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well it started with niley dating and selena had a huge crush on him then niley went on for 2 years and miley couldn't stand it anymore so she trid to tell and mostrar everyone that nick jonas was dating miley cyrus once he found out the world knew he dumped miley and started to bond with selena gomez and he relized he liked her so he asked her to be his girlfriend and selena dicho yes and then there was nelena!!! how cute so nelena kept dating for 6 months in 2009 miley cyrus was no longer smiley miley so she went on youtube with mandy the miley and mandy mostrar and made fun of selena gomez and demi lovato soon they became rival enemmies
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nick jonas
selena gomez
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Well as tu all know
KEvin Jonas just got married with Danielle delease,
& selena gomez went to the party thingy
& 2/3 days hace Nick & Selena were spotted in New Jersey We even have a picture do tu think they are reconnecting ??? comentario
Plus ON the set of Send it on
Nick & Selena did theyre hanshake !!!!
eeeeeeeeep !!!!
oh & plus theres a rumor that they are going to write a song together called I Miss You
creatic go to jmnelena on YouTube
& Have tu heard the song Rose Garden
if tu listen to it
its kinda looks like it was for Selena
, Nick used all lot of expresion in his song
maybe Rose Garden means Hollywood
we will see
Nick & Selena = LoVe

Niley can be for 09 but Nelena is forever

What do tu think will happend next?? \
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