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My Bakugan Character.
Full Name: Ryo Makahera
Appearance:Blond hair, brown eyes.Blue jacket,gloves, pants, and shoes. He also wears a blue and white baseball cap.
Personality:Nice,but a strong and determined brawler. One of his mottos is "If at first tu don't succeed, try, try again.", and he's not the type that gives up easily. He's brawled alone before, but he's willing to work with others.
Bakugan's Name: Tigerrus (Gender:Male)
Bakugan's Appearance: Wolflike Bakugan with horns (and no ears).White face, paws ,legs,belly,horns, and tail tip.The rest of him is blue.
Bakugan's Abilities:Can shoot lightning from his horns.
 Tigerrus looks similar to this.(Tiger of the Wind)
Tigerrus looks similar to this.(Tiger of the Wind)
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Full name:Dylan Rey Tusagi
Appearance:Blonde hair, red eyes,wears a red vest ,undershirt is white,has a necklace,has black jeans,and red shoes
Bakugan name:Dragaon
Bakugan Appearance:Looks like a dragon with four wings and his whole body is red and dark red and has 4 yellow and naranja horns.
Other:he is a baloncesto player and is the cousin of Dan Kuso he is brave,trustworthy,and athletic.He also has three friends named Cecily,Jaden,Cameron,and May and they form the Bakubrawlers.
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bakugan: battle brawlers
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