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posted by Crazy-Chica
Heyy Fanpoppers! I decided to make this soapbox for people who need Lema ideas! Enjoy!


1. And the People who touch your heart, are always with you

2. Me & Him! [I wish]

3. Deep inside the corner of my mind, Im attached to you...

4. I know its hard for us to be together but I do understand its harder to live without one another. I just want to let tu know that even though we cant be together we will never be apart, because the amor that I have for tu will always grow stronger as I live...

5. Cant tu feel my corazón beat slow, I cant let tu go... I want to in my life...

6. He is the only...
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Source: me, and credit to Olivine/caramelmilk/angel for the idea.
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posted by pumpkinqueen
Since some people seem to be asking this pregunta a lot, here is an easy step por step guide to making a club.

First, go to the parte superior, arriba of any page tu are on. tu will see the words fanpop! what are tu a fan of? tu will have to click on it.

It will take tu to the main page as shown below. Where tu will see different topics being shown. If tu look to your right, tu will see the examen polls.

Just scroll down until tu reach the bottom of the examen question, tu will see a button that says Create a New Club Click it to continue.

It will take tu to the club maker. Where tu will...
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posted by DrDevience
I have a pet peeve.

As a writer, I have found my stuff publicado on other websites without my permission, and sometimes without so much as a mention that it was MY article... o a link back to the original. This ticks me off, and it is illegal to do so.

I have not come across this on fanpop with artículos yet, but I have seen it numerous times on images.

Some of the people I adore the most are even doing it. I have to assume innocence here and figure some folks just don't know... so I'ma tell ya ;)

Credit. Credit. Credit. The option to add the foto credit when tu enviar an image is there for a reason....
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Source: me, and credit to Olivine/caramelmilk/angel for the idea.
An Advantage 25 año Old Creatives Have Over Everyone Else por Jeff Leisawitz via
posted by kamiko11asakura
Shadow the hedgehog the ultimate life form
Hold his favorito! red chaos esmeralda
As he held himself from a cut on his arm
Some of Shadow own blood add dropped
Onto the red chaos esmeralda making it glow bright red
Out of a flash of like rosado, rosa light
A female version of shadow who add different quills form
Shadow but she was midnight black hot rosado, rosa
Markings on her quills arms and legs
Hot rosado, rosa round her light rosado, rosa eyes
Ice white ice blue inhibitor ring like zero the hedgehog
With the ASAKURA Royal family crest on it with matching hover shoes like zero
Shadow was in shock looking at the young hedgehog
She beautiful thought shadow as he blush rosado, rosa
End of part 1 🌼
added by glelsey
Source: screenshot por me
About 2 weeks ago, there was a pregunta on this fan-site, asking which were the most embarrassing things we did here on Fanpop, however, I couldn't answer it because "apparently" my answer was far too long. As a result, I have decided to write an articulo about it, instead.

Before we begin, I want to make a disclaimer that most of the things I'll be talking about revolve around Disney's Frozen, since that's the thing I was obsessed with when I became a fanpop member.

I've been here on fanpop since November of 2014, and I've made some pretty embarrassing things myself. Here they are:

1.In November...
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