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neal&emma + henry • medicine

Hook & Baelfire (Neal) • Soldier

OUAT l Baelfire l Character Study l "Magic destroyed my family..."

Rumplestiltskin + Baelfire/Emma l Don't tu Worry Child l OUAT

Rumplestiltskin + Baelfire| seguro And Sound

►Emma&Killian || He Looks So Perfect◄

Snow and Charming ||`I will be the one who comes to rescue you`

► Peter Pan || We want war

ouat | bring me inicial

OUAT S3 Couples | Your Left Hand Man

OUAT || Hook and Emma (Captain Swan) - A Nod To The Canon

Once upon a time - With amor

Maleficent Trailer | OUAT Style

The Fault in Our Stars | Emma & Hook (Trailer)

Hook & Emma ► Let it burn

Rumple & Belle . Burn

peter pan ✝ villains don't get happy endings

Once Upon A Time || Regina & Graham - Breath of Life

regina+robin - my lucky strike

Once Upon A Time || Snow & David - Dice

Peter Pan [OUAT] Off to the Races

Pan & Felix | King and Lionheart

btsk | hook&emma

peter + felix | king and lionheart

hook & emma | dark paradise

Peter Pan (+Emma) hola Sister

Once Upon A Time || Snow & Regina - No Light, No Light

Letters From The Sky | Once Upon A Time

Regina and Henry || When I look at tu

Letters From The Sky | Once Upon A Time

||Hook/Emma: Unconditionally||

Finding inicial - Hook & Emma

Regina Mills/TheEvilQueen-Sweet Sacrifice

Hook & Emma | Crashed

Emma cisne // I Wanna Be A Pirate

Hook and Emma: "Dark Horse"

Once Upon A Time Couples: Then I Kissed Her!

Once upon a time Cast Funny moments!

Once Upon A Time || Crack! Song Spoof

Someone Like You...[Captain Swan]

Captain cisne {Love is an open door}

Captain cisne || Bring Me To Life

What Now...[Captain Swan]

→ Blind | Emma&Killian

→ Together | Killian&Emma

Killian&Emma | sirens

sooner o later | Killian&Emma

Emma & Hook - I Won't Let tu Go.

"i won't say i'm in love..❤" | Hook & Emma

Emma & Hook // bonfire corazón

Everything I do I do it for tu - Captain cisne (3x22)

Jones To cisne (Captain Swan) - Unpack Your corazón

Killian&Emma I Arms

Captain Innuendo | Killian Jones

[OUAT] Emma & Killian || The reason is tu

OUAT: Rumplestiltskin / Mr oro | Radioactive

We are only humans // once upon a time

►Regina Mills | What Makes A Hero?

Once Upon a Crack - PAIRINGS: fanon, unpopular, unusual

►Emma and Hook [3x20] - I won't Say I'm in amor

Hook + Emma | the end of all things

Robin & Regina | Make It To Me

Emma & Charming (+ Hook) | My Princess

Go your own way | hook & emma

Hook & Emma | I'mma get your corazón racing

Emma & Hook [3x20] || Sky Full of Lighers

hook + emma | ángel with a shotgun

CS- Princess Charming

OUAT Villains || Devil Within

Once upon a time l Zelena & Regina - Salute

Captain Hook | Emma cisne || tu + Me

Hook and Emma | Shake it Out

Hook & Emma • I can't stop thinking about tu •

If our amor is tragedy, why are tu my clarity?

bring back the happy endings | once upon a time

Drive | Hook & Charming

Snow White + Prince Charming | A Thousand Years

Captain cisne & Snowing Parallels || John Mayer Daughters

Hook & Emma || Clarity

Captain Swan- Wanna Marry My Stalker (Humor)

emma + hook | save my corazón

Killian & Emma (Captain Swan) - Sweetest Goodbye

Hook | Emma - Close

OUAT ~ In My Veins

OUAT: Captain cisne | Where is my mind?

Regina Mills - Exit Wounds

Once upon a time l Regina Mills - Warrior

Outlaw queen / Regina and Robin | one and only

Once Upon A Time - The Little Mermaid Theory

"Accidentally in amor " Hook and Emma - Captain cisne

hook+emma || Be Somebody

Hook & Emma | The First Time

Emma & Killian | Wrecking Ball

►Hook & Emma || Emma I'm for tu

We Belong Way Down Below (Regina|Rumple|Zelena)

My parte superior, arriba 10 Best Villains

Once Upon A Time : PYVS

OUAT cast // Happily

OUAT I Lookout

Ready Aim fuego || Regina vs. Zelena (Once Upon A Time)