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Chapter 5: Old Frenemies

The sun rose in the valley the siguiente day. por then, Viggo and his men had begun to once again make themselves at home. Some of the Crimson Pack had been put on border patrol, others were guarding the western lobos with some of Viggo’s men in the western area of the territory.

By midday, Robert arrived, along with some más men and supplies from the base in the Northern Region. As the men began setting up, Robert approached Viggo.

"Well,” he said, “where are they?”

“Where do tu think?” Viggo asked casually. “They’re gone.”

“You mean they escaped? Again?”...
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Chapter 6: A Friendly Competition

Back at the Western Pack, Viggo and Robert were enjoying some much needed and exceedingly rare free time. However, it wasn’t entirely for fun as Viggo felt the need to enhance Robert’s sense of strategy since his anterior plan had failed so spectacularly. The día was young, and the temperature was perfect for relaxing outside.

Viggo leaned back in his lawn chair, the strands of pelaje, piel on his lobo pelt vest slightly blowing in the wind, his grey hair doing the same. The two friends then began their game of chess, which had taken some convincing to get Robert...
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Chapter 4: "We're at War"

“No!” Kate yelled.

Viggo turned and faced the group, smiling evilly.

“You know, it’s true what they say,” he said. “If tu want something done right, tu really have to do it yourself.”

Viggo’s men began chasing Humphrey and the others back into the forest.

“Accepting defeat is the most difficult, but necessary part of competition,” Viggo shouted after them.

Claudette tried to drive the humans back out, but at that moment más humans arrived from the east while the Crimson Pack cut off their escape in the west, effectively trapping the entire pack within...
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Chapter 3: Into the Walls of Fire

Humphrey called for a pack meeting, not even caring about the fact that he didn’t have the authority to do so, and immediately began briefing everyone on the plan to get Kenya back.

“Okay,” he said, “Viggo is most likely taking her to his main campsite, deep in the Northern Pack. We’ll take a group of around ten lobos to go rescue her.”

“So,” Claudette said, “who’s going?”

“Kate and myself,” Humphrey replied, “plus Adam and Steven, along with Stinky and Runt and Jax and Jonas. Mick and Oscar are coming too.”

“Now you’re talking,”...
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Chapter 2: Wolfnapped

“So, how do we fight him?” Kenya asked.

“I-I don’t know,” Humphrey replied. “I honestly don’t know how I survived as long as I did against him.”

“Well, there has to be a way,” Adam said.

“Adam’s right,” Steven agreed. “Viggo may be smart, strong, but he’s not invincible. If he can be hurt, then he can be killed.”

“Now you’re speaking my language,” Mick chimed in.

“You have a point,” Humphrey said. “No matter how clever someone is, o how good of a fighter they are, everyone has a weakness. That includes Viggo. We just need to find...
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(Note: Before we get started, I need to say that right now, we're in the middle of switching out computers so I can't guarantee a new chapter every day.)

Part 1: The Beginning of the End
Chapter 1: Humphrey's Return

No one could believe what they were seeing. Everyone stared in disbelief as Humphrey stood before them. It wasn’t possible. Humphrey was dead. He had been for seventeen years. But there he was, right before their eyes. And Stinky’s nose never lied.

However, it didn’t look like the Humphrey they remembered. He had multiple scars all over his body, all from cuchillo wounds. On his...
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It was a warm summer’s día in Jasper Park. It had been five months since Kate and Humphrey’s unexpected trip to Idaho and the union of the western and eastern packs. As a result, the two packs remained in their respective territories since there were too many lobos for them all to live in one area. Garth, however, had moved over into the Western Pack to live with Lilly in the tall grass.

There was a small group of lobos from both packs who disagreed greatly with the marriage of the two alphas and omegas. It was a group made up of about ten wolves, led por one calling himself King, who were...
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