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posted by WonderFool
Now, write here your character's information.

Full Name Of The Character:
Personal Characteristic:
Bakugan's Name:
Bakugan's Appearance:
Bakugan's Abilities:


Full Name Of The Character: Ayleyda Laura Wilson.
Gender: Female
Appearance: She has got middle-length naranja hair with green eyes. She has got a little bit freckles. She wears a blue chaqueta with black tight shorts. She also wears long black boots. She makes her hair in 'ponytail' model. But she leaves some hair on her face as a curl.
Age: 16
Personal Characteristic: She is so adventurer and brave. She is kind(can't challange Alice about it). But she believes that working alone is better.
Element: Darkus.
Bakugan's Name: Aquanoid.
Bakugan's Appearance: Looks like a dragon but it's blue and black. It's body is coloured black but his back is full of blue stripes.
Bakugan's Abilities: He can send dark lightnings.

Now, write your own, it's fun!
posted by Grvcat01
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Flower collegiate
EXAMPLE (My Character!)
Name:Sakura Hiruji
Crush:Valt Aoi
Does Valt Like Me Back?: Yes, I heard he has a crush on me back.
Siblings: Shu
Friends: Valt, Shu (As Siblings!) Puppet Guy, Diago, Headcho,Valt's Schoolfriends, Toko, Nika
Best friends: Valt
beyblade Name:Justice Jepromcher
beyblade Color: Orange,White And Red
beyblade Burst Color: Light Yellow
beyblade Type: Defensive
Am I in the BeyClub?: Yes, All The Boys think I shouldn't be In There cuz Ima Girl, But, Only Valt Thinks It's ok!
House: A Mansion
Do I think Winning In beyblade is Everything?: No,Not at All, i think it's About Having fun!
tu can Create as much Characters as tu want!
posted by wildlife2222
Name: Fillmore McGallagher

Appearance/personality: Has red hair. He is an Irish brawler that is calm and stays under control. He is a big guy and is about 20 years old. He has a big red beard. He wears a white camisa, camiseta with a green capa over it. He also wears a green and brown kilt with black buckled shoes.

Bakugan Attribute: Subterra

Bakugan Appearance: Very large bakugan, with huge Moose-like antlers. Has a furry body and hooved feet. He walks on two feet and carries a large mace as his weapon.

Other: Does his Bakugan training in a castillo in Ireland.
posted by sasukehater212
Truely I hate Alice (for all thoose ppl that like her jump off cliff)me shes little cry baby,why whine about becoming Masqurade again I mean he's gone right RIGHT .so answer this for me why is she in amor with Shun (the guy that over half the girls watch the mostrar fell for)He really doen't like her . and how can anyone thing alice is innocent plz I didn't like her when I first saw her I mean no one and I mean no one looks that innocent SERIOUSLY NO ONE DOES . siguiente her voice is just annoying A N N O Y I N G . so one should rip out her voice box and burn it BURN IT I TELL YOU! why do tu ppl like...
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posted by dannydj
After battle with mithogans dan leave brawlers.But secreatly he went to russia and works with michel gihabich experiments.He lives in alice house with her and michel.After dan leaves team new villan appears.His name is DuelX half bakugan half methogan.He is creating a portal to summon his master to destroy the world.He battles with all battelers and taking their powers and giving them to his master.After hearing about DuelX brawlers(shun maruto jake nova) rush to stop DuleX but they all were defeated.So maruto sent message throughout the world.After receiving message mira spectra ren and fabia...
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posted by JaydenBrawler
Full Name:Jayden Jeremiah lovejoy
Appearance:Jayden has pale-blue eyes.He also has black hair with caramelo skin.He wears an Japanese Blue Pastel camisa, camiseta with white leggings also with blue/white Jordan’s.
Personal Characteristic:Jayden is kind/Mean.Jayden loves música and has many friends.
Bakugan's Name:OwlMane
Bakugan's Appearance:This Bakugan has an owl appearance with three wings and a long tail with metal hands and talons.
Bakugan's Abilities:this Bakugan can change element to Ventus,Subterra,Haos.
posted by nelissa77
 new brawler
new brawler
Bakugan creator

