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 Can't believe the truth S?
Can't believe the truth S?
Episode 18: While tu Weep

GG: Rise and shine Upper East Siders, The queen is...Alive, Long live the Queen. tu didn't honestly think B was leaving us did you? Oh poor little 'mean girls' you'll have to wait if tu want to replace B...

(At the Belleview Hospital)

After Blair has woken up.

The doctor has just finished talking to Blair, Eleanor and Harold about Blair's problem.

D: If there is any information that tu need, don't hesitate to call me, any time and lets hope Blair makes a full recovery, Aye Blair?

(Blair is lying in cama ignoring the conversation.)

H: Thank tu so much doctor, and you're positive she'll be fine in time?
D: If she gets the help she needs, she can over come the bulimia, if that's the case, this may have been just a simple stress faint she might not even have bulimia but if she does until tu get her to admit she has bulimia it'll be a long road, it will take time, so patience is the virtue of the day
E: Thank tu doctor, We'll make sure she'll be fine
D: tu get well soon Blair

(Blair continues to ignore him.)

Doctor exits.

E: Right, first thing when we get tu home, I'm booking tu straight into therapy
B: What?! There is nothing wrong with me!
H: Blair bear...
B: No Daddy! I'm fine! This was just stress...I've had a lot to deal with recently
E: Blair, Admit that tu have a problem then we can fix it together
B: When are we going home?
H: The doctor dicho tu have to stay in for one más night then we can take tu home

Blair rolls her eyes.

B: Great, So I have to stay here for another 24 hours. Do tu have any idea what I might of missed being in here?
E: Do you?!
B: What does that mean?
E: Me and your father have been worried sick. We thought tu were on your death bed
B: Little over exaggerated mother
E: Ugh. Blair... (frustrated and walks out)
H: I think your mothers trying to say...If tu have a problem Blair, tu need to tell us about it, o it's just going to get worse, Until the point that we will be back here
B: Daddy, I'm fine...It was just stress, I've been worried about school, and Yale and other stuff, honestly I'm fine

Harold holds onto Blair's hand,
Blair gives him a fake smile.

B: Daddy before I woke up, was there someone here?
H: Your mother was...
B: No, someone else...I'm sure I could hear someone else it wasn't Mom
H: (realises) Oh yes, Serena...
B: Oh
H: And Chuck
B: Chuck was here?
H: Yes, They both seemed very worried for you
B: (smiles) But Chuck was here just before I woke up?
H: Yes

Blair closes her eyes and smiles in relief because she thinks Chuck may of forgiven her.

Serena enters.
B: Ugh. What are tu doing here?
S: Don't be like that B, I was worried
H: Come on sweetie Serena's been here a lot the last few days
B: I didn't ask her too
H: Well I can see this is going to take a while to work out, so I'll go call Roman, and tu two work it out, (looks at Blair) life's too short

Blair look away.
Harold exits.

B: So tu where here a lot huh?
S: of course, wouldn't tu be? Your best friend's in hospital
B: (no reply)
S: B, I'm sorry...You know I didn't do it on purpose...He just overheard
B: (no reply, Blair looks in the opposite direction)
S: Blair, I don't want to fight. Can't tu forgive me?

Blair turns to face Serena, She is crying.

B: Could this kill me?
S: (confused) What?
B: This wasn't stress...It was the... (mumbles under her breath) bulimia
S: Oh Blair, Your not are you?
B: (short pause) Yes

Serena goes to sit on the cama with Blair.

S: (shocked) B! You're bulimic and tu didn't tell me, We share everything
B: I thought that, If I didn't talk about it then it would go away
S: Then why do tu do it?
B: I don't know, To be accepted
S: Blair, tu don't need to make yourself sick to be accepted, I'd amor tu no matter what
B: I know tu would, other people wouldn't
S: What does it matter what other people think, Your Blair, people amor tu for you...
B: Do we go to the same school Serena? If I wasn't this I wouldn't be anything
S: Is it that important to you?
B: Do tu know me at all, All I am is queen B, What am I without it?
S: Beautiful, clever,talented, wonderful B
B: (smiles and shakes her head)
S: Look at me, the siguiente time, this happens tu call me, whenever día o night, I'll be right over and I'll deal with any drama tu throw at me, because I don't want tu to keep doing this
B: I'm going to have to forgive tu aren't I

Serena nods and smiles.
Blair is crying and Serena hugs her.

GG: Boohoo. It seems our queen really is a throat, finger, vomit girl. So is it really game over for B? But there's only one queen B, and if B's going down, we can guarantee she wont be the only one...

(At the Palace Hotel)
In Chuck's suite.
There is a gambling party going on, may people are in the room drinking, taking drugs etc.
Nate is knocking at the door.
Chuck opens the door and sees Nate and closes it again, Nate stops him por putting his hand on the door.

N: Chuck, man we need to talk about this
C: I'm busy, We're kinda in the middle of something
N: Come on man haven't we been here before
C: Yeah and...
N: And it was me who forgave tu that time...
C: That was different...You didn't amor her
N: tu were in amor Blair?
C: (pause) We're kinda busy

Chuck closes the door and goes back to his party.
Nate walks away down the corridor.

(Later on that same day)
At the Humphrey Apartment.
Jenny sitting on the sofá with a laptop lectura 'Gossip Girl'.
Dan is in the kitchen.

D: So she's been in there for 3 days but Serena says she'll be out tomorrow
J: So is she really bulimic?
D: Don't ask me, I'm not Gossip Girl
J: Too true. (Jenny reads out the last GG entry) Oh my God, It's true!
D: Why do tu go on that thing?
J: Ugh, It's only the hottest web page to get gossip on the Upper East Side
D: But your not an Upper East Sider?
J: Exactly, this is the closest I'm gonna get
D: (sarcasm) Oh just think Jen if Blair looses the crown, maybe tu could take over (laughs)

Dan exits.

J: (grins) Any thing's possible

(At the Belleview Hospital)

Blair is asleep in her private room.
Chuck arrives at the front escritorio with flowers.
There is one nurse behind the desk.

C: I'm here to see Blair Waldorf
N: Visiting hours finished 2 hours ago
C: I have flowers, they're her favourite
N: I'm sorry, Miss Waldorf is asleep, you'll have to come back tomorrow
C: (grins) Are tu sure I didn't get here 2 hours ago? (puts a roll of money on the desk)
N: (takes the money) I'm sure it'll be fine
C: Good

The Nurse takes Chuck to Blair's room.

N: You've got 10 minutes
C: How much cash did I give you?

Nurse stares at him.

N: 20 minutes
C: Thank you

Chuck enters Blair's room.
The nurse goes back to the desk.
Chuck puts the flores on a side mesa, tabla and goes to sit por Blair's bed.
Chuck notices Blair is still wearing the bracelet he gave her in Rome. He then holds onto her hand and watches over her as she sleeps.

(20 minutos later)

The nurse enters.

N: Time's up...
C: Give me a minute
N: (pause) One minute!

Nurse exits.

Chuck lets go of Blair's hand and kisses her on the cheek.

C: (whispers) I've got to let tu go now Blair, If I don't now I never will...

He kisses her again on the forehead, he walks backwards towards the door still looking at her, he then exits.

(About an hora later)

Blair wakes up and sees the flowers, she picks them up and looks for a card, but there is none, but they are her favourite flowers, She smiles knowing that they are from Chuck.

GG: What's brought that smile to your face B? C maybe? Well better not let it go anywhere, tu wont be smiling for long, when tu find out who's after your crown? Little J, Not so little any more...You know tu amor me. xoxo Gossip Girl


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 What's made tu smile B?
What's made you smile B?
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