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This is what all the people on YouTube think about the red mist lost episode. It is sometimes better not to know. Also I did not make this video I just publicado this video.
red mist
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All (singing): happy birthday to you!

Me: thanks guys! tu know for killers tu guys are pretty nice

Jeff: not for long >:D

Me: well guys... I guess I should get to work

All: yep

Me: *sigh*

well guys it is my birthday (like tu care) and I'm here to make some announcements!:

I'm doing a side series called "The Chronicles Of Zalgo" about the events of the villains!

Also I'm doing a series on Windwakerguy's fanpage called "Void"... all I can say its utter chaos...

Finally, also on Windwakerguy's fanpage I'm a character in his series called " Windwakerguy's amazing quest" its is about him trying to get fame!

that is all, chao!
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I'm sure por now tu have heard of the children's TV mostrar "Adventure Time". It's very popular. I must admit, I am a pretty big fan of the mostrar myself! It's a cute mostrar with a good storyline, which is más than I can say for a lot of caricaturas these days.

But.. it's the story behind the mostrar that's rather upsetting...

Finn was a 13 año old boy who was extremely lonely: having no friends and being ignored por his mother, who was having a difficult time enough trying to support him working 2 jobs. His only friend was his loyal dog, Jake. A few years later, Jake died of old age. After Jake's passing,...
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A couple years back, at the end of the day, I'd usually rush inicial from elementary school, sit myself down with a packet of frutas snacks and watch caricaturas until my father came inicial and served me dinner. There were several I really enjoyed. Spongebob Squarepants, Fairly Oddparents.....

....but my favorito! was always Phineas and Ferb, the disney animated phenomenon that seemed to be captivating not only kids my age, but those in the nearby junior high and some parents as well. Those two junior gizmo-making machines and the unlikely animal spy were in a category all of it's own. If tu even just...
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