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 tu Can't Always Get What tu Want
You Can't Always Get What You Want
Anyone who watches House M.D. on a regular basis will have por now picked up on two phrases that seem to be the slogans of the show: “Everybody Lies” and “You Can't Always Get What tu Want.” The first slogan of the show, “Everybody Lies”, seems to be House's philosophy about people. Knowing that Dr. House is the antisocial, misanthrope and very miserable person that he is, this statement which he utters frequently, very nicely sums up the entire view House has for humanity. He finds them un-useful, un-trustworthy and not worthy of spending time with because you'll never get the...
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"House M.D.: The Jerk (#3.23)" (2007)
Dr. Robert Chase: [while giving Nate mushrooms] Nate, how's the pain?
Nate: Hey, it's Skippy, the arbusto, bush kangaroo!
Dr. Robert Chase: Your head, Nate. We need to know how the pain is.
Nate: What I got here is the opposite of pain.
Dr. Allison Cameron: That means you're suffering from cluster headaches which means hopefully...
[Nate looks at Cameron]
Nate: [laughs] Man, you're hot!
[turns to Chase]
Nate: She's making me horny.
Dr. Robert Chase: Deal with it.
Nate: Hey, hey, hey, hey. tu can't get me stoned then not close the deal.
Dr. Robert Chase: [under his breath]...
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For anyone who thinks we are lectura too much into a connection between Sherlock Holmes and Gregory House that was never intended, the creator of "House" (David Shore) gave an interview for an articulo in Zap2It por Kate O'Hare in January 2005 that said:

"...Anytime one says 'puzzle' and 'brilliant deduction' in the same sentence, one can't help but think of the great fictional detective Sherlock Holmes and his trusty sidekick, Dr. Watson. And indeed, Holmes -- and the real-life physician that inspired him, Dr. Joseph campana -- were very much inspirations for 'House.'"

...Shore also hopes to draw...
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Credit: House M.D. on YouTube.
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