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Duncan And Courtney are Sexy and the know it <3
duncan y courtney
Three years later,Duncan and Courtney were still happily married.They had both graduated from college,and Duncan was in his first año of Med School,even though he was so exceptionally gifted that he had a job already.Courtney was a very famous name in fashion now,and had been making hundreds of thousands a month.The two now had a huge house,and still used the aparment buildings for profit,and everything they ever wanted.Except,(maybe not for Courtney,)children. "Happy anniversary Courtney!"Duncan dicho as Courtney arrived home.She glanced arond to see everything decorated with candles,rose...
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TDWT fan Script
Remaining Contestants
Team CIRRRH (Chris is really really really hot)
Alejandro, Duncan, Owen
Team Amazon:
Courtney, Sierra, Heather, Cody
(This episode is set after Gwen and Duncan kissed, Courtney found out, and Gwen went home)
OK I know that this script is going to be BORING and KINKY but, HOPE tu ENJOY!!! :)
[P.S. G+D fans, DO NOT READ!!!
I AM A D+C fan!]

(Team CIRRRH in loser class)
Alejandro: ( In confession cam )
"Loser class again! I need to figure out a way to get winning again!......... Wait......Courtney...
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My pov: if tu guys don't mind just leaving a comentario telling me what tu think should happen siguiente cuz I'm kind of running out of ideas Thanks

Courtneys pov:
Briggette went out of town for the weekend to visit her mom geoff decided he was going to take care of Briggette and the baby he's looking for a job and is moving in with briggette Duncan is letting me stay at his house for now Briggette dicho I could stay with her but let's be honest that baby and geoff are already going to be enough drama for her she doesn't need me and plus she could use the space

" you're throwing a party?" I dicho with...
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amor is all tu got...and all tu can give....
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This is based 5 years after TDWT, some of the people have lost touch with each other and haven’t seen each other since the reunion 3 years ago. This starts out if California with Courtney 2 weeks after graduating college.

Courtney’s POV
(walking down beach)Wow it has been a long four years with college but I had best time ever! I was head cheerleader, finished all 4 years with straight A’s, and was nominated for Prom queen didn’t get it but still was honored to be nominated. Now I should be happy since I found myself and stop being a rude selfish person but im not. I miss the old days...
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Courtney's pov
I received an invitation, it said:
Hello former camper, tu are hereby invited to a reunion camping trip held in your honor. This will be followed por a fancy dinner. Try to embarrass yourselves, I get paid más when tu do. Sincerely Chris McClean.
He has got to be kidding, does he really think we want to go on a camping trip after all he put us through? Sure it was 5 years ago, but still. And plus, he's going to be there. I haven't thought about him in ages. I wonder if he'll recognize me. No, no. I'm not going and nothing on this Earth can make me.My phone vibrates in my pocket....
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Okay so about a año hace I publicado a story called dxc my fake fiancé and was really into it. But later I lost interest feeling no one was reading. Now I see people were and the actual movie is on and I got inspired again to continue. To those who comentó b4 will u forgive me for stopping the story and let me continue? I ll continue where I left off. And to those new people... If you've ever watched my fake fiancé I hope u will read my story. And if u don't know the movie watch it cuz when u c it u ll think of dxc right away! I hope to see comentarios so I can continue. If not I will continue anyway and hope for feedback. But still Please comment!!!!!!!!!! I really want the encouragement!
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In this Fanfic, TDI, TDA, and TDWT never happened
Boy Meets Girl
You we're my dream my world
But I, was blind
You Cheated on me from behind
Courtney's P.O.V
I walked into my house, inicial from work early. "Dunacn?" I called out. I walked into my liveing room to see my boyfriend -whom I loved greatly- to be making out with a whore...or just that goth chick..."GWEN! HOW COULD YOU?" I shoouted at her and Duncan." "He...he told me tu guys broke up...yesterday and he hasn't moved out yet..." Gwen stated sadly. I cried and Ran upstairs to my bedroom.
So on my own,
I feel so all alone
though I know, it's...
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that night Courtney POV
when Duncan finlly fell asleep i just lade there. i was thinking about what mt mom dicho about me getting Pregnant if i wen out with Duncan. Duncan had a sweeet side to him. like when we were on the island with D.J. bunny. i wounder if Duncan would really do that to me o not. my mom is rong about him. then i fell asleep

the siguiente morning Duncan POV
when i woch up Courtney was still sleeping so i let her. then i hered my mom

Duncan honey im inicial dicho Duncans mom

oh coming dicho Duncan

when i came down my momwas still in her uniform. she and my dad are copes

wow your up erly...
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Duncan's POV
I'm barely coming to as I'm rising from the floor still feeling that gorilla's hand jammed in my face. I grab for my mesa, tabla and use it to hold me up. My legs are squirming like crazy. How could this happen to me? I went from a estrella to an unemployed divorced deadman. I will be as soon as monkey's men get through with me.

As if on cue, I hear my phone vibrate. its lying on the the table. I reach for it and i see I got a text from an unknown number. Normally I wouldn't look at an unknown, but I am curious. I read the text and can't believe it:

Duncan, its Courtney. And b4 u ask how I...
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