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Duncan And Courtney are Sexy and the know it <3
duncan y courtney
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 Josh, Michele, Courtney, kayla, shannon......Duncan
Josh, Michele, Courtney, kayla, shannon......Duncan
After we all went to my house me and shannon started talking about how she likes this boy named josh. He goes to our school. hes cute too.

"We talk sometimes but not as much as we used too" shannon said.


"Courtney whats wrong?"

"Nothing i promise"

"are tu sure" she asked concerned

"Yea i promise"

She grabbed the palomitas de maiz, palomitas de maíz we just made and made our way to my room.

we watched chick flicks and cried together. this was a normal día for us during school. after they all left i sat near my window and just let one tear drop.

i did miss him like crazy. I would amor the way he would kiss me then tell...
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Duncan POV-
Another season, man. At least we got a break during season four because of those newguys. Though now I have to deal with them... ehh who cares. I wa walking wih Gwen. We happened to not be on the same team. She was able to talk with Trent and Leshawna. I had Geoff but he only kissed Bridgette. There was the dweeb Harold to mess with I was going to be ok! Though I had to deal with... with Courtney!

Courtney POV-
Season 5! Ughhhhh! I hate this wretched show. At least I can get revenge and pull out Duncan's eyebrow ring! They put him on my team. Yeaaahhhh, very 'sadly'- I thought to...
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[Sorry I've been out guys I've been busy thinking of a good ending.This one may not be good but I hope it will be.]

It was the final night on the island everyone had together.Everyone was making the most of it.Bridgette and Geoff were on the beach.Tyler adn Lindsay were playing volleyball,Tretn adn Gwen were sitting por the dock talking,and everyone else was enjyoing their time.Meanwhile,Courtney is curious about Duncan 's surpise.But also if it was the right thing to do.So for one más time she went to the confessionals.

COurtney-Okay I'm so not sure about this.I mena this is the...
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Duncan sat peacefully in first class while every one else was asleep. Tyler had just spilled the news to everyone that he had saw gwen and him kissing. Sure he would have been angry and probably would have punched the lights out of the guy por now but now that he thought about it, him and courtney never really got along. Plus she was always so uptight and never knew when to just relax and just chill. In a way he had to thank the loser, it was the only easy way he could break it off with out facing Courtney. Don't get me wrong, he wasn't afraid of her but he hated to see girls' cry, uptight or...
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posted by Depressed671
This takes place after the wedding challenge, Duncan and Courtney are in first class...
Duncan's POV:
I sat in my seat, awkwardly, nervously and for some reason guilty... Courtney was sitting in the asiento across from me, staring out the airplane window, actuación as if I wasn't there, but at the same time, on the verge of tears... Her eyes were shining, not just with tears about to burst out, but to me, her eyes were always shining... Yes, I still loved her, I mean like, oh, Dammit, who am I trying to fool? Of COURSE I still loved her, I ALWAYS did,...
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posted by Duncan-superfan
This whole articulo is in Duncan's point of view..


I sat onto my motorcycle and slipped on my helmet. I put the keys in the ignition and sped off to school. Cool, strong wind hit my face as I rode down the street. I turned a corner then parked in front of Gwen's house. I rev'd my engine loud enough for her to now I've arrived. I sat there for about two minutes. I saw the front door open and Gwen jogged over to me. She was wearing a paramore T-shirt, skinny jeans, and black converse. "Hey Duncan." Gwen greeted as she took a casco from the back of my bike. "Hi." I greeted back, getting...
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All the contestents are in there trailors waiting for there challenge not knowing that this challenge is going to be the hardest challenge of there WHOLE LIFE!!! (dramatic música plays) DUH DUH DUUUUUUH!!!

In The Guys Trailor:...

Duncan is banging his head on his bunk looking like something bad just happened...

Justin: Dude what is up with tu tu look like a piece of crap man!!!!!


Justin: Ok Ok Geez...

Duncan: Me and Courtney just had a HUGE fight SHE BROKE UP WITH ME, ME!!!!!!!!!



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