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The Jonas Brothers are proably your fave band, right? Well if they are then shouldn't tu know most of your Jonas Facts.....

Nick Jonas
Birthday: September 16, 1992
Birthplace: Dallas, Tx
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite food: Steak
Candy : SweetTarts
Movie: Finding Neverland
Height: 5' 6"
Star Sign: Virgo
Chinese Horoscope Sign: Monkey
Parents: Kevin (Sr.) and Denise Jonas
Siblings: Kevin (Jr.), Joe, and Frankie Jonas
Hobbies: Music, songwriting, baseball, collecting baseball cards, tennis, golf
Instruments: Guitar, drums, piano
Favorite Ice Cream: Cotton Candy
Favorite Sport: Baseball

Joe Jonas
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This is a serious video gone wrong. Joe fans will amor this. This is por far their best video yet.
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After being signed to Columbia, the brothers considered naming their group "Sons of Jonas" before settling on the name "Jonas Brothers."[30] Throughout 2005, the Jonas Brothers had gone on several tours, opening for various artists including, Jump5, Kelly Clarkson, Jesse McCartney, the Backstreet Boys, and The Click Five.[10][31] They spent the latter portion of the año on an anti-drug tour with Aly & AJ and The Cheetah Girls.[31][32] Additionally, they opened for The Veronicas in early 2006.[19] For the album, titled It's About Time, the band collaborated with several writers, including...
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