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Duncan And Courtney are Sexy and the know it <3
duncan y courtney
posted by ROCKCHIC179
Good times...

Duncan POV*

We were on her settee cuddleing por the fuego in her warm blanket talking about whatever.
"What's the most carziest thing tu have ever done and tu can't say the total drama series." I looked over to her, she smiled, happily.
"Well, one weekend, Gwen, Bridgette, Roxi and I went to Los Vegas for Roxi's 20th."
"No way" I was shocked I heard Vegas and princess in the same sentence.
"Way, we got so drunk, that Roxi sept with a rich guy at his hotel, Gwen betted all her money away and ended up in some dumpster, Bridgette was arrest for puking on a police officer and me..."
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 Duncan and Gwen
Duncan and Gwen
PrincessC:hey ya`ll
party4eva:wat up?
PrincessC:wat up
surfergurl:nm u?
musicman:i`m sleepy
juvie101:not doin it
juvie101:too boring
juvie101:gtg.dogs r barkin @ sumthin
PrincessC:k luv u
juvie101:love u 2
PrincessC:bye gurl
gothgirl4life:bye bye
party4eva:same here,bye
musicman:bye guys
PrincessC:u 2?!
musicman:ya bye
surfergurl:ok,now that they r gone.i gotta tell u sumthin
sufergurl:duncan is cheating...
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Hiya dudettes! hope ya all like the series so far, cuz i'm not gonna stop it! Mwuahahaha!

Well, i have'nt hurt myself since yesterday! Wow, new record! Well, the story continues. . . Wait, not yet! One más thing to say. . . I WANT BANANAS!! XD okay, i was just kidding ;D

Well, story begins in 3. . . 2. . . 1. . . NOW!


"WHERE THE HELL AM I?!" i shouted from my cama that was covered in white cama sheets.

"Duncan you're at the hospital your dumbass!" i heard someone say from beside, but of course there where those geeky hospital cortinas that...
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posted by TDItwin
AN:ok i was talking to a member in my family a while hace and reamberd something BIG like a massive empifany (sp?) so im going to magerly editar wat they dicho and turn it into duncan (hes gonna be verry OOC but i dont care)

duncan:i still amor her tu cant be with soemone for that amount of time and not amor them but i messed up big time and noone else can fix that just me but im worried i cant fix it

courtney:was it my fault did i do something wrong i just dont get how duncan could do that hes just like every other guy ive ever dated a 2faced moron

gwen:ok i feel like a really bad person now but...
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hola Everyone! I'm working on my siguiente part of I'm Married?, but i just so a movie called Love me if tu dare. It was a love/hate relationship movie! It was awesome so I before I write this, i just wanted to give all the credit to the "Who ever made it up".


"Jeu ou pas Jeu."The 16 año teenager challenged as she pointed at the manhole, and smiled smugly.

The punk pursed his lips and smirked."Game!"He yelled, jumped into the manhole.

Minutes later, he came back with a giant roten. And flares all the horrible stench was buzzing from his...
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Okay, as a lot of tu may know I am a freakin' PRANKSTER! Lol. tu may know this, tu may not it actually depends. Lol. Okay, so I was talking to one of my pranking buddies who like to prank people with me and I was like, "Man, I'm totally out of ideas for a story. ><" he said, "Well, tu like pranking so much, why don't tu just do that." So, ALL STORY IDEA CREDIT TO ANDREW [song escritura dude]...EVEN THOUGH Y'ALL DON'T KNOW HIM AND NEVER WILL! <3 <3. Enjoy! OH btw, it's like my version of dxcfan's CyberLove..not to copy it but it will sound like her's...except mine will have PRANKS!...
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