Full name: Max Espinoza
Personality:Daredevil,risk taking,acts like Dan Kuso {a lot},and is trustworthy
Bakugan: Spiceionoid
How bakugan looks like:its a huge dragon red all over and has naranja outlines on my bakugan
Gender of bakugan:Female
Ability card: Flaming fires of terror
Bakugan is realy awesome if tu get the hang of it. so anyone wheather boy o girl try bakugan its super kooolll!!!!!!
remember if u want u can try making your own bakugan brawler and your own bakugan its really fun to feel tu are really part of the bakugan series
posted by shun4ever
-lots of bakugan's fans like bakugan cuz there are some "couples" in it
-in ANY bakugan fan club, there is always a fight between shunxfabia fans and alicexshun fans
-there is no such thing like couples in bakugan
(its an action and comedy movie, DUH)
-Dan is REALLY dating Runo and thats it
-Drago is the one that keep evolving through all SEASON!!! and the other change bakugan each season
-each season there is always new character
-but each season too there is always characters that thrown away, like alice,diablo and angelo,chan,joe,and more!!!!
posted by Grvcat01
Girl in into it would not have in a good 👍👍,which has the potential help only thing tu duel prices for Scooby d and your cheating.Vivian is favourite things about the only one thing,I was just thinking that tu can be
posted by MewBridget012
The Battle Brawlers were originally separated and were only able to communicate through the internet. However, once enmascarados was becoming a major threat, they all came together to battle him and the parte superior, arriba Ranked Brawlers. They started searching for the Infinity Core, where they met Joe and he became a member after proving he wasn't working for Masquerade. After their battle with the parte superior, arriba Ranked Brawlers, Alice, Shun, and Julie decided to stay together, in case enmascarados showed up. After the final brawl with Masquerade, the Battle Brawlers división, split up, going back to their homes. Meanwhile, Alice...
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posted by freakozoid206
The bakugan fan club was first started 5 months hace por a normal boy named steven vega. he first started it in his school. now, it goes acrosss the entire united states. there are fans in new york city. there are fans in california. there are fans in miami, florida. there are fans in ohio. there are even fans in maryland. steven vega frases "i just want to make friends across the united states por talking about some thing i amor and other people in the united states love. BAKUGAN!!!" if tu would like to registrarse the bakugan fan club, there are many ways. become a fan of bakugan on fanpop and comment...
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posted by deepawinx
 DVD Cover
DVD Cover
Episode list
Season 1: 2007-2008

"The Battle Begins"
"Dragon Warriors" (龍の戦士)
April 5, 2007
February 24, 2008

One día Dan prepares for a brawl against Akira at the park. But arrives to find that Shuji (Akira's older brother) is Dan's challenger. A battle ensues, during the course of the battle Dan has a vision of a Dragonoid struggling with a Fear Ripper. The battle continues and Dan is victorious. Dragonoid starts to explain what's behind the scenes of Bakugan and from that point forward, all the Battle Brawlers realize that Bakugan was más than just a game.

"Masquerade Ball"
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Which one is your personal favorite? I like Aquos.....

Also, who is your favorito! Bakugan character? tu should know who they are por now so I'm not gonna type em.

Now I gotta do these dots cause my articulo is aparantley too short.......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
posted by Runo09
Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge is the name of the fourth season of Bakugan.

New Features

* Mechtogan

* Mechtogan Activator

Known Bakugan/Mechtogan

* Venexus
* Braxion
* Deezall
* Zenthon
* Apexeon 2
* Bolcanon

OMG another season *facepalm*

Gundalian Invaders isnt even at the middle theyre making a new season >.>

THEY ARE CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who's with me??

posted by AliceMasky88
A/N: Hi! ^.^ Yeah i know the tiltle sucks T_T . Well tu will see why.
E.n.j.o.y. !
Story writen by:AliceDarksAliceMasky88Princess Shenshi :p
Alice's P.O.V.:
It was getting cold ouside so we decidet to go in our house. Every one was pretty much bored. Well, insted of my sister Susan and Sasuke. 'I'm not being jealous of her,but what does Sasuke see on her?' I though por watching them. "So any ideas what can we do?" Chan asked in a bored voice. "Na-a" I answered annoyed por my head on Madara's sholder. "Me either.."...
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posted by Shunreallyhot
The siguiente morning Dan woke up and found a note on the couch's arm.
"I went to the park to see Chan-Lee. She seemed really happy when she called this morning. I haven't seen her in a while so this will be great. Me, Julie, Alice, and Chan-Lee are going to be hanging out today so tu and the other guys can hang out."

Dan sighs and goes up stairs to get changed. He then hears knocking at his door. So Dan goes down stairs and respuestas the door. "hi dan" joe was in a really good mood for some reason. "hi" Dan was really confused now. "why are tu here?" Joe just smiled. "this is the reason"...
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posted by rufi
disclaimer: here i go this is my first bakugan amor story but please don't scold lectura on how are the brawlers attitude and also i am not including Julie o maroucho.and here it is and i am going to write some pov's . and there are not to brawls included and -

i can't believe it was my first día and i became so much popular shun and found some friends and enemies too that girl what was her name again runo. Yeah runo she so stubborn and mean and . and drago asked see she is the most popular girl and then we got into a small fight and then she challenged me on for a baloncesto match and she...
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posted by takuyak
My Bakugan Character.
Full Name: Ryo Makahera
Appearance:Blond hair, brown eyes.Blue jacket,gloves, pants, and shoes. He also wears a blue and white baseball cap.
Personality:Nice,but a strong and determined brawler. One of his mottos is "If at first tu don't succeed, try, try again.", and he's not the type that gives up easily. He's brawled alone before, but he's willing to work with others.
Bakugan's Name: Tigerrus (Gender:Male)
Bakugan's Appearance: Wolflike Bakugan with horns (and no ears).White face, paws ,legs,belly,horns, and tail tip.The rest of him is blue.
Bakugan's Abilities:Can shoot lightning from his horns.
 Tigerrus looks similar to this.(Tiger of the Wind)
Tigerrus looks similar to this.(Tiger of the Wind)