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EXAMPLE (My Character!)
Name:Sakura Hiruji
Crush:Valt Aoi
Does Valt Like Me Back?: Yes, I heard he has a crush on me back.
Siblings: Shu
Friends: Valt, Shu (As Siblings!) Puppet Guy, Diago, Headcho,Valt's Schoolfriends, Toko, Nika
Best friends: Valt
beyblade Name:Justice Jepromcher
beyblade Color: Orange,White And Red
beyblade Burst Color: Light Yellow
beyblade Type: Defensive
Am I in the BeyClub?: Yes, All The Boys think I shouldn't be In There cuz Ima Girl, But, Only Valt Thinks It's ok!
House: A Mansion
Do I think Winning In beyblade is Everything?: No,Not at All, i think it's About Having fun!
tu can Create as much Characters as tu want!
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posted by wildlife2222
Name: Fillmore McGallagher

Appearance/personality: Has red hair. He is an Irish brawler that is calm and stays under control. He is a big guy and is about 20 years old. He has a big red beard. He wears a white camisa, camiseta with a green capa over it. He also wears a green and brown kilt with black buckled shoes.

Bakugan Attribute: Subterra

Bakugan Appearance: Very large bakugan, with huge Moose-like antlers. Has a furry body and hooved feet. He walks on two feet and carries a large mace as his weapon.

Other: Does his Bakugan training in a castillo in Ireland.
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Truely I hate Alice (for all thoose ppl that like her jump off cliff)me shes little cry baby,why whine about becoming Masqurade again I mean he's gone right RIGHT .so answer this for me why is she in amor with Shun (the guy that over half the girls watch the mostrar fell for)He really doen't like her . and how can anyone thing alice is innocent plz I didn't like her when I first saw her I mean no one and I mean no one looks that innocent SERIOUSLY NO ONE DOES . siguiente her voice is just annoying A N N O Y I N G . so one should rip out her voice box and burn it BURN IT I TELL YOU! why do tu ppl like...
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