONCE UPON A TIME ≈ The corazón of the truest believer [Neverland]

rescue me; mostrar me who i am | hook & emma

thank tu | emma/regina

Once Upon A Time 3x14 Sneak Peek |1| "The Tower"