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Duncan And Courtney are Sexy and the know it <3
duncan y courtney
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So sweet XD
season 1
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Courtney: ( on the phone ) hola Jason it's Courtney

Jason: court? Is that really you? Wow tu returned my call this time.

Courtney: yea sorry about that any way I have an answer to your question.

Jason: tu do?

Courtney : the answer is yes Im coming back and I. Want us to be together again.

Jason: well in that case I need to ask tu some thing some thing important first look in your mail box

Courtney: ok?

I open my mail box and see the package from Jason and bring it In The cabina which was empty.

Courtney: Jason what is this ?

Jason : we've known each other since kindergarten and have been going...
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Now Mr.andMrs.Wolf r back from theyre convention Gwen-hey mom and dad Mr.wolf-hello i hope everything is okay while we were gone Duncan-um yeah mom,dad we need to tell u somthing Cody-guess what Duncans dating a vampire Mrs.wolf-ur what!what did we tell u about dating mythical cretures remeber the sentar Duncan-okay that was a mistake but this ones nice shes hot,shes funny shes smart Mrs.wolf-yeah till they trick u Gwen-but this one is good and shes a vegatarian Mr.wolf-oh yeah and then her parents are gonna what bardge in C.P-hold in the applause ur lifes just got worsed Courtney-Duncan!

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This one is for dXcFan14, because she's such a good writer and she has commentd all my article's so far.

Duncan's POV

Seriously, i relly could't move! It was like my legs told me not to move. I standed there for hours, and it began to rain,

"Damn!" i dicho to myself.

Then some kinda TV crew came up to me.

"We relly need some news now!" the lady with the microphone dicho to the camera crew.

Then she looked in my way.

"Hey is it O.K if we take some recordings with you, and put it on TV?" She said. "I mean, it's nt every día somone sit on a sidewalk, you...
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 courtnyes fience martin
courtnyes fience martin
lulu pov

"ok i have something to tell you" courtney told me and sjs over a coffe "im getting married!"me and sjs just looked at each other excited
"to who?" i asked without thinking sjs then silently nuged me under the mesa, tabla
"its ok ill give tu thee hints " courtney dicho " hint one hes kind "
"that rules out justin" sjs whisperd to me she dosent like him and to be honset neather do i
" hes not musically talented" courtney spoke again
" that rules out trent" i whisperd to sjs "which means..." i whisperd to sjs could it be true were duncan and courtney really getting married sjs looked hopefull
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