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*walks in* -0.4 segundos later- *immediately walks out* publicado hace 11 meses
I don't know what happened, but whatever it is, is probably stupid. And just to remind anyone, there is no true fan: there isn't anything wrong with finding Lilly attractive even without any mutation, that almohada thing with Lilly (because it's victimless, CALM ON IT'S 2019 ALREADY!), finding some spiritual connection, o just like to watch the movie for basic entertainment. If you're a fan, you're a fan. That's it. publicado hace más de un año
HumphreyWolfMan comentó…
I've noticed that picture of Lilly was removed... gee did some fans b***h about that too, then fanpop removed it for them? o is it something else? Whatever, though I'm surprised to see this club still be active out of nowhere despite some uptight fans scaring some people off. hace más de un año
RobyDaHardFan2 comentó…
Hold on, I've been having some issues with accounts, they get autobanned (regardless of what I upload) and fanpop technical support apparently doesn't exist anymore, I'll reupload it and hope it doesn't get suspended again hace más de un año
RobyDaHardFan2 comentó…
About that "true fan" thing, what I actually meant, I'm probably the last person who plans to do something significant in this community hace más de un año
Weird, I thought I publicado a comentario on that rumor post where there might be a chance of Alpha and Omega 9 happening, but it's removed? o for some reason it didn't post. If anyone saw my comentario there, I don't mind knowing. XD publicado hace más de un